Mercenary Kings update, coming this winter to PS4

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Mercenary Kings, 02

It’s great for us at Tribute Games to be back at the ol’ Playstation.Blog. Ah, has it been that long since our hotly commented post (16 scorching comments!) back in the summer of 2013? We’re simply thrilled to be part of Sony’s indie line-up for PS4. Having been a part of the E3 presentation is still a big deal to us.

If you don’t know us at Tribute Games, we’re an indie developer way up in Montreal, Canada. We create classic-looking games with modern twists — in this case here, Mercenary Kings, which looks like a nice, old-fashioned, run-and-gun platformer from the bygone ’80s and ’90s… but it’s actually ENHANCED with a deep weapon and item crafting system!

You can try to make your way and destroy C.L.A.W. (Cyber Loyalists Active Weapon) clan with your regular pistol, but as you progress through Mandragora Island and pick up materials, almost every character back at your HQ offers huge crafting possibilities. There are more than 300 gun parts to mix and match.

Mercenary Kings, 05Mercenary Kings, 03

You could enhance your weapon’s magazine capacity, or forge an elemental blade that can freeze your enemy. Make your mercenary invulnerable to the enemy’s toxic weapons, or use an ingredient you’ve found to boost your mission skills. It’s a pretty comprehensive customization system that should appeal to the RPG fan in you.

Will you sacrifice accuracy for damage, or craft a smaller blade to be lighter on your feet? Or will you just build a weird, toilet-shaped rifle? (There’s also a cat-cannon and a fish-shaped knife!) A quick tap of R1 helps you reload faster than ever, while a press of L1 gives you access to Shock Bombs, Riot Shields, or deadly C4.

Mercenary Kings, 08Mercenary Kings, 10

What we’re really excited about, though, is the co-op multiplayer in Mercenary Kings. Developing the game knowing it’s heading straight to a powerful, multiplayer platformlike PS4 is, well — pretty amazing! Fueled by great memories of blasting down alien monsters with a friend in oldie classics, we want to recreate that type of fun on a modern console.

Is there better friendship cement than blasting away giant Exo-suited soldiers or evil gods from other dimensions!? There could be, but we can’t think of any.

Mercenary Kings, 15Mercenary Kings, 14

And while it’s still early for us to talk about it, the connectivity possibilities between PS4 and Vita are quite exciting for further multiplayer mayhem.

Mercenary Kings features more than 100 missions, with endless weapon-crafting possibilities. It looks familiar, but is quite innovative and will launch on PS4 this winter.

Mercenary Kings, 13Mercenary Kings, 12

And if that wasn’t enough, you can get a glimpse of the hostile hijinks of Mandragora Island in our exclusive biweekly comic on

Mercenary Kings, 17

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  • fantastic im well excited for this game.

    was a fan of the look of scott pilgrim so im well into the style of this and the game just sounds awesome :)

  • While the game-play elements bring some retro nostalgia, my only gripe at this is the graphics. I’d rather they were true HD, using Velocity Ultra HD as an example. Streamlined, not spritey and pixelly.

    Make some use of the technology, don’t just give it the retro look for sentimentality alone.

  • Will this game support split-screen/shared screen local multiplayer support? Or is it online only?

  • The pictures instantly brought Gunstar Heroes to my mind and i had an absolute blast with that back in the day. Genuinely excited to play this, even more so if i can have a toilet shaped gun!

  • This now has my interest. Looks as though Indie’s are going to be carrying the ps4 until feb/march of next year.

  • This looks like a ton of tun. I’m also curious about it being local MP or Online only ? But yeah should be a ton of fun I’m hoping for some Metal Slug style action.

  • This actually looks really good and promising!

  • ive been following this one,because even tho theres nothing wrong with triple A,huge budget games,i love a bit of old school games,because im old,so will be picking this up.

  • I so wish this was headed too!

  • Looks great, particularly the bosses. Love me a bit of retro! This will certainly fill some PS4 time until the heavy hitters like inFamous, DriveClub and a The Order arrive.

  • looks lika a game from nintendo 8bit. booring…

  • @TheKillerSnowman

    you must have had one powerful nes if it could run this lol.

    it would not look as good or no doubt run as well even if it was on snes/mega drive.

    closest you would get in looks would be a neo-geo.

    its inspired by 8 and 16 bit games but the game itself wont suffer from the same limitations as true 16 bit games as its not really a 16 bit game.

    perfect example of this is retro city rampage, it looks like an old school 8bit game but its not, after release one of the patches added the option of a true 8 bit mode so you can see the differences.

    also some of the best games ever made are from the 8 bit and 16 bit days.

    mario 1 -3
    chrono trigger
    secret of mana
    gunstar heroes
    streets of rage
    castle of illusion

    theres so many more im not gonna continue as you get the point.

    flash realistic graphics does not a good game make.

  • Have been playing this for a while on the PC via the early access. Excellent game, the weapon creation system is great. Levels are absolutely massive and 9 times out of 10 fairly open as well.

    Think a slightly more open version of the Metal Slug games.

    After about 20 hours it started to wear a bit thin though, and was only about 2/3rds of the way through the supplied content (about 1/2 of the final content). Also waiting for the multiplayer component to be completed as well.

    But for the price I couldn’t argue and if you are getting a shiny new PS4 you can’t go wrong with this game.

  • I just wanted to quickly say your logo is cool. :)

  • “Is there better friendship cement than blasting away giant Exo-suited soldiers or evil gods from other dimensions!? There could be, but we can’t think of any.”

    I did a bit of research on this and found out that yes, there is: blasting away giant Exo-suited soldiers or evil gods from other dimensions using toilet-shaped rifles, cat-cannons and fish-shaped knives! So, I think it’s all covered either way.

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