PlayStation 4 – What type of player are you?

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PlayStation 4 – What type of player are you?

declaration of play

Hi everyone. Today we are announcing the launch of ‘The Declaration of Play‘ ahead of the release of PS4 on 29th November.

PS4 has been designed to give every type of Player the power to play with complete freedom and play the way they want to play. ‘The Declaration of Play’ celebrates these Players, from the Rookies to the Veterans, the fans of jaw-dropping graphics to the Trophy Collectors, the Dedicated Strikers to the 3AM Fathers.

You can visit and pledge your allegiance to ‘The Declaration of Play’ – a manifesto to Play and Players everywhere.

Here you will be able to tell the world what makes you a Player and what type of Player you are. You’ll be joining an ever-growing community of Players in preparation for the biggest entertainment launch of the year. You could even win the Ultimate PS4 Player bundle.

To become a Player, just enter your pledge on and declare yourself.

Tell us why you are a Player at, or join the conversation using the #4ThePlayers hashtag.

This is for the Players.
This is PS4.

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  • So there’s rumours that the PS4 is coming out on the 22nd. Wagwan?

  • Ok, but I want the Greatness Awards in EU (IT,UK,SP,PO,DE) territories.

  • shouldn’t it be (for EU customers)

    ‘The Declaration to PAY’


  • “For the Players” is such a clever way to say that PS4 has no media server,CD,mp3,external HD etc. support.

  • Oh man, the wait seems to be getting longer and longer. Absolutely can’t wait for the PS4, even if there are a couple things that have been a bit disappointing (£60 RRP wwhaaatttt).

  • *cue all the [DELETED] spouting their negativity….

  • I agree with #4, it’s great that the PS4 has such a strong focus on games but I think what made the PS3 so successful was that it was a games console first but had a whole lot of media features as well. Hopefully Sony hears our request and patches in support in a future firmware update.

  • Gotta say I completely agree with sem1471. It should not be £10+ cheaper to import a game from the US than pick it up from my local store. Digital versions are even worse. Guys, you run the risk of pricing people out of this. If you are sincere that this is for the gamer then this needs addressing. Hopefully you at least pass this on for consideration.

  • What about the crazy ones? The misfits? The rebels? The Apple Think Different campaign from 1997?

    Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. – Apple Inc.”

  • Do you guys have a set release date for the Killzone bundle for Sweden? I thought you said your bundles would be available on the 29th Europe-wide, but our retailers here still dont know.

  • I’m the type of player that enjoys listening to my own music on a surround sound system while popping heads and racing online.

    Like hell it caters to every player. Sort it.

  • Translation: No matter who you are – we want you money! ;)

    Well you’ll have mine, got my PS4 preordered.

  • Video player? *rimshot* ;)

  • The type of player that listens mp3s and cds from his console…

  • Just did the competition thing hope I get the prize :)

  • Fred, any news on the TV apps at launch?

  • I would have declared myself as a player, but being the kind of player that doesn’t care about Facebook or Twitter I don’t have an account so can’t :-(

  • I’m the type of player that since Blockbuster went tits up again and lost my original pre order, has pre ordered from 2 company’s. Just hope one gives a release day delivery as I’ve arranged for the wife and nipper to stay round her old dears. If it gets here late then I’ll be one of them f#$&ed off type of players.

  • The type of player that you don’t market at like there a child. I’ll tell you if it’s good and that’ll be based on content and regional support not thomas the tank engine hype trains.

    @ this however……

    “Freedom to play anytime, anywhere” – how does one play at anytime, anywhere with a home console?

  • @Telbee are apparently still taking day one orders on their bundles, maybe worth checking out.

  • “PS4 has been designed to give every type of Player the power to play with complete freedom and play the way they want to play”

    what a load of BS, that doesn’t even mean anything.

  • @dogwalker4000

    They are one of the 2 I now have pre orders with. Thanks and fair play to you for the thought mate.

  • This is for the gamers that took their cd’s. ripped them on their PS3 and listened to their collection while playing 100+ hours playing GT5.

  • I’m the type of player who wants PS4 to have functionality as a media centre better than PS3 (not much, much worse as appears to be the case).

  • Anyone else getting “disallowed key characters ?

  • I am the type of player who enjoys streaming media to my console and listening to MP3s on it when I am not playing games. Sadly not catered for with the PS4 :(

  • I am the type of player that likes to buy my games at a fair price. $60 is not the same as £60.

    PS4: great value fortheUSplayers. overpriced fortheEUpayers.

  • I see on top of an untouched RRP, confirmed day-one apps, and the Greatness Exchange promotion, North America are also getting a bunch of freebies with their PS4 orders. Come on guys, I’m not usually one to moan and I totally get the US is a bigger and more contested market to win over, but don’t do it with Europe at stake. Just something nice to announce to tide us over (and maybe a last minute reduction on those god awful prices).

  • so americans are getting 10$ wallet credit for PS Store, 30 days of ps plus, 30 days of Music Unlimited , not to mention PS4 and games are a lot cheaper… oh and Playstation Rewards… another disaster SCEE

    PS4: great value fortheUSplayers. overpriced fortheEUpayers.

  • So let me guess. We got no loyalty bonuses what so ever in the PS4 box. Good one SCEE.

  • I do love that for 6 months of this year, Sony were heroes to everyone on this blog. Amazing company, doing amazing things, with an amazing console.

    In the last 2 weeks, since the FAQ basically, everyone has turned on them for not supporting people who have supported them, and for screwing the EU customers.

    Have we ever NOT been screwed by Sony? we’ve always paid more, had higher RRP, and got screwed on the Sales content. America is way more important to Sony than we are. What took everyone so long to notice.

    Irony here, is that Europe is where PS3 performed stronger than Xbox for the longest (In America, Xbox out performed it for most of the generation)… so this shafting us on price, content, and extras, is almost like a thank you.

  • Can anyone tell me why the games come out before the console? Just seems weird to me.

  • Because they will release all the next gen games at the same time.

    Not all the games are coming on the 22nd, just the ones that are on both next gen consoles. They will release on the same day as the Xbox One.

    I may be wrong on that, but that’s how it is at my two local game shops.

  • What type of gamer am I? A severely deprssed one at the prospect of having to go through another generation with my absolutely horrendous PSN ID. Why must you punish us gamers? We want to give you our money to change it! There’s more to the depressed part but what’s the point?

    What type of gamer am I? Not one with money to throwaway, I’m about to pay for a brand new console and you’re charging us £20 more, why must we suffer for your losses on each console sale? You should’ve shared the price hike between the EU and US, £10 for us and $15 for them but no, you can’t go upsetting the US market can you..

    So to recap, The PS4 has made me depressed and we (EU) would be paying for your losses whereas the US isn’t affected. Thanks PlayStation. #4ThePlayersOutsideEU

  • Does this mean the Singstar spam won’t be forced on us or EU customers won’t be treated like second class customers?

  • Please give me the Indian release date!! I have asked you guys on several different parts. Checking every 2 hours for the date. From one game to another. Date please!!

  • For the players? Lies, lies, lies.

  • check out my youtube channel peeps im moving back to console after a year of bf3 on pc

    i think the mp3 NO is a shot in the foot as is external harddrives NO bad for my collection of 200 plus music vids

  • @18 I believe Sony are honoring all Blockbuster pre-orders. you need to fill out some form, but you should still get your console day 1 (if your original order was early enough)

  • I would like if you make a basic cheaper service to just play online other than PS+. (would you reply please. I want someone to respond)

  • I’m one that likes to play his movies through my external hard drive or listen to my mp3 collection…. Oh i can’t. Maybe I’ll stream my movies through my NAS… Oh i cant. Nice one Sony, wait until a week before release before you tell me it does half what my ps3 does. That’s evolution for you! Roll on ps 2.5. Oh p.s im cancelling my pre-pre order

  • @ Fibw00T

    I also don’t have an account on either of those services. I guess Sony thinks that to be a player you need to be on Twitter or Facebook?

  • So many whingers here it’s unreal.

  • you want to listen to music buy a sterio. the ps3 and ps4 have been created for one purpose. GAMING.

  • What kind of player am I? Apparently the type of player Sony is not interested in, since I don’t use FB or Twitter.

  • has anyone been able to enter the competition as it won’t let me for some reason. Says something about invalid keylinks or I’d this a US only competition?

  • It does not work for me, it shows:

    “Disallowed Key Characters.”

  • I can’t see the questions to win the PS4 @ please help!

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