Rainbow Moon is coming to PS Vita this December

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After we released Rainbow Moon on PS3 last year one of the most common questions we received was “are you going to make a PS Vita version?” Obviously we weren’t the only ones that believed Rainbow Moon would make a great companion for hand-held consoles and with demand being so high we set about working on a PS Vita port almost immediately.

For those of you not already familiar with Rainbow Moon we’ve put together a new trailer. You can also find a few of our older blog posts explaining the game in more detail here.

Something that was really important to us from the beginning was using our own engine to ensure a solid 60 FPS and robust game with little to no loading times. After months of hard work we are happy to announce that Rainbow Moon Vita is finishing its final submission phase and will be available in the PlayStation Store from 4th December!



As a result of all the amazing feedback from Rainbow Moon fans around the world, over 30 new features, improvements, and bug fixes found their way into Rainbow Moon for Vita. The biggest new addition is Cross-Save, meaning that any progress you make on your Vita can be continued on PS3 and vice-versa. This also applies to existing Rainbow Moon saves, so you don’t have to worry about losing any progress!

Additionally, XP counters in the victory screen can now be skipped, items can be used directly from the quest vendor and left-stick control has been improved reducing the chance of walking in unintended directions while in battle mode.


If you don’t own a PS Vita yet, don’t worry. All these improvements will be included in patch for the PS3 version of Rainbow Moon next month.

I hope you are as excited about the Rainbow Moon Vita launch as we are! We’re really grateful to everyone for telling us how much they wanted a Vita version. Make sure to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments, and if you want to get in touch with us and stay up to date with Rainbow Moon news check out our website or Facebook Page.

Nearer release we’ll also have information on a special deal for existing Rainbow Moon players!


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11 Author Replies

  • Great news will be buying this day 1 I really need an srpg fix since finishing Disgaea 3.
    How much will it be and is it digital only?

    • Hi ThugETH,

      prices are not comfirmed so far, but we’re heading for a similar price as the PS3 version plus a 50% discount for all gamers that already have the PS3 version.

      Yes, digital download only.

  • Yipeekayee! I’m almost done with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and MotorStorm RC (third time now, just love this game). December sounds about right to me. Really into a great RPG on the Vita.

  • Great news !!! Was waiting to see if those that bought the ps3 version would get a discount and 50% is great. Definite buy here :)

  • Great news, can’t wait to get it. Thank you so much for bringing it to the Vita, myself and everyone at PS Nation look forward to playing it.

  • Thanks Marcus I look forward to playing it I think December is a good time to release it as the Vita release schedule is looking pretty bleak after Tearaway this month!

  • Marcus Pukropski# Please try and get the price under €9.99!

    • Hi kivi,

      will be probably the same price as for the PS3 version, but if you already own Rainbow Moon for PS3, you can benefit most likely from a 50% discount once confirmed by Sony.

  • Excellent news! :D I spent dozens and dozens of hours playing the PS3 version, the game is fantastic.

    Just a quick question, Marcus, will the Vita version share the set of trophies with the PS3 one or will it have it’s own set of trophies?

  • Excellent news – one of my most anticipated games for the vita and i had almost given up hope for a 2013 release. I bought it for the ps3, but stopped playing as soon as I heard there would be a vita version. I’m therefore very happy with the 50% reduction!

    Also looking forward to the new game, rainbow skies (?) – will that be released for the vita on day one?

    • Hi djburty,

      Rainbow Skies will be definitely released on both platforms. We’re also heading for a simultaneously release, but can’t confirm this now.

  • Did someone mention Rainbow Moon ? And its coming to vita in December ? I’m sooooo in !!!! Loved the PS3 version. I hope someday you could maybe port it to PS4 XD

    Will definitely buy Rainbow Skies Vita Day One but no PS3 version as from 29th i will be a PS4 owner i’m so excited !

  • Awesome news! Looking forward to it.

    Any chance we could Soldner X2 on Vita?

  • Thanks for your reply Marcus either way i’m absolutely looking forward to Rainbow Moon/Skies can’t wait :)

  • Yes, the cross save is awesome and the 50% discount is just the cherry at the top of the cake. I will buy it day one : D

  • Yay, definite buy for me. Loved the PS3 version, can’t wait to continue the game on the go.

  • Looks like I am going to have to buy a vita now lol

  • Day 1 for me. Im hoping for a great SRPG like Disgaea.

  • wow, awesome stuff! loved playing Rainbow Moon on PS3, this is great for Vita players, especially with cross-saving! :D.

    fantastic to see that the PS3 version will also get all the little fixes and additions too 8).

  • Amazing news! This everything i wanted, cross save, a littlendiscount for owning it on ps3 already and a tonne of fixes. Aahhh you people are the best :)

  • Will there be a bundle of both versions together? Hopefully with a discount, since buying both.

    • Hi,

      at the moment there are no plans for a bundle and because we’re aiming for a discount for people who own the PS3 version, you wouldn’t have an additional benefit from a bundle.

  • sorry for the Q&as to ps4 here but it seems like you never addressyour older comments. So here goes,OK ,

    Few comments here now. This is what i feared! You see give a future next gen project to a developer of games and all they see is what that system can do for games period! The lack of info coming out of Sony of what the machine could do other than play games was to me worrying! When i bought ps3 i bought it because it done everything ! and continued with every update to get better and better. Why is that?? Because you had the father of playstation who was and is a visionary not just with blinkered vision. I want my console to be able to do everything that the older version could do but 10 fold! So basics like supporting all the current formats should be a given but in the visionary aspect should be paving way for what will be the future!

  • Mark Cerny is a very good and competent develeoper of games but not the father of playstation! I wanted to know if the next gen machine would do 1080p 3d as this is what should be next step or even 4k? \Still not clarified, my god it carnt even do simple basics.

    Look Sony you need to get your act together! Having to add features as basic as the ones you are putting in update 1.5 is just lazy and tbh bad timing, this all should of been there in the first place.

  • I have to admit i love it that the world wide studios are working hard on the games but there is nothing to system sell this console! Take ps3 2 huge games! Motorstorm and Resistance . They made me buy the console i still play them now.

    I wont be moving to ps4 as i have always straight away because there is nothing to make me and even less now. I am a huge Playstation fan, infact some my friends call me Playstation bias but Sony you have let yourselves down with ps4 . Maybe the worldwide studios will change that i dont know, plus how long will it take?

    I for one have just finished Beyond on ps3 and have so many back cat games i really dont need another console yet. I am sad that there wont be anymore 1st party ps3 now because thats where the real innovation is! Its what makes me excited but as regards to hardware it just not do anything for me. Not like the ps3! You did not shout enough Sony and now i know why, you concentrated far too much on JUST the games , even though the launch line up is the weakest i have seen. The only game i thought what may be worth getting excited about was Second Son and thats even delayed.

  • So in summary what do you have to entice me ? Me being a playstation plus member also? Zilch! Nothing , because you pinch a slot off my plus to give ps4 free content when u say that nothing will change.

    Sorry im just so disappointed Shu i hope you will address this very quick or you will have lots of disappointed Ps4 new owners and early adopters! Which is the life blood of the early future of your new baby.!

  • I want to give Rainbow Moon a great big Rainbow Kiss

  • My PS3 hasn’t played this since the Vita announcement, will b keen to get back into it

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