Sony Entertainment Network Store now optimised for iOS and Android

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Sony Entertainment Network Store now optimised for iOS and Android


Accessing your favorite PlayStation content on the Sony Entertainment Network Store is now even easier!

Our web store is now optimised for mobile browsers on iOS and Android devices, providing quick and easy access to all our great content no matter where you are. It is specifically configured for your smartphone to deliver a better browsing experience, making it easier than ever to find PlayStation games, movies and TV episodes.

Built to be fast, the mobile store conveniently gives you access to the store wherever you are. Whether you want to buy a new game or add-on and have it download directly to your PlayStation device*, or rent a movie that will be cued up and ready in your download list when you get home, the new mobile store is all about making it easier for you.


You can access the mobile store by navigating to

* Set the Automatic Update function on your PS3 to have your games purchased from your smartphone ready to play when you get home. From your PS3 System Settings: Turn Automatic Update on, and set the two hour window of time to wake up your console and check for new game content purchased from other devices.

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15 Author Replies

  • This is not an app, just using mobile browsers?

  • Since your latest changes, the store is not working anymore with the brilliant Opera Webbrowser on PC. However, on firefox it does load faster now :)

    • Hi TheBeztOfus. Although Opera is not one of our officially supported browsers, if you upgrade to Opera 17 on Windows, the web store should work for you once again.

  • This is pretty great for me I hate using the store on my PS3 as it’s so laggy on my super slim.
    The Vita store is better bht can only buy Vita stuff.
    I guess this app is ready for PS4 next month? Can’t wait!

  • Finally!
    Will anything related to the PS4’s social media approach go public before the PS4 release? For example whatever kind of website you have planned.

  • Thank you.

    By the way, with the PS4 releasing soon, can we expect the Download List to be fixed any time soon? We desperately need sorting and filtering options to quickly find our purchases.

  • Very handy. Thanks. :)

  • I cannot use the web store anymore in the web store with Opera on Windows 8. It worked fine before. Why does Fred never give info as to when new games are available to download that we pre-ordered in PSN?

    Why are games in the EU store often 50% more expensive compared to the US store? it is seriously the only reason to say goodbye to Sony and to switch to xbox. Some people at Sony need to get fired today.

    • Hi CodDinos. If you upgrade to Opera 17 on Windows, you should be able to use the desktop site once again. Please note that Opera is not an officially supported browser for the web store though.

      The officially supported browsers are Internet Explorer 8 (and beyond), Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

  • And how game kids like Golwar and hayzink can spam this blog every day, when in reality it is millions of sony customers not just these two kids?

  • When can we download COD Ghosts ?

  • And where in EU is the “purchase” for the ps4 versions? In the US store its possible already to buy the upgrade in the EU store it isnt even tho every website says it is.

  • Was able to try it last week for some reason. Loved it, it’s much, MUCH faster and easier to use and certainly enourages its use when off home. It could use a File Size section though!

    Good job guys :)

    • Glad you like it Nightmare966. Thanks for the feedback.

      The file size for each game should be displayed at the top of every product page next to the release date. Sometimes this information isn’t available for pre-order titles until very close to the release date.

  • I click on your link it look like the same as last week & the week before it does not look like the screenshots above.

    • Hi Skookie30. IF you’re still seeing the desktop site on your phone as you were last week, you may need to clear the cache on your phone’s browser. On Chrome, you can do this within the settings menu. Hope this helps.

  • Works very well, just did a fast test on my Nexus 4 and it’s very smooth, plus easy to use.

    But how about that improved download list for all of the stores, you promised last year when the new store launched for PS3.

  • @CodDinos

    I love the irony that you mention about spamming, yet you’ve done four posts in a row.

    Anyway, i’ve noticed the web store is a bit faster now, although I wish you guys would revert the PS3 Store to its previous version. There was nothing wrong with it.

  • Oh noes, that Masopwhateverweirdo aka CodDinos is back, with another fake account and more boring insults! … how unexpected.

  • If you could get it to work on the Vita’s browser that’d be awesome. It still shows up as unsupported.

    Or, If you could get the ps3 store to work in remote play again that would be great.

    Or, have a Ps3 section in the vita store like the ps3 has.

  • When is the PS4 games pre-order coming to the European part of ??

  • Not bad. The web store doesn’t seem to like our work computers for about a week or so now so this is easier than i was finding it on my phone!

    • Hi pinkplaybunny. Can I ask what browser you were using to access the web store on your work computers please? I can then investigate what may have happened. If it was working previously but doesn’t any longer, we need to look at that.

  • Awesome, can you now optimise the PS3 version of the store, it’s atrocious!!

    I look forward to the regular PS+ offering with mixed emotions.

    Joy… because they’re well worth playing :-)

    Dread… because I know I’m going to have to go through the PS Store to get them :-(

  • hi sony plz tell me if i used this apps do my ps3 only stat the download when the 2 hours is set if i buy somehting from mobile if my playstation 3 only stat download my new game at the time is set to

    • Hi trffinal. You can choose a specific 2-hour window of time when your PS3 can ‘wake up’ and check for new content to download. You can do this within the System Settings menu on PS3.

      If you have purchased content via the web store on desktop or mobile and you have pressed the ‘download to ps3’ button, once your PS3 wakes up at the next scheduled time (that you have specified), your content will start to download.

  • Will Playstation App come to Windows Phone?

  • Bit weird why you would make this if you’re making a app but still I guess its one other way of getting to the store I suppose

  • good to see who is online on my way home

  • So I’m sat looking at my Nexus 7 (Android) and looks exactly the same as it does on my PC.

    Tested with:-


    Guess the optimised for ios and android statement was a bit premature ?

    • Hi spacemonkey15. Have you looked at the web store on your phone before? If so, you may need to clear the cache on your phone’s browser. On Chrome, you can do this within the settings menu. Hope this helps.

      [UPDATE]: Just was reminded that a Nexus 7 is a tablet. The mobile version of the web store is only available on mobile phone handsets. On tablets, you should expect still to see the desktop version of the store. We’ll be working on an optimised version for tablet in the coming year. Watch this space.

  • Much easier to use on my iphone than the desktop site however I added some PS+ games into my cart and it tried to charge me for them. I took them out and went to the desktop site and it worked fine, anyone else get this?

  • I have the same problem as #2 and #7, the webstore doesn’t load anymore in Opera webbrowser. :(

  • PS VITA browser is not supported!

  • I still get the old store? I have a android phone.(Xperia Z1)

  • I just had a look at it and it seems cool, nice 1 SONY ;) + I am using my New Xperia Z1 to view it.

  • To people with Android having issues: Are you using Google Chrome or the Android Browser?

    I can’t seem to get into the mobile Store with Chrome, but the Android default Browser loads it fine, try it! :)

  • And let me double post, because… I’ve got it working on Chrome Mobile, but I had to wipe all data off the app. So if you have passwords and such synced with the Google Account, it’s not much of a hassle, just relog with it and that’s it. Otherwise I hope you’ve got a good memory :)

    (Just FYI, go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded/Internal (depends on your phone) > Chrome > Clear all Data).

    • Sometimes clearing the cache on your browser (as you have mentioned) seems to be required. Thanks for your helpful post Nightmare966.

      Glad it’s all working for you now.

  • as with a couple of other comments above, that’s fabulous, but when will it work on my vita?

  • #31 Worked! Thank you +1

  • Sony can you put a link on the web store to switch between mobile and desktop view because my Nexus 4 always defaults to the desktop site in Chrome.

    • Hi stormyuk. If you’re looking at the desktop site on your mobile phone, go to the homepage and scroll right to the very bottom of the page and you will see a ‘mobile version’ link. (Please note, this only appears when looking at the desktop site on your phone. It will not appear when looking at the site on desktop).

  • THE Opera 12.15 and above the PC version does not work on your site checked linux and xp and nothing you do not do this to yourself, to date, worked OK and now black screen! Your help desk is ignorant and not very smart to do something to help! help!!/

    NOT WORK!!!!!!! WHY ?????????


    • Hi rozpedek. Opera is not a browser we officially support. However, if you upgrade to Opera 17 on Windows, the web store should work for you once again. It did for us when we had a look yesterday.

  • Please make an Ipad version.

    • Hi OttoT,

      This release is specifically optimised for mobile phones. However, we’ll be working on a new version of the web store which is optimised for tablets next year. As soon as we have more details we’ll announce them here. Watch this space.

  • Well the mobile versio works badly on Windows phone 8 but the browser versio works well on the windows phone. Good thing is that the browser versio now works on the tablets(sony s1 tablet). Never liked the mobile versios of any wepsites since i have so large data plans. Now waiting for the playstation app…

  • Any chance you could update the ps blog on iOS it’s not worked properly in ages you can’t post anything and it’s still not updated for iPhone 5’s larger screen.

  • Hi Elliot

    We use Internet Explorer 7. It just won’t move past the sony entertainment loading screen anymore.

    • Thanks for the info pinkplaybunny. I’ll check with the Engineers and report back with my findings. I suspect that IE7 is no longer officially supported though. Hopefully your office IT folks will upgrade you soon! :)

      [UPDATE]: To confirm, IE7 is no longer supported. IE8 is now the earliest version of Internet Explorer that the web store supports.

  • @ Elliott Dumville ;)

    Yeah it’s an AMAZING:P phone the ‘Xperia Z1’ Had it 1 week & a bit now & loving it so far(GOD it can do everything) :D + i can’t wait for the ‘PS4’ App next.
    + i got a ‘PSVita’ last week to which is just LOVEY to;)

  • From Sony: “and Windows Phone we don’t give a crap”

    Sony want me to buy an Xbox One.

  • Really liking how it automatically detects content you’ve purchased and begins downloading the moment you turn on your PS3. Very convenient!

    Though I’m gettibg a MUSIC category on the main menu. Are going to be able start purchasing music from the store soon?

  • Only the Desktop version is loading on the Nexus 7 2013 using Chrome even after clearing down the cache.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi L-101. This release is specifically targeted at mobile phones using iOS and Android. Tablets like the Nexus 7 will continue to show the desktop version. We’ll be working on a version of the store that is optimised for tablets next year.

  • @42: You can already, there’s a few soundtracks in there: Sly: Thieves in Time, Beyond, Darksiders II, Journey, etc. :D

  • I doubt we will get upgraded any time soon, we only got IE 7 last year! But thanks for confirming. At least now it works nicely on my iphone! :-)

    Can you consider adding the functionailty to the store to allow you to gift things to friends? Recently my friend wanted to treat me to Ni No Kuni when it was on sale and he had to go to Game, buy a £ and £10 gift card and then email me the code with a picture of Ni No Kuni and i had to then go onto the store and redeem the codes to buy it! It was really nice of him, but would have been so much easier if you could gift games like on Steam!

  • Hi Elliot

    Appolgies apparently we have IE8 not IE7 and its not working with that.

  • Ohh hold your horses, its just let me in! Not to worry, its working again.

  • Will the vita get this app to buy games for ps3/ps4??? Thanks.

  • @44 I was thinking more along the lines of iTUNES. We have a category for other kinds of media like movies etc, so I immediately thought can we start downloading albums through the store as well?

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