Stunning new video shows the building blocks of RESOGUN on PS4

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Stunning new video shows the building blocks of RESOGUN on PS4

As final platform testing comes to an end, I am here on behalf of Housemarque to share some new footage and a few devleopment insights for RESOGUN, our exciting new shoot em up, for PS4.

First of all a short movie from the team telling you exactly what the game is about.

As the guys explained in the movie, everything in RESOGUN is constructed from gazillions (too many to count) of 3D bricks/cubes, known as voxels.

Voxels are not particularly new but it is difficult and time consuming to build intricate structures with them and so designing the game worlds of RESOGUN has been a really interesting challenge.

Here are some images showing some test buildings that we created.


The final worlds are of course much more sophisticated but the cool thing, that the images above illustrate, is that the entire world in RESOGUN is literally a huge pile of bricks, begging to be blown up at any given moment. And one of the best things about RESOGUN is that stuff blows up all the time, and when stuff blows up in RESOGUN, it blows up BIG!

Yes, we like seeing stuff blow up!


Switching gears, the next movie that I’m sharing shows off the beautiful concept paintings that were created for each of the game worlds. It also has a full capture of the game’s first world blowing up and more of the cool, demo scene inspired introductory animation that you’ll see in the final game.

You’ll see from the movie that all of the world names are based on Greek and Roman mythology, and if you look them up and you may learn a little more about each theme.

Wrapping things up, I’d like to thank everyone that has played the early demo at one of this year’s games expos and I also want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the development team at Housemarque, our partners at Sony’s WWS XDEV Studio Europe, all of QA and everyone else that has helped to create the game.

Last but not least, we will be back again with yet more gameplay footage and details about the games different ships, just before the official release on 29th November.

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  • The game looks good yea but it’s a launch game for a system that costs over £300! It looks like a game that’s being played on the Vita not a new high tech, all powerful console. A poor choice for a console launch game.

  • Can’t wait to try this game, I don’t think any amount of video watching will do justice to what it’s like to play.
    Super Stardust was fantastic and I’m looking forward to more.

    • ‘I don’t think any amount of video watching will do justice to what it’s like to play.’

      YES. . .when you get to play, you will find that it is really hard to put the controller down : )

      Thanks for posting!

  • I can’t wait to play Resogun, tied with Killzone as my most anticipated PS4 launch game. Would it be possible to provide links to gameplay videos that we can download? 30FPS on the web doesn’t do justice to this gorgeous game! :)

    • All our source capture is 1080P @ 60 FPS so we just need to settle on a way to share.

      The best is yet to come too!

      The launch in North America will be keeping us busy for this coming week but watch this space and we will find a way to share the movies as you’ve suggested.


  • Looks stunning but also seems to be that kind of game that’s too frustating. Still I like the effects pretty much and this is more like a luck game than a skill game hence the “frustrating” I mentioned earlier. Have to watch some walkthroughs first :p

    • Hi VitalogyPJ, actually we have several difficulty levels for all kind of players. If you start with “Rookie” you can learn the basics slowly, improve your technique and then move on to the higher difficulties at a later time :)

  • I would ask to have the soundtrack available to purchase, but PS4 won’t allow us to play our own media.

  • got to strongly disagree with the first comment,not a good launch game,sorry but your so wrong,its perfect,for a start its in 1080p 60 frames a sec,an it looks gorgeous something some big budget games on the other console cant even manage.theres def a place for this on launch day,its got that old school shooter feeling but with bang up to date modern graphics

  • The first comment is so wrong, this is a stunning game. I played this at eurogamer and it was stunning. Cant wait for this.

  • Just can’t wait to get my PS4 soon. And Resogun is a game that I will be downloading on Day 1 :-)

    Keep up the good work!

  • This game will be awesome and it’s from Finland and ilive in Finland! :D

  • Why is it that people like poster 1 seem to feel that side scrolling shooters are somehow lower forms of gaming?

    At least this game is doing something innovative with the new processing power available. The whole point of building it out of voxels is so it can be destroyed and no way previous generation consoles could render so many voxels. That is why this is a next-gen game, it shows off how many little objects the console can handle, similar to what Knack is doing.

    Okay if this was a £60 retail game then perhaps I would have a problem with it, but its not. I for one think the PS4 has an excellent balance of game types at launch, its great that smaller titles like this are still pushing the technology.

  • Could you not share the 60fps high bitrate videos like Eurogamer have done for Battlefield 4?

    I certainly would be willing to throw some bandwidth at the problem if you shared via torrent.

  • This will be good – Housemarque creates great games.

    I hope Dead Nation 2 in the works? Played it through twice with a friend in coop, platted it, and still occasionally play it.


  • One of the PS4 games I’m most looking forward too, even better that it is free on PS+ day 1. Can’t wait to start playing.

  • this looks awesome! these guys did superstar dust,man i loved that game and playing it in 3d was mad! i get the same vibe with this game…oh jees why cant it be the 29th nov allready! the wait is almost unbearable…

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