First look: PS4’s new UI revealed

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With just hours to go until PS4’s debut in North America, it’s time to take a closer look at PS4’s new UI — it’s a slick little piece of work dubbed the Connected User Experience. Sony Network Entertainment Vice President Eric Lempel gave me a full tour, showing off PlayStation Store’s speedy response time (even mid-game), live game broadcasting via Twitch and UStream, and social feeds that show what your friends are buying and watching.

Another new feature worth calling out is Play As You Download, which enables PlayStation Store users to start playing supported games after downloading a portion of the game’s data, leaving the rest of the game to download in the background.

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  • looking great,cant wait for the ps4 release in the eu.

  • Did he just confirm that we can buy ps4 games directly from Sony entertainment network ?!
    Looks good can’t wait to get my ps4

  • I hope we get some sort of sorting options in an update as having all of the game content (As well as other apps etc..) thrown in the xmb style start bar with no sort of organization is less than ideal, Especially when you start to gather a lot of game content.

    Same with the library section, It seems all games,demos & stuff are all thrown together with no way to organize them into custom categories as you could on the ps3 (By changing the album title I think it was which would create folders).

    Seen a couple people in the US who got a PS4 already complain about this also so hope its something quiclly fixed!

  • I didn’t like it from the start.. It just looks too messy and hectic, not enough structure. I like a ‘general overview’ where you see everything you can select and don’t have to necessarily scroll through a bunch of stuff to get there. The store has gotten even easier to find new content? Since the redesign I can hardly find new content, if I weren’t actually keeping in touch with this blog I would be obvlivious to most new content. I really don’t know why they decided to stick with that broken redesign of the store.. Sure, it’s easy enough to find what you’re looking for via the search function, but you should be able to find it just by browsing the store.. Which is a chore by itself now..
    Other than that I’m seeing a LOT of focus on the social aspect, like seeing what games they’re playing or what trophies they’ve won, which is completely unnecessary imo. Sad to see dynamic themes go too. This doesn’t hold a candle to the brilliant XMB imho, I don’t even have to get a hands on with it to get to that conclusion.

  • Looks good, hope it doesn’t take too long to get video/image/music support. Unfortunately I will have to keep using my PS3 as my media center til that functionality arrives.

  • I still don’t know the answer to the two things I am most interested in. Will it finally be possible to sort games alphabetically? Or at least by download date? And will PS4 be able to filter the downloads list on PSN store? It is pretty impossible to find anything in mine by now.

  • Something tells me David hasn’t played Killzone Shadow Fall…or any game…PS3, Vita, or PS4 for that matter.

    None gamer’s running game developers/publishers has to eventually come to a stop. It’s like having a Burger King manager run 20th Century Fox. It just wouldn’t happen.

  • Sooo, we can put the ps4 IGC to our download list via pc without actually owning –registering or whatever– a ps4, right? Right?

  • yeh loving the ui,an adam sesler says its clean,crisp an intuitive so it must be cos hes a grown up lol

  • I love how fast it is :) I’m getting restless now waiting for the 29th. It would be nice to see a feature that allows me to organise items from my download list though.

  • are we getting the Brack Friday Bunduru the usa are getting?

  • Hope we get the free $10,1 month free psn+ voucher for psn like the rest of the regions receive….and the free ps4 download games…..

  • Can you please ask Chris to answer some of the Questions on the December Instant Game Collection thread?

    It’s like we are just being ignored.

    Seams like an odd time to start annoying your customers too!!?

  • @jamesbduk

    i want answers too mate but posting in lots of threads is not the way to go.

    you will get sanctions put on your account that constantly puts you into moderation.

  • Bummed to see that the Store is still the same. It has a horrific and poorly designed UI (videos under “Apps” really? Weird nesting, etc.). Hopefully it will be faster on PS4, than the slowwwwwww experience on PS3.

    I’m glad to see we can customize how our name and photo shows up, and what to share. Sony is finally taking privacy seriously – hopefully.

    Otherwise UI looks great and snappy.

    And content content content content content content.

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