New RESOGUN videos show advanced gameplay, more explosions

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Resogun on PS4

To celebrate the official release of RESOGUN and PS4 today in North America, I am delighted to share yet more details about the game, from the team here at Housemarque, and of course, some more great explosions!

I know a lot of readers skip right ahead to the videos but I am going to start by sharing another piece of concept art, depicting a whole bunch of initial enemy designs.

A few of these may not have made the cut for the final game but most of them lie in wait for you to blast them to pieces.

Did I mention blasting? Okay, it’s definitely time for some explosions then and the most epic RESOGUN video yet!

The best thing about RESOGUN of course is that the gameplay is just as epic as the explosions and so the last video I will share here today is all about the gameplay.

RESOGUN has lots of subtle tricks to master in order to achieve the best score possible and as you can see in the video, it’s possible to play with a lot of style that is sure to amaze people watching over your shoulder.

RESOGUN is a truly mesmerising experience but I want to keep this update short and sweet. Thank you for reading/watching and we look forward to seeing you on the high score tables when the game arrives in Europe on 29th November.

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