PS Vita 3.00 system update available today

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PS Vita 3.00 system update available today

Hi everyone! Later today, we’re releasing a new system software update for PS Vita, version 3.00. This update includes some great features, like a new application called PS4 Link, which — you guessed it — allows PS Vita to connect to PS4 for Remote Play and Second Screen capabilities. We’re thrilled for everyone to see how PS Vita will be the ultimate companion device to PS4 through this application.
We made a video to highlight some of the key features in this new update. Have a look!

For an expanded list of the new updates included in PS Vita’s 3.00 system software, read on:

PS4 Link
The PS4 Link app has been added to the PS Vita system’s home screen. With this application, you can use your PS Vita to remotely control a PS4 system, and play a range of PS4 games on your PS Vita screen. When you’re playing a game on PS4 that supports second screen features, you can also display information from that game on your PS Vita and use it as a second screen.

Parental Controls
The Parental Controls application has been added to the home screen. You can now manage the duration of game play, and the use of games and videos that have parental controls. You can also control access to certain areas of the system, including the use of the Internet browser and Location Data.

A Panoramic Camera setting has been added. You can now take panoramic photos on PS Vita, and look around the photo by using the PS Vita’s built-in motion sensor.

The application layout for Friends has been improved. There are now four tabs:

  • Find Player on PSN
  • Friends
  • Friend Requests
  • Players Blocked

The Group Messaging application name and icon have been changed to Messages. The application layout has also been improved, and you can now send and receive messages with friends and players on PS4 or on mobile devices installed with PlayStation App.

The icon for the Party application has been changed. You can now voice chat and text chat with friends and players on PS4.

You can now sync the contacts saved in your email account from services including Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. To sync your contacts, select Contact List > Options > [CardDAV Settings] > [Add CardDAV Account], and then follow the screens.

Content Manager
You can now use Wi-Fi to connect your PS Vita to a PS3, and transfer data between them. Your PS Vita and PS3 must be connected within the same network.‎ Also, to use this feature, the system software of the PS3 you’re using must be version 4.50 or later.

PS3 Remote Play
The Remote Play application name and icon have been changed to PS3 Remote Play.

You can now download future system software updates automatically.

You can now display Trophies of PS4 software on your PS Vita. Rarity of the trophy cannot be displayed.

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  • Will this update remove the 100 icon limit?

  • Damn, every update I pray for a UI redesign, something more slick and beautiful like the PS4’s UI. Should we add this to the wish list that’ll never happen like many other things such as the ability to pay to change our PSN IDs? Not so #4ThePlayers.

  • Will my PS3 (and PS4) friends still see me as ‘offline’ when I’m online on my Vita?

  • “Will this update remove the 100 icon limit?”


    Otherwise, the parental app better be optional – the limit is nuts.

  • All of the full game trials that i ended up purchasing, are all now saying that they are expired, with no option of downloading them again, only prices show up even though i`ve bought them already, also, all the full game trials have disappeared from my download list and there are no trials available from the PSN store anymore, any ideas

  • They should develop an app or other way to stream games direct to tv, like psvita-tv in Japan. A Chromecast link/app, or other service for Sony’s TV first and after apps for other TV brands… it is just a dream.

  • i keep hoping that u let us disable AVLS forever
    or at least stop setting it back to on every time the vita is restarted (specially that the 30 hour counter isn’t reset when you do that i’ve had AVLS turn on 5 mins after i’ve turned it off)
    i don’t care if u have to sign a weaver saying i can’t sue sony for becoming death
    i have my taste in music to blame that on anyway
    just let us kill AVLS

  • I hope this allows us to transfer from ps3 to vita over wifi now

  • Will Remote Play work if I don’t have a Wireless Router or Access Point at close proximity?

    Once I set them up once, can I Remote Play the Vita directly to the PS4 without the Wireless Router or Access Point?

    I asked because we have a vacation house that doesn’t have Internet and Router.

  • vashrahan, you could always just set up a router but not use WAN? Routers are dirt cheap nowadays

  • I actually use a mobile phone wireless hotspot and have no worries with remote play through it. I agree with previous post about main UI, it is childish and needs a bit of work to bring it to where PlayStation should be, if I wanted a toy console I would buy Nintendo.

  • Superb! I love the Vita and would want more content and updates!

    Bug you should know about — when you mute the audio of the device and take a picture with the camera app the device still makes a sound (unless fixed in this update).

  • The thing I would like to see is a new party function to play ad-hoc through wi-fi.
    I tend to stay away from games with ad-hoc only since I cannot enjoy the full experience.

  • Aaaand two years later it still drops WiFi connection after a few minutes. Well done, Sony! New network-related features that won’t work because you still didn’t fix the basic functionality!

  • “You can now display Trophies of PS4 software on your PS Vita. Rarity of the trophy cannot be displayed.”

    So my guess now is: If u unlock a Trohly on PS4 it shows you how many other players unlocked that Trophy too. Like: 50% rarity (half the players that played the game unlocked this Trophy)
    It would make sense if you consider that Sony sended out some E-Mails for Killzone/Last of Us with the Titel “You are the 0.01% that got the Platin Trophy”

    All just Theory tho ^^

  • Ohh i like the sound of trophy rarity!! :-)

  • Great update!
    Makes the 24 day wait even harder!
    Really looking forward to use my Vita with my PS4!!!

  • Sweet, content manager over wifi to Ps3 now works. But is that Ps4 link button designed to burn its self into my retina until i buy one? I’m sure that’s what its doing…….okay okay, i’ll buy one! :)

  • well, thanks.
    another 2 useless(for me) icons i need to find a place for.

    couldn’t ps4 link and ps3 remote play be merged into 1 app?
    why can’t you put parental controls in the settings?
    why can’t you make apps like maps and e-mail installable from the psn store instead of forcing everyone to install them through updates?

  • This update seems to have killed my Vita. Downloaded it with a full battery, Vita restarted and went into a blue light off death. In safe mode the only options I have available is restart the Vita that doesn’t work, and system update where it won’t recognise the PC or find the update on the memory stick. Funny thing is I didn’t even know there was supposed to be a big update.

  • nice update
    only parent controle not like icone = place under settings

    problem whith wifi = if lots of peopel in u street of home are using wifi
    = quality go down
    vita wifi = better then mi ps3 !
    also new houses are build whith new types of materials to let heat not getting out of the house so fast .
    in mi case = pc ore laptob father + mi pc on + mi ps3 on = no vita wifi
    ore no ps3 ore no pc = max 4 wiffi objects

    stil bit of patience end febr. 1 week of march = mi own place + play tru cabel on ps4 , vita always tru wifi buth closer then what i have nowh .

  • Until now, i’m still questioning myself, why i bought a PS Vita?

  • nice update but I still cannot download files bigger than 10MB over 3G!

  • @19

    “well, thanks.
    another 2 useless(for me) icons i need to find a place for”

    Make a folder for system icons you don’t use (often) or not yet maybe?


    “Until now, i’m still questioning myself, why i bought a PS Vita?”

    If you’re still questioning yourself why, the answer is simple: you ain’t a gamer then. Others are enjoying playing the games.

  • Agreed. Need new UI. Similar to PS4 would be nice

  • Still no chance of a western release of VITA 2000?

  • Man, I can’t wait to play Firmware Update Vita 3: The Reckoning. My favourite PSP game was Firmware Update Portable, and my favourite PS3 game was Firmware Update HD, so I’m sure I’ll like this one as much as the others!

  • With this update, can the Vita be used to control PS4 games on the big screen, in place of a Dualshock 4? I’m looking at second controllers for local multiplayer, and a £99 preowned Vita seems like a better option than a £55 DS4 if it’ll work

  • Please SONY, give us a new UI. The current one its absolutely awful.

  • No mass storage support?
    No game saves backup?
    No turning AVLS permanently off?
    No full manual equalizer in Music?

    Really no? So why it takes so long?

  • @24

    You are a gamer even if you ask yourself why you bought a PS vita. You can’t simply say to a person who are a gamer, but doesn’t like the PS Vita, that he/she isn’t a gamer.


    That’s a good update for future PS4 owners! I have some features I want, like we can change our avatar to a premium avatar, so we aren’t stuck with the free avatars. It doesn’t matter if I have to download them, atleast if I can use them, then I don’t have a problem downloading them.

    Keep up with the great job!

  • Important Question: Does this fix the long standing PS Store bug that Sony seems to be continually ignoring.

    The bug I mean is the one which causes the system to hang completely on preparing files for download and requires a hard reset… I still get this every 1-3 download attempts and am utterly sick of it.

  • I’m noticing a trend with Vita updates, a trend that hasn’t been broken in the nearly two years since it came out.

    We get given stuff no one asked for or even wanted, and our requests for seemingly simple, basic features, ignored over and over without even a hint of recognition.

    Still can’t be seen online playing games by PS3 players. Still can’t auto-receive messages instantly like with friend notifications. Still can’t exchange pictures with PS3 players. Still can’t have more than 100 bubbles, even with folders. Still get given useless unremovable icons like maps, email, parental settings (why isn’t this in settings? Any parent who cares about parental controls can find the settings), and two remote play apps. Can’t even make a now playing list for your music, or make playlists even, but at least we can actually listen to MP3s?

    At least there’s PS4 link, there’s one good thing.

  • I would like to know the answer to comment 3 also. Not only they see me as ‘offline’ but at the very bottom of the friends list too making it confusing why I’m there. The only way to prevent this is by going on PS3 at the same time to appear online

  • The friends thing still hasn’t been fixed after two years. That should be listed as a high priority bug. I still to this very day get messages from people asking me why I deleted them, when it’s just the system being screwy. Why even call it a x.0 release when it still has all the problems from 1.00.

  • I just noticed a change there in Messages which I don’t like. Will try explain this clearly as it might sound confusing. Right, I like to delete peoples messages from my Vita but whenever I turn my Vita on again, them messages have a way of returning again so I need to delete them all over again.

    The trick was to go into that persons mails (view them all) and then go to select all and delete. That works fine but now it no longer does that. The new Vita update mail however still allows me to do that but not other people. And that leaves just one way to delete my messages which is delete everybodys without going into them.

    So it’s like this.
    For example if I have friends like

    So if I want to remove all of Johns mails, I need to go into his messages and then select all and delete. Now it can only be done while doing all three of them same time. Normally deleting that way has a way of my mails returning again.

    Hope I made it clear enough to understand

  • and oh my god. Duplicate messages every freaking day. I could go on and on and on.

    And what do I get a parental settings bubble that’s not even in se- ahhhhh. Okay I’ll stop now, no engineer is ever going to read it, are they.

  • @33 Dark-Twisted

    You can apply that to PS3 updates too. It’s the same. Things no one asked for or even wanted, and basic requested features ignored over and over.

    Was anybody here asked by SCE what he thinks about moving trophies from Games in XMB? Or about forced Singstar intentions? No? Little weird for “customer oriented” company, don’t you think?

  • Parental Control should go to Settings. PS4 Link integrated in to PS3 icon. Podyman its 100% true

  • Two new icons for my spam folder.

  • And I left my Vita at home today! Great update looking forward to testing it out.

  • Totally agree Podyman. Yet I still hold out hope that they’ll just come and fix all of those problems one day. That’d truly be a x.00 update.

    They just seem to like dragging one foot through the mud when they step forward with the other one.

    Now I gotta go and take some more panoramic pictures with a 2006 flip phone camera.

  • Maybe it’s because i am a New PSVita owner but i thought his update was COOL :P

  • Why is this update 3.00, shouldn’t it be 2.70. Its not that big of an update!

  • Will you in the future integrate the…
    … PS4 Link with the PS3 app?
    … Music Unlimited app with the music application?
    … Party-, Friends- and Message-app into one app?
    … the new Parental Controls application with the System application?

    Is it possible to delete Welcome Park? It would be nice if it was downloadable through the PSN Store :)

    Can I pick my Premium Avatars as PSN avatar using the PS Vita with this update?

    Also, I noticed there’s no longer possible to auto-scroll in the Friends app, was this intended? I liked the auto-scroll.

    Overall I really appreciate the updates and your work.

  • all im askin for is for them to fix the web browser…I mean, every person I come across has atleast two problems with it. Fix that and Im eternally happy. PS. Improve html so I can watch from other websites…

  • meh i was kinda hoping the vita ui would be reskinned to look more like the sleek looking ios app and the ps4’s ui.

    love my vita but never been a fan of the bubbles

  • *sigh* Just noticed the poster. “Platform Marketing SCEA” guess there won’t be any official responses on here. They just dump this junk on us and move on.

  • “and play a ‘range’ of PS4 games on your PS Vita screen.”

    So does this mean you cannot play every PS4 game on your Vita?

  • well this is exciting,we have another 3 weeks to go till ps4, so cant wait, ps4 is much needed now, struggling to enjoy my ps3 with ps4 around the corner, im with the other people about ps vita op revamp though, hopefully in the future

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