CastleStorm releases tomorrow on PS3 and PS Vita

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CastleStorm Kill Streak

If you like building castles, destroying castles, knights, Vikings, war, weapons, spells, troops of all shapes and sizes, multiplayer games, PS3 games, PS Vita games, Cross Buy games – well, CastleStorm is the title for you!

For those of you getting ready to play CastleStorm when it launches tomorrow, we thought it would be nice to give you some tips on use of the ballista, the primary weapon mounted just above your castle’s gate.

Starting out, you will utilise the low powered yet quick spawning javelin, while the Vikings fire harpoons. As the game progresses, you will unlock more projectiles to your arsenal and upgrade these with gold you earn during missions. The javelins and harpoons have the shortest regeneration period and will be your best asset in early levels. Getting five kills at once activates a shooting frenzy, which means you can shoot all projectiles in rapid succession for a few seconds. No regeneration period means you can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so don’t hesitate to fire away!

While javelins are meant for targeting specific enemies on the ground, the knights’ Apple Grenade can either be used to take out a cluster of oncoming enemies, or better yet, demolish castle walls. Once launched, you can either wait for the Apple Grenade to hit its target, or you can detonate it at any time by pressing the A button while it’s still in the air.


The Vikings, while rugged and dangerous, also care about the environment. They take their garbage and turn it into weapons! The Vikings like to repurpose sharp scraps of Trash Metal to wipe out waves of ground troops before they can reach the gate. It’s not a very accurate weapon, but a great choice if you have scattered troops marching across the battlefield toward your castle or any pesky flying troops that you need to get rid of.


In case you are wondering if CastleStorm is a game you will enjoy, Evan Killham from GamesBeat had this to say about the game: “In what is easily one of the greatest moments of my gaming career, I once used my ballista to shoot a dragon out of the sky. The massive lizard corpse fell to the ground, killing three of my opponent’s soldiers. Thank you for making that moment possible, Zen Studios.

Still not sure? Check out the free demo on PSN and just try not to get hooked on CastleStorm. See you on the battlefield!

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