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With the PlayStation 4 launch just over a month away now, no doubt you’ve all been planning which games you intend to pick up for your new machine. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick video highlighting the amazing collection of games heading your way on PS4.

From state-of-the-art AAA blockbusters like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Destiny; to the best exclusives like Killzone Shadow Fall and inFAMOUS: Second Son; to envelope-pushing indies like The Witness, Transistor and Octodad; and bright, bold PSN gems like Rime, Hohokum and Resogun, PS4 has you covered.

At the time of writing there are over 180 games in development for PS4, with 24 PS4 exclusives among them. And with 14 award winning first party studios hard at work, including Media Molecule, Sucker Punch and Sony Santa Monica, you can be sure there’s plenty more to come.

Take a look at the video above and let us know what’s made your shopping list.

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2 Author Replies

  • One thing i am kinda interested in knowing, apart from getting information that i can get a ps3 version then a discounted version of the game on ps4. Only thing preventing me from buying the ps3 is that i have no idea how much the ps4 version will cost. Would be nice to get information about that rather then i will be offered that and “how to” by using codes. Didnt really know where to ask so im asking here.

  • Wow, Great Ad… Loved it…

  • That’s a pretty good ad. SCEE is doing a great job with their marketing efforts.

  • The best place to play is still PS3.

  • You almost had me sony but forcing us to buy plus and in return owning our soul, our attention, and time… and getting at least 50 yearly visits to the PS STORE for giving us some free c ap games. nO THANKS.

  • while its nice to see yet more clips of the games advertised for months on the blog here – any chance of news on the UI and its features? or the camera? or the controller (is that light always on!)?
    is the PS4 store integrated with the PS3 one? can PS3 owners buy PS4 titles to download at a later date? and whatever questions others have

    or is it a case of waiting till its released in US and read the feedback of the real users to find out these questions?

    • We’re working on a grand FAQ post for the next week or two that should answer all your questions. Stay tuned.

  • and s amming european customers with prices of 70€ for new games in PSN does not help either. when will you learn sony? bad people work for you.

  • oops..*find out the answers to those questions* :)

  • This won’t be my next console. I was deceived with PS2, i was deceived with PS3, and i won’t try luck for the third time. Buy PS4 and risking SCEE forcibly change my console to some karaoke machine again? Thank you, but i’ll pass.

  • Hi Fred, are Naughty Dog making a game?

  • @Podyman LOL you are never going to let that Singstar thing go are you? Here is you complaining about it and I can’t actually access it ^_^
    Fine miss out on the best generation of games yet then crybaby.

  • @lpgc1 Did you create that PSN account 5 minutes ago just to troll? You forgot to set up your avatar :)
    Look at the amount of people here who have Plus and aren’t “being forced it”.

  • @Ipgc1 comment 6

    Are we talking about the same PS+ that I know and love and just about every other subscriber knows and LOVES? I’m confused see cos you say you will have to go to the store 50 times to get cr apply free games. So you must know about some other lower standard PS+ that we all don’t know about because the PS+ that I know only gives out mostly AAA free games every month.

    Like we get Metal Gear Solid Reveangence, Remember Me just for PS3 today and Oddworld Strangers Wrath on Vita and Motorstorm RC for both PS3 and Vita. How on earth can you accuse them of giving out cr ap games?

    If you refuse to join PS+ because you don’t want to pay to play PS4 games online that’s fine. But PS+ pays for itself DOZENS of times over every year so don’t say your not paying it because it’s not worth it for Cr ap games because your words hold absolutely ZERO weight.

  • No Naughty Dog in that video? Could have sworn I heard Naughty Dog announced as making a PS4 game at Gamescom.

  • Hi, Fred. Yes, I will be picking up my launch PS4 console in just a few weeks. I am disappointed that Watch Dogs was pushed back and at this point all I think I’ll be able to play is Flower but it’s ok.

    I’m sure my PS4 backlog will rival my PS3 and Vita backlog in no time at all.

  • All this stuff is great but playstation let lot’s of users down with not making the store available in all european countries. And for me that is going to play a big factor on my decision on which console to buy being from Malta and not having access to the PSN PLUS which obviously means i wont be able to play online makes a big difference so after many years i’ve decided my time has come to leave Playstation for another Console XBOX it is.

    Shame really as there are many ps users over here and lots of them are making the switch to xbox.

  • Man, I sure DO like playing videogames.

  • Fantastic AD love the music.

  • When will the PS Vita update featuring Remote Play be released?

  • eh… I still can’t get hyped up for it. I will likely own one in a year or so but at moment, it’s just not doing anything for me.

  • do they mean with XXIV (sry broken keys) exclsives are annonced and when yes, can someone post a list?^^

  • “14 award winning studios creating exclusive games for PS4”

    I presume that this part of the video is talking about Sony First Party Studios, right? If that’s so, then why it only shows 7 studios(Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, Sony Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games, Sony Japan, Evolution Studios and Sony London)? Where are the others(Naughty Dog, Sony Bend, Guerrilla Cambridge, Polyphony Digital, Sony San Diego, Foster City Studio and Xdev)?

    Are Sony neglecting the other studios, or they aren’t working on PS4?

  • Great job SCEE on putting these awesome videos!

    Other’s already mentioned it… where’s Naughty Dog? They’re working on PS4 title after all, aren’t they?

  • @#1 Savaloy


    Not 100% sure what information you’re after, but i’ll do my best to help you out. When it comes to the PS3 to PS4 upgrades, each compatible game will come with a code inside the box. The games supported are:
    Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
    Battlefield 4
    NBA 2K14

    You’ll be able to ‘purchase’ the PS4 version as soon as you have the PS3 version of the game, via using a redeemable code on the PSN store.

    All of the games will cost £9.99/€9.99 to get the upgrade, except for NBA 2k14 (for some reason) which will cost £11.99/€14.99

    Hope that helps a little.

  • @#23 luispartanMIMIMI

    14 studios are working on games exclusive for PS4, however, only a certain amount of them have been announced. I’m pretty sure that’s why the other studios aren’t mentioned, because there’s no official confirmation from them, so Sony don’t want to be the ones to announce on their behalf.

  • So what indie games are actually going to be available for the consoles launch? Not launch window.. available to play on the 22nd of November!

    Are games going to set at recommended retail prices on the store or will SCEE offer fair prices on the store?

  • That ad needs to be on TV in the half time of a big football match and in the Corrie break!
    Like how it says the most powerful nextgen console, guess that’s official now then?

    I had to phone today to switch to the killzone bundle from the watchdogs one or I wouldn’t have got the console until 2014!

  • Hi Fred, nice vid but with the bundles on sale now we still don’t know anything significant about the camera. Nor have we clearly what to expect from Plus for PS4. Will it be a AAA game and a indie or 1 indie and 1 indie instant collection game.
    And what about the services? Will we get a movie store, Home, when does my country get mobile, Gaikai etc.
    I really need more information before I get out my money. Yes I know promises from Sony don’t mean a thing when the promises for PS3 or Vita or any service that started and never came to my country are an indication but I need more you guys are giving us now!

  • COOL Video :P I CAN’T WAIT! ! ! :P :P :P

  • Looks promising. I hope I can wait until the games I want are actually released. I bought the Vita at launch for FFXHD, and I don’t want to make a mistake like that again.

  • im getting a ps4 at launch and to be honest theres nothing im really excited about until infamous, im pretty much just getting it at launch as thats what i tend to do with consoles.

    this time im just looking for surprises to tide me over until the games i like start to drop, i also use a rental service so i will prob try most of the launch games and again hope to be surprised.

  • @5 Absolutely. Dunno how anyone can be satisfied with PS4s lineup unless you like unoriginal shooters.

    PS3 has an awesome lineup at the end of this year and next year, better than any other console.

  • Yay CALLOFDUTY Ghost on the PS4!!! X-D

  • @10 Lol.
    What I want to know is – Where are all those viruses we were supposed to get plagued by when they released the PS3 and other current gen online consoles? When the media were saying we might need to have virus scanners on our games consoles (lol).

    Why has no-one written a virus that removes that stupid SingStar spam icon yet! How epic would that be! :P

  • Launch Games for me:

    A) Assassins Creed Black Flag
    B) War Thunder
    C) Killzone Shadowfall
    D) Battlefield 4
    E) Watchdogs (delayed, grrrr)
    F) Driveclub (delayed, grrrr ruff)

    Great ad Sony, cannot wait till next month.
    Playstation 4 for World Domination!!

  • No games at launch that have me really excited besides kz but thats included in my mega bundle, besides kz the only other game that has me slightly interested is planetside 2.nothing else until around spring when infamous & hopefully watchdogs are out (fingers crossed no more delays) at least there’s ps+ to add what ever too pass the time

  • Fred

    This is off topic so sorry about that, but do you know anything about this competion
    I got my platinum on Sunday and haven’t received the opt in email even though my SEN account is all ticked to receive the emails and i’ve got nothing in my junk mail either :-(

  • Today feels like a good day i watch the ad it look look [DELETED] looking via my Ps3 the games dont look crap the viewing video was crap but that youtube for you.

    there no need to force me to get a ps4 or a plus didn’t i tell you i was getting a Ps4 on launch & i was not force to get plus i went into plus when it 1st started those were dark days then but much better line up Now. :)

    @Fred I’m looking forward to your FAQs on blog :)


    Did you like second worldwar 2? Do you ever talked with somebody who experience it? !!!

  • @MarSSSteR What?

  • I understand that you need to be a plus member for online, no problem for me as been signed up since day one, but will you need a plus account for each sub account? as there are two sub accounts on my ps3 and soon to be ps4, for the young ones. I don’t really wish to be spending 3 x £40 just so they can play on their account, as will be basically getting the same great freebies each month from my plus account, hope you can clear up, cheers

  • Whats the word on playing PS3 games on PS4, I don’t want to upgrade and then find I can’t play the new FF13 game, Dark Souls 2, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and all the other games coming out for the PS3 in the next 6 months.

  • This is probably not the place to post this, but Fred mentioned a “grand FAQ.” Is there anyway we can submit or post questions that we would like to see answered in the FAQ?

    I live on-campus in a college dorm and we use WPA2 Enterprise. I would like to know if the PS4 will support TTLS/PAP so that I would be able to connect to the WiFi on campus.

    I know that you can bridge a connection from a computer, but it would be good if the PS4 supported this.


  • hi i just have 2 questions.

    1-the playstation 4 will work on the tv i have? is an old tv not a plasma or a lcd is the old :S

    2-is there anyway ps4 play ps3 games not digital but the phisical ones?

  • @12 andrewsqual : He does have a point when you look at the big picture. The PS3 was essentially a better console at launch than it is today.. That’s how I experienced it anyway.. It had backwards compatibility and better overall quality, but it was more expensive too obviously.. They cut costs on the slims which resulted in a loss of quality, especially the fans in those are below Sony standards and are way too loud imo. But even when it comes down to the UI and store. The ‘Singstar spam’ is just a small part of that. The trophy section is extremely slow and buggy now and the store is a complete disaster imo. In many ways they did these things right initially, and messed it up towards the end of the PS3’s lifecycle..
    That’s something I haven’t experienced with the other PS consoles, which kept getting better in every way.. But then again, consoles and games are so much more complex now. But on the other hand, they did get it right in the start so it’s kind of their own fault too.

  • It also worries me for the future of my beloved gaming brand. Just seeing all the changes they made to the iconic and perfect traditional Dualshock design, and reading about how they even considered making it look even more like the Xbox controllers (actually thinking about even changing the joystick positions to something similar!!:s)
    That and the payed for online, coupled with PLUS (not a positive thing for everyone! I know that’s hard for you PLUS lovers to understand), alongside the issues the PS3 has been having in some aspects, has just got me worried that the golden days are over..
    Also, Please Sony, stop trying to find inspiriation from the competitors side, if anything they should be inspired by your brand and make a controller more likewise to ours, and go with free online like it was supposed to be.

  • Fred, please include whether the PS4 optical drive supports BDXL playback in the FAQ.

  • In your FAQ can you please answer which PS4 games are going to support stereoscopic 3D? Currently the store lists AC4 and CoD: Ghosts as supporting it. I’d like a confirmation as well as information on what other upcoming titles may be supporting it.


  • I would love to know if there will be a new remote available or if I can use my old PS3 BD Remote Control. Please answer this question in your FAQ as well.

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