The Last of Us – Halloween starts early with multiplayer items

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Halloween is rapidly approaching in Europe. We’re celebrating by starting to roll out the initial batch of the multiplayer head items for The Last of Us multiplayer. First up are the Country Flag hats:



See our gallery for all the items

Comprising 22 items representing 22 countries, these hats are included as part of The Last of Us Season Pass. If you haven’t purchased a Season Pass, it’s a great deal with 75% savings over buying all DLC individually. If you’d rather buy these hats separately, they are available for €0.99/£0.79 each.

Apocalypse is the first community-run The Last of Us tournament ever. We’re happy to lend support and provide prizing for it. Check out this fan created trailer promoting the tournament from community member and tournament organiser, Triplewreck:

Choose your faction and enter your best team of survivors. Apocalypse starts Friday, 25th October. Be on the lookout for more tournaments and more multiplayer head items in the coming weeks. See you online!

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9 Author Replies

  • Oh boy. Look, there’s gore in MP mummy!
    Better make a censored version of the trailer just for us “special” people Eric. *sigh*

  • I gather it was actually SCEE that forced ND’s hand with regards to censorship, and ND has no choice but to defend the decision really. It’s still totally unacceptable though – I won’t be going near the season pass or DLC until the situation is rectified.

  • Naughty Dog you disgust me. It’s evidently clear to anyone who isn’t an ardent fanboy of yours that you only see multiplayer as a way to extract more money from gamers, and not something you put any real time and effort into. How about in future games of yours your multiplayer components aren’t halfarsed, laggy as hell, inconsistent, and filled to the brim with rubbish, pointless DLC? Your singleplayer components are fantastic, but mp is trash

    • Sorry you feel that way. How many hours have you logged on the multiplayer? Built The Last of Us multiplayer to echo the single player in many ways and if you enjoyed the single player we feel you should get a lot out of the multiplayer if you give it a proper go.

  • Multiplayer items are for multiplayer? No kidding…
    Now how ’bout a sale on that season pass?

    • Season Pass already saves you 75% versus buying all DLC individually so it’s unlikely we’ll have a sale on that anytime soon.

  • How about a patch to fix the censorship? As long as you killed the original vision for the MP I’m not touching it and I’m obviously not buying DLC. At least you made it easy for me to spend money on something else… not Sony related!

  • TLOU has the best multi-player mode i’ve played in ages, i usually hate them as developers tend to just add them for the sake of it. ND did put a lot of effort in to it i have no idea why these people are moaning

  • how bout giving everyone tlou for free.after all we will be throwing our ps3 aside and buying ps4 soon.

  • Four months on and I’m still loving the multiplayer. Keep up the great work, guys. :D

  • @7 – I totally agree, it’s a great multiplayer mode and I don’t see anyone disputing it.

    People are ‘moaning’ as you put it, because they were lied to about the product they were being sold – we were explicity told it would be uncensored but the multiplayer mode IS censored in all European copies of the game.

    If you arbitrarily divide the player base like that, there’s bound to be backlash. It’s effectively like telling a whole continent that they’re not mature enough to have the same product that US customers received.

  • Micro transactions, just what every game needs. -_-

  • Great, more microtransaction crap!

    Listen Eric, I would accept microtransactions if you offered the DLC maps for free (just look at Killzone: Shadow Fall <– Sony published game) for the sake of having one unified big pool.

    This is totally unacceptable. You keep cranking out half-assed DLCs to milk your customers.

    I'm glad most of my friends won't buy this crap.

    • It’s everyone’s choice on how they want to spend their money but these are part of the season pass so you can get them all that way. It’s the smart deal to go.

  • Funny how there’s a hat for Finland, but not Sweden (who’s bigger and more prominent in the gaming space in every way possible) :-(

    Well, at least Norway’s not there either.. ;-)

  • My main issue with The Last of Us is the crappy cardboard box that came with the “special” edition. I paid more and I get a naff box? Bad, bad decision. I hate it when I get a special edition and it’s in a card sleeve or whatever; if you can’t do a steelbook please just give me the standard plastic case so it can slip nicely onto my shelf with the other games and not look out of place! I hate the case that came with the special edition. It makes me want to steal a “proper” case from off the shelves and I am usually a law-abiding citizen… but I do get frustrated with naff boxes messing up my collection. So please, PLEASE don’t do that in future.

    Also disappointed to find out that Europe gets a censored version of multiplayer. That’s just ridiculous. PLEASE treat us adults like adults. At least give us a gore on/off switch, and perhaps disable it for the “sensitive” countries that aren’t mature enough to handle a bit of blood, eh?

  • Too bad I haven’t seen the info on the tournament in time, you practically hid it in the article. Also no Croatian flag? Fail.

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