RESOGUN: New gameplay video, co-op details and new ships unveiled

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RESOGUN: New gameplay video, co-op details and new ships unveiled

Every PlayStation console has delivered great shoot ’em ups and I can’t think of anyone better qualified than the team at Housemarque to continue this tradition on PS4. Coming from the creators of the critically acclaimed Super Stardust games for PS3 and PS Vita, RESOGUN is a pure arcade action game with addictive and challenging gameplay, mesmerising special effects, co-op multiplayer and the biggest explosions ever!

In response to requests that we’ve read in various forums online, here is a movie showing off some more gameplay from each of the game worlds that Mikael from Housemarque covered in last week’s update.

If you watched the movie carefully, you’ll see that it featured three different ships as pictured below. . .

ships group shot

Cunningly, each ship in RESOGUN has different strengths and weaknesses that suit different play styles so you will need to try them all out to discover what suits you the best.

The FEROX is balanced in all areas, making it the easiest ship to start playing with. So, let’s take a closer look at the other two.


NEMESIS – The most agile ship making it perfect for flashy and acrobatic boost kills.


PHOBOS – The least agile, but has the most powerful overdrive beam, making it the perfect choice for filling the screen with special effects that PS3 can only dream of!

All of the ships really come into their own in the co-op multiplayer mode where you can use different combinations of ships to play with a lot of style. And because each ship leads you to play the game differently there are Trophies for completing the game with each ship, and some of the other Trophies will be somewhat easier to unlock with a particular ship than others.

RESOGUN will be one of the first titles to feature in PlayStation Plus at the launch of PS4, meaning that it is available for free to all Plus subscribers during the offer period. However, if for some reason you choose not to try PS Plus, RESOGUN will also available to purchase on the PlayStation Store.

Also, if have not played Housemarque’s other games, there is no better time to do so than now as Super Stardust HD (PS3), Super Stardust: Portable (PSP) and Super Stardust: Delta (PS Vita) are available at discounted prices from the PlayStation Store in the ongoing sci-fi promotion which lasts until 20th November.

Whatever you do, be sure to set yourself a reminder to check back here on Friday for the North American launch blog because the guys at Housemarque have some really epic final movies to share. So stay posted here and like us on Facebook at

Thanks to everyone whom I have had the pleasure of working with to help create this great game!

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