The story of Tearaway – exclusive behind-the-scenes video

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The story of Tearaway – exclusive behind-the-scenes video

The PlayStation Blog team came to visit us at Mm Towers recently to make a series of videos about our studio and our latest game Tearaway. This is the first clip, which features Rex, Kenny (and me!) talking about Tearaway’s world and story.

However, what we don’t talk about enough in the video are these guys, iota and atoi, the messengers. Tearaway differs from other games, in that you play alongside the main character, not as them.


You first meet iota or atoi at the start of our journey, when a strange message is sent to you from a papery dimension. Before you can read it, it falls back down into the papery world it came from, and comes to life.

Some villainous Scraps immediately try to stir up some trouble, but you sweep in and save the day using your giant fleshy fingers to squash them. Glancing skywards, at your face peeping through the hole in the sun, your messenger sees it was you that saved them, and from this moment forth the bond between you both will grow stronger and stronger.

I hope you enjoy this video. Look out for more of them over coming weeks ahead of our 22nd November launch, and don’t forget you can pre-order Tearaway now!

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  • owwww that picture of iota and atoi is so cute :D

    i’ll be getting the game, nothing but shooters out there, Mascot kind of games needs to return and this im looking for!

    Please tell me there will be Tearaway merchandise? I really need to know because i love collecting Playstation gaming toys and stuff.

  • I am really looking forward to Tearaway. The game looks positively brimming with charm. I really hope it plays as well as it looks, then we’re in for a treat.

  • Really excited about this one. Theres something about everything i’ve seen of it that says that its a really thought out platformer. I’m amazed its not getting more attention really.

  • pre-ordered.. not just for getting it day one but it also includes some cool goodies.. can’t wait

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