Killzone Shadow Fall – Campaign hands-on, new multiplayer footage

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Killzone Shadow Fall – Campaign hands-on, new multiplayer footage

KillZone Wall

It’s been 30-odd years since the events of Killzone 3, and my, how things have changed. The fearsome Helghast are now refugees, their homeworld annihilated in a nuclear firestorm. In a desperate bid for survival, the surviving Helghast emigrate to an idyllic planet controlled by their mortal enemies, the ISA. Unrest simmers, leading to the construction of a vast security wall intended to separate the Vektan haves from the Helghast have-nots. A long, fragile peace is shattered following a terrorist strike (seen on February 20th at PS4’s debut conference), prompting the ISA leadership to bring out the big guns. That’d be you, elite Shadow Marshal operative Lucas Kellan. Your mission is simple: Restore order at any cost.

Launch game or no, Killzone Shadow Fall‘s campaign is a visual stunner on PS4, rendering a smorgasbord of reflections, dynamic lighting, and billowing smoke at a razor-sharp 1080p native resolution (1920 x 1080). It’s as if developer Guerrilla Games wanted to cast off every technological limitation from the PS3 era all at once. Combined with Shadow Fall’s expanded color palette and sprawling environments, the results are spectacular.

Shadow Fall isn’t set on a traditional battlefield and Lucas Kellan isn’t a traditional army grunt. Kellen packs state-of-the-art military gear such as the OWL, a military done that can provide cover fire, deploy shields, or serve as a zipline for traversing wide expanses via a quick swipe on DualShock 4’s touchpad. Kellen can emit a “tactical echo” ability to highlight nearby enemies, or slow time to get the jump on his enemies.

Shadow Fall’s combat also infuses a stronger sandbox sensibility, giving players far more control of how, where, and when they launch their attacks. White-knuckled firefights can be supplemented with stealthy takedowns and traps, making the game far more nonlinear than its predecessor. And the single-player campaign is no lightweight, weighing in at more than 10 hours.

Then there’s the competitive multiplayer mode which, like the game’s campaign, runs at native 1080p and 60 fps. Supporting up to 24 players across a variety of play modes, Shadow Fall’s multiplayer combat feels more agile and responsive than its predecessor thanks to DualShock 4’s many refinements and, well, dat framerate.

Shadow Fall breaks from the multiplayer pack in several notable ways. For starters, you’ll start with the game’s full arsenal (22 guns) and you’ll complete skill-based challenges (1,500 in all) in order to upgrade your gear and abilities. But perhaps most enticing are the player-created Warzones that will begin popping up once Killzone: Shadow Fall lands on 29th November.

*Update March 6th, 2014: After seeking clarification with developer Guerrilla Games regarding Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer resolution, we learned that the game uses a “reconstruction technique to combine samples from two 960×1080 frames to form a new full 1080p frame.” The developer is scheduled to present a Game Developers Conference technical session that will dive deeper into the technique of rendering multiple lower-resolution buffers in order to create a 1080p image. I’m grateful to those readers who asked questions and sought clarification on this topic, and I apologize for not capturing this detail in the original post.

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  • Why are PS4 games $59.99 in US and £59.99 in the UK?

  • Have you some news about the two european bundles availability? Thanks.

  • @1 Exactly. The PS4 Console itself costs £349 in the UK which is the equivalent to $555 when it only cost $399 in the US.
    So we have to pay an extra $156 more than Americans for the PS4.

  • KZ:SF is the standout launch title for me, along with War Thunder (Knack, Resogun, Contrast, BF4 and Ghosts all look great as well, but I can’t play them all at once ;)). Looks incredible and gameplay looks great as well, and we get custom games back in MP :). Less than four weeks to go ’til we can play it :).

  • @1
    Great point. It is becoming a joke Europe is getting ripped off again

  • PS4 games are so overpriced here. I paid £30 for GTA5. the most expensive game to make, ever. yet all the normal PS4 games are £45-£60. screw that. I’m importing everything!

    Also why is there no coop mode for the story on this? that is super lame. even if they couldn’t manage 2 player on one machine. (make it 30fps and it should work!) There is no excuse for not having online coop campaign. Because of that, this is just a rental for me. poor move guys. I would have bought it if me and my brother could play together on the same machine.

  • @1 & @3

    All US prices are quoted without sales tax (VAT), when you add that the difference is less. Also the consoles have a lot further to come to reach Europe. The difference in game pricing is annoying but one thing I notice in Europe is that games to to drop in price much faster than in the US. Two or three months after release you’ll often still have to pay $59 for a game in the US while Asda is selling it for £10 :)

  • do they mean 19+5 players per team or 11+1vs11+1? (sry broken keys)

  • Silly q but my tv had 1080i wats the difference between that and 1080p

  • From the looks of it, Killzone 4/the Killzone 4 bundle will miss it’s launch date in Germany, thanks to a missing USK rating.

    I hope you guys at Sony Computer Entertainment will find a way to press charges against the USK/the German government. There should be a way to punish governments for disrupting businesses like that.

  • You could really do with brushing up on how you promote these games or failing that leave it to the developers.

    I own 4 of the Killzone titles – Im a fan. The lore alone is exceptional nevermind the voice acting, weapons, weighted game engine and multiplayer component. This however……*

    “rendering a smorgasbord of reflections, dynamic lighting, and billowing smoke at a razor-sharp 1080p native resolution (1920 x 1080), expanded “color” palette, sprawling environments”

    *(contd) does nothing for me. It’s like saying do you want your tomato soup with tomatoes. Technical excellence on next gen is mandatory not a selling point. Sprawling environments? sprawling as in what? Crysis? BF:BC? & expanded colour pallette LOL.

    Try a bit harder Sydney, majority of us don’t buy games for “all the pretty colours”. ;)

  • @pugcool Your TV is essentially a HD Ready (720p) TV which upscales it’s image by re-scanning half the lines of resolution every so many thousands of a second. The end result is a jagged image. 1080P scans all of the lines at once so things are a lot smoother. There is a very technical answer but this is the best I could do in simplifying it.

  • @1
    Yea, prices in the US like 40% lower…
    It doesn’t bother me when it comes to discs, but what about PS Store? THESE prices are ridiculous! I can pre-order AC4 for PS4 in the GAME for 50£, but in the PS Store it costs 60£. Even worse for PS3: 43£ in the GAME, 60£ in the PS Store. If Sony won’t address this, there is no way someone would buy games from PS Store.

  • @6
    Only if you don’t play multiplayer games. I think in general US games works only with US servers. And here we go: ping problems, problems with paying for MMOs, etc.

  • I’m impressed that, despite the years of graphical, technological and what-not advances over the last last ten years that this STILL looks like a plodding, all-brown generic sci–fi FPS.

  • @15 Have you not looked at the other footage? This game is far from “all-brown”, its very lush and colourful indeed.

    You can hardly expect the bits with lots of buildings, sand, etc to NOT look grey/brown. Would not be very realistic if they were bright green now would it.

  • Yes, because with all the lasers and dudes with glowing eyes and space helicopters it would look unrealistic if wasn’t brown.

  • @AmorousBadger1; You’re mixing up futuristic with realistic.

  • I can’t wait for the game on launch day! Never been a massive KZ fan but Msrcenary on Vita got my attention and now I am looking forward to this amazing looking game!

  • yay, SFs multiplayer is looking more and more awesome, cant wait to give it a go and try shoot everyone up (or miss completely in Projects case lol):)

    im no techy guy, but 1080p/60fps seems to be a good thing too, if our eyes explode we’re totally blaming KZ! :D

  • Can’t bring myself to trust Guerilla after they broke Killzone 3 with the final patch.

    I mean that literally. I have 2 copies of the game and neither will boot on any of my 3 PS3s. They admitted faulty code but never fixed it. Very disappointing.

    …and no, I’m not the only one

  • I thought campaign mode was 1080p 30fps.
    is it 60 now like MP? please confirm

  • Can’t wait. Less than 4 weeks left!

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