Buy a PS Vita, get one month of PlayStation Plus at no extra cost

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Buy a PS Vita, get one month of PlayStation Plus at no extra cost


Hi everyone. From today, we’re running a great promotion for PS Vita.

Buy a PS Vita system and link it to you Sony Entertainment Network account between now and 31st December 2013 and we’ll send you a voucher code for a whole month’s PlayStation Plus membership at no extra cost. That means access to an Instant Game Collection, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, cloud storage and loads more for your PS Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Already a PlayStation Plus member? No problem. Buy a PS Vita and an additional month will be added to your current membership.

PlayStation Vita is your ticket to a whole world of amazing games with unbelievable graphics, unique rear touch pad and dual stick controls and a crystal-clear display – and now there are even more ways to play, at a great new price.

And that’s not all…

Want to win a PlayStation 4?
If you want to win a brand new PS4, simply link your new PS Vita to your Sony Entertainment Network account, and we’ll send you an email with all the details of how to enter this great competition.

PS Vita and PS4 are perfect partners. By using the Remote Play feature, you can play a range of amazing games on PS4 then switch and continue your game on the PS Vita screen – ideal if someone else is using your TV.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a PS Vita today to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

NOTE: Unfortunately we are unable to run promotions in all PAL territories due to local legal restrictions. Please see below for a list of eligible countries:

PS Plus 1 month voucher promo: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Kuwait, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, and the United Kingdom.

PS Plus promotion + PS4 competition: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

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1 Author Reply

  • Oh well, should have waited a week before using my PS Vita then. Sucks to miss out on a promotion by just one week.

  • It’s a good promotion, but totally unfair for the early adopters. If the vita still has some life in it is because, us, the ones that bought it before, made the bet of supporting the system. Give something to the older users Sony.

  • And for those loyal fans who already own a Vita…

  • Ok so I just bought a PS Vita last weekend from GAME which is being put away by partner as my Xmas present. Does that mean I miss out on this offer? Sucks balls if I do like

  • Damm i linked my vita this week :'(

  • @ kirky71 (#4)

    It says right here that if you link the Vita to your account before the 31st of December, you should be eligible for the promotion.

    You have an entire week to do so if you get it for christmas, so I don’t think you’re going to miss out, as long as you remember to link your new Vita to your account.

  • i highly recommend this to anyone still on the fence about the vita. it is a great piece of hardware. although it is a little light on games, remote play looks brilliant and should more than make up for that. go grab a vita!

  • Can SCEE plus members access ps4 IGC games via the webstore if they are not planning on buying a ps4 at launch?

    People have been asking this question on the December Plus Content post for a couple of days now and still don’t have an answer.

    Also why was our ps3 games cut from 3 to 2 ps3 games while SCEA kept all of their ps3 games when ps4 games were added?

    Also why are Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush not being changed this month?

  • im not usually one to complain, but like blackout_pt and KylieDog, I feel its a bit of a slap in the face for people who bought the first models…. Paid the full launch price before price drops and etc.

    Its the loyal gamers that also want a chance in these comps.
    Its the loyal gamers that would also most appreciate a chance of winning a PS4.
    at least give us something.

    What was the #tag again? for-the-new-players? oh no, just the players! :P

    Anyway…. its not like i fall in a country that can ever win anything from Sony Anyway :(

  • wow… a whole month! tooo kind!

  • This should be the case for the PS4 too. Will it be, Sony?

  • What? No Greece?
    That’s absurd. First of all, in my brand new shiny vita, in it says IN GREEK LANGUAGE that I’m eligible for the 1 month PS Plus, and has said so since last weekend (bought my VITA last Friday).

    So, I want my 1 month PS Plus.

    Also, why is Limbo (PS3) not showing as FREE even though I have it from PS Plus?

  • I linked a new one to my account the day before yesterday, Dagnammit! Ha! I love my luck!

  • um so as a day 1 adopter of both PSVita and PS Plus I’m exempt from entering this competition?

    I’m not so bothered about the extra month of PS PLUS but I’m sure like many other folks i’d love a shot at wining a PS4

  • what legal resctrictions for god sake?

  • Nice promotion sucks to have missed out because I got a Vita 2 days ago :(

  • its just 1 month but typical way to treat your customers… every VITA owner should get 1 free month with a nice THANKS for buying a handheld with hardly anything good to play on it( and poor IGC selection latelly ) they say the future looks bright… lets wait and see

  • @10 You have to download a trial version of Limbo first. After that, download the PS+ Limbo file and the rest of the game gets unlocked.

  • We need to see more of these “get 1 year plus, 3 months free” actions, especially now that PLUS becomes mandatory for online gaming. Do one for ps4 launch too.

  • I missed this by a day.

  • @7 It specifies in the PS Plus update video that “If you don’t have a PS4 yet, we advise you to to log into the webs store and add them to your list so you can download them when you take the next gen leap” (It is about 1minute into the video). I do agree though, they should/could have specified it clearly in the post.

    That said there is a post by Chris that says “PS4 games will only show up in the PS4 store”, but I am guessing that just means it won’t pop up if you go looking for it on the PS3. (much like how you don’t find non-vita compatible games in the vita store).

  • Missed this by a day as well :(

  • It’s a good promotion…but once again I can’t take advantage of it because I don’t live in one of the “lucky” PAL territories.

  • Man, I love how people have this false sense of entitlement as if they are ‘owed’ every promotion offer that comes along. Yes, this is for new customers, it is a marketing strategy. Yes, it might be a shame that you bought your Vita a week before this promotion started, but that’s all it is. A shame. A lack of fortune. Sony is not at fault for not catering to your individual personal wishes.

  • yea i agree about it being a shame, thats all i agree with, as a day1 buyer and constant (day1) plus subber i do feel let down by sony marketing ploys. sure offer incentives for new buyers. but theres been no scee/ sony reward scheme in place ever for it’s most loyal or hardcore members ( spenders), the US are always rewarding loyalty, scee, just take us for granted. what i find really, really funny (lol) is how the vita is being marketed now, ie remote play on ps4, erm i dropped close on 3 hundred for That advertised for ps3 feature, hilarious how ‘entitled’ we all are?..
    (post here with anon ac etc).

  • With the greatest respect Mayumi this is lame.

    SCEA offers (for whole of October) spend $50 get $10 back, effectively making their (already dirt cheap) AAA digital titles $50. Random $5 store credits, $10 store credit when purchasing a PS4. No increase to first party digital pricing, huge ps plus reductions, the list goes on.

    SCEE offers £5.49 if you go and spend £150.

    And gives us the middle finger (or radio silence) if we have the audacity to question why this is.

    Looking forward to my PS4 but filled with trepidation at another generation of getting the shaft from SCEE and their poor, clandestine service.

  • Nothing for current vita owners?
    You really are selling a next gen console to me sony- so far this month you have cut the ps3 IGC by one game, offered a psp game as substitute for a vita game, gone back on your promises to renew the vita IGC before the end of the year and failed to offer any of the deals or sales that Sony NA has offered.
    I might cancel that pre-order with those lack-luster reviews coming in.

  • Coïncidently I’ve bought one yesterday, when can I expect that mail?

  • Will there be a sale on wednesday?? Please respond.

  • Nice, bought one yesterday also. When are we getting the vouchers?

  • Eh, it WAS thursday I bought it…. Missed by day :(

  • So if I deactivate my Vita from the SEN account settings then re-activate can I have a chance of winning a PS4 too or…?

  • So, Sony, when are you going to announce some more quality games for the Vita? If Sony doesn’t make games for it, why should third parties? And why should people buy one?

    I emphasize “quality” above, because useless stuff like the 15 fps ports of old PS2 games and the mind numbingly boring Destiny of Spirits aren’t lighting the world on fire. They’re not even sparking interest.

    I really like my Vita, but Sony has handled it in the worst possible way. Very disappointing!

    After Tearaway I think the system is dead as far as quality software support from Sony goes. They just don’t care, so neither will potential customers. Sad and totally brought about by Sony’s utter ineptitude in their handling of this great portable hardware.

  • I don’t plan on buying any more PS3 or Vita games “in the foreseeable future” because I “don’t feel it is is the right time” to purchase them.
    Once my Plus subscription ends I don’t plan on renewing because of the recent cuts so I am not purchasing any more games until my plus subscription ends unless they are on an unmissable deal (but with the state of SCEE sales that is unlikely) so I want to play my plus games before they expire.

  • Here are my reasons for not renewing.
    You have already cut the PS3 games from 3 to 2 while America stays the same, and you may end up doing it again in a couple of months.
    You have decided to not change Uncharted and Gravity Rush “in the forseeable future” because you “don’t feel it is is the right time” to change them, so you may end up doing the same with the 3 yearly ps3 games in June or remove them completely.
    According to Chris’s comment in the December Plus Content, we can only add our PS4 games via the PS4 store, so I won’t be able to add my ps4 games do my download list yet the Americans can.
    I was planning on purchasing my PS4 once either Final Fantasy 15 or Kingdom Hearts 3 get released, but as I won’t also have a collection of plus titles to influence my decision, I may as well buy the other console these games are on.

  • What?! We can’t add PS4 games from the PS+ subscription without owning a PS4? People can add Vita games without owning a Vita!

    I don’t plan on buying a PS4 until it has some interesting games and the firmware has been ironed out. I also don’t want a first production run console for obvious reasons. I’m not buying a PS4 until this time next year.

    If I can’t add PS4 games via the web store I am going to cancel my subscription. The Vita is practically getting no new games, so PS+ is useless there. There’s nothing I want from the PS3 library at this point in time either.

    It’s going to be glorious PC gaming on my monster PC for the foreseeable future. Bye for now, Sony!

  • picked mine up today :-)

  • And the Recap is skipped. Why?

  • @supersmith2500

    theres only so many posts they can ignore our questions in so i guess they decided to skip it.

  • @hayzink
    yeah, one of those month’s we always get treated like trash. I mean think about it if SCEE doesn’t post anything interesting on the Blog, I might stop using it and use the forums for updates. Guess were not allowed to be treated loyalty then. They only care about their USA customers and comepletely ingores Europe and if this keeps up. People are going consider moving to Xbox One or Steam and yeah, except it to be worse near Christmas. I bet SCEA will do a Christmas giveaway while SCEE won’t and then will see.

  • @supersmith2500

    it is there loyal customers there treating like dirt again.

    people are posting saying same old moaners ect but if you actually look its not at all its actually the people that take the half glass full approach with scee but obviously most people are now thinking enoughs enough.

    many on here seem happy to sit back and be mislead as customers im not and it seems like you and many others have now had enough and would like to be treated like customers and not just fans.

  • @hayzink
    To be honest, I never moan about our IGC on Plus but here’s the catch. Some games are not even available in some countries and even developers prefer us to buy their games. To be honest I’m glad GRiD2 is on Plus hence I was planning to get that game in the near future and plus, having games on IGC I already got helps my Vita save space for future titles that requires alot of space.

    US is one big country, while Europe is made into different countries. I think Sony should it least care about Europe more than the US a little bit or it’s going to get unfair. Now look at Nintendo EU, much worse.

  • @supersmith

    i never complain about the games or the quality of them, cant belive people are upset at guacamele i have been wanting that most.

    i get upset at changes being made that contradict previous statments, i think the way they have comunicated these changes to be very sneaky, my biggest issue is the fact that they are just ignoring everyone now.
    chris created the confusion by making a statment and then not answering the questions that arose as a result.
    by friday at the latest fred should have stepped in to address the question especially as he said on twitter he would.

    i dont see how people can defend that process at all regardless of what has come beforehand, this is not the service you expect from a company asking you to board the next generation.

  • @hayzink

    We SHOULD be able to add PS4 games to the download list. I think Chris must of got this wrong. Hope it’s not true though but yeah, mistakes happen. I would ask Shu on Twitter (may make a second Twitter so PM me over on the PS Forums how come and I’ll tell you) but I can’t but I did saw your Tweet about it though, also you might want to Tweet again since you haven’t made a space between the p and the c.

    Also, Golwar told Fred to look into this situation so yeah I’d thank him.

  • What’s a extra month free worth, when you have to subscribe for a lifetime in order to continue to access your Plus content?!

    Would have liked a free PS4, though!

  • My son purchased a PS Vita yesterday (17th November) in Australia and I just saw this post today (18th) after we had set his PS Vita up – I never saw anything about this offer? How is this code supposed to be received?

    I would note because of a few issues, primarily my son wanting to start a new PSN account, the PS Vita was initially linked to another account before I had to reset it back to factory defaults and start again with his new PSN account.

    At the end of the day 1 month PS Plus subscription is not a big deal and not why he purchased it but it would be nice to get it for him if he is entitled to it!

  • If we think about it, its makes some sense in the selling perspective to limit the “buying” of ps+ os4 games on the web shop. Their intent is to make us buy a ps4. But from the marketing perspective it’s completely stupid.
    First point of stupidity that SCEE didn’t understood: Not everyone owns a hdmi ready tv (I don’t) and don’t have the money to buy one.
    Second point of stupidity: ps4 has no backward compatibility with ps3 and ps2, meaning that if you have a huge collection of old games you’re stuck with 3 consoles on the living room (I have on my living room)
    (continue next)

  • Third point of stupidity: We are in the middle of one of the biggest economic crisis in recent history. Most people DON’T have 400€ for a new console. In Portugal, where I live, the minimal wage is 453.45€ (after taxes) and this is the amount that the huge majority of the population earn monthly.
    Fourth point of stupidity, coming from the previous: by not allowing us to add the ps4 games to our collection via the webstore you’re actually making sure that ps+ subscribers that might buy the console in a few months because of the huge amount of games already on the their collection, WON’T buy a ps4 because they have no games for the console on their collection.

    So SCEE, get a new marketing team, because the current one is making sure that the ps4 and ps+ is not a success in Europe.

  • Will I get the additional month of PS Plus if I buy already have a Vita, but I buy and link a SECOND Vita system to my account? I’ve been thinking of getting a 3G model.

  • Hi,

    I bought a new PS Vita to get this promo, and I activated it on the 17th November (Yesterday) , but I still have not received the promotional code for 1 month Plus, nor the email about the PS4 Draw.

    I live in Portugal, and bought the PS Vita at a local retailer.

    Can anybody shed some light on this?


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