Full Gran Turismo 6 game details revealed, final trailer debuted

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Full Gran Turismo 6 game details revealed, final trailer debuted

GT6 lead image

Hello everyone. For GT fans eagerly awaiting Gran Turismo 6, the next four weeks might just be completely unbearable. To help ease the wait, I am very happy to share with you new information on what is shaping up to be a stunning new entry in the legendary series.

Lead image BMW_Z4_GT3_11_02arcade03

Over 120 new cars have been added to GT6 – taking the already comprehensive total car tally to an unprecedented 1200+ vehicles.

In addition, the number of track layouts has swelled to 100 and features returning classic tracks and brand new locations and circuits such as Ascari, Spain and the world famous Silverstone, Goodwood and Mount Panorama tracks to name just a few.


The carefully considered and curated car and track list is supported by a completely overhauled physics engine making gameplay even more dynamic and realistic, a new interface, and enhanced online functionality to allow you to tailor your multiplayer gaming sessions as you wish.

The technical innovation in the game also extends to hugely ground-breaking technology that will see in future updates a new game feature known as ‘GPS Logger’. The GPS Logger will employ the GPS function of your phone or tablet and Gran Turismo’s in-game Course Maker to recreate your everyday school run or work commute as a circuit – the trip to college or work will never be the same!


Here’s what Kazunori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital Inc and creator of the Gran Turismo series said about the forthcoming release.

“With the release of GT6 we are celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo. It has been a privilege to have seen so many advancements made over this period, with GT6 now continuing to set new standards that blur the line between virtual and reality racing. With GT6 we will make it even more flexible and expandable by continuing to develop and add new content throughout its life.”

This post is just a mere glimpse under the bonnet of what’s heading to the starting line in a few weeks’ time and you can find out more by checking out gran-turismo.com for a full rundown of Gran Turismo 6.


To help you on the way there, feast your eyes on the brand new game trailer below, aptly titled “Start your Engines”… I hope you will be ready to do so come 6th December!

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  • What`s up with the moon racing?

  • What about people who don’t have a smartphone or tablet? Can you at least add the option to use the directions feature in Google Maps to map out a route too?

  • How many premium cars will it have?

  • WOW WOW WOW :P As always another stunning GT Trailer ;)

    + SONY are you sure this is a PS3 game??? It looks like a Next-Gen-PS4 game :P

  • Also, are you still going to be pushing those god-awful low quality Standard cars, or is everything going to be Premium this time around?

  • I also want to know how many premium cars there are going to be. I’d much rather have 500 premium cars than 1200 cars out of which 1000 are standard models which I’d never use. It’s rather worrying how this has not been mentioned. Oh well still looking forward to the game and its limited premium cars. Hope I am pleasantly surprised.

  • GPS Logger sounds interesting, hopefully it won’t require a constant internet connection to work (just to upload the data at the end)?

  • Looking forward to this. :)
    My 16th is next month on the 15th so might be a great Birthday present and GT6 is going to be amazing. ;)
    Cannot wait :) ;)

  • I’m always a bit shocked about how lifeless the game looks.
    I hope when/if you port this game to PS4 you make it more atmospheric, lively and with a real simulated crash engine in there and get rid of the boring cars.

  • Just checked the career screen shots, had to laugh novice only 3 events!, and one of these was 2 individual races

    Can someone confirm the total number of events in the career mode, we’ve got 1200 cars would 100 be too much

    Looks like the only option will be the online special events where you get to chase the rabbit.

    the wait goes on since gt1 for someone to add motor racing to the game, shame so easy to do.

  • I have a feeling you meant Spa not Spain in the new tracks section (although being able to drive round the whole of Spain would be cool!). I too am interested in the premium car count but also and almost more importantly 3D?
    I’m massively disappointed Killzone decided to drop it, I know it’s not a massive selling point but the main reason 3D hasn’t taken off is that there is NO content. Playing from the drivers eye view with a steering wheel in 3D was awesome in GT5, please let this still be available in GT6.

  • im with everyone else about the premium cars, i think you should totally remove standard cars, as they make the game seem weird when you go from premium to standard, they just dont seem to go with the game

  • Lifeless? But there are real people in the video!

  • In order for me to upgrade from GT5 this needs a much higher ratio of premium vs standard cars. Much better track graphics, such as trees and shrubbery, they were awful in GT5.
    Otherwise GT5 is amazing the cars are gorgeous, and with online season races, it has a great last-ability (though I envision you killing that off when GT6 is out).

  • I really have one request to make. I have been a loyal fan to the GT series since the original GT on PS1; however, and with that said, when the hell is Kazunori Yamauchi going to show for once actual gameplay/in game footage in these trailers??? This is so misleading it isn’t funny or amusing anymore!You probably need an extremely high end gaming PC with 4 GTX 780Ti to run Gran Turismo 6 the same way it’s shown in this trailer! And instead of making a game with 1200+ cars (probably 100 of which are same models from different years) how about devoting some effort to make the in game graphics better? Or even work on a PS4 version with no stupid standard (PS2 quality) cars?

  • Of course I meant to say 1000 of which are PS2 low quality models, not 100

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