PlayStation: #4ThePlayers since 1995

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PlayStation: #4ThePlayers since 1995

Inspired by the hashtag #PlayStationMemories which trended worldwide earlier this year, we read a lot of your tweets and messages and wanted to make a film to represent what PlayStation has meant to all of us since 1995.

This is the main kick off – a bit of nostalgia before we look forward to PlayStation 4, the biggest in our history. We’re proud of our heritage and how much PlayStation has meant to gamers growing up. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are about to join us, hopefully everyone can relate to at least a little part of this.

In terms of the film, each section is representative of the whole era, lots of details even down to the dates on the ticket stubs, the magazines and the electronics help bring this piece to life. As we move into PlayStation 4 – the bike, the clothes and many of the items that haven’t actually been released help us look to the future.

When other brands heard what we were doing they were excited to get involved! Dominos gave us boxes from each of the console eras and we received support from a number of key publishers from across the gaming industry, helping us to look back at just a selection of games that many of us will remember playing and enjoying from over the years.

We hope when you watch the film you will look back and remember your time with PlayStation and join us as we look forward to what the future holds.

This is for the Players

This is PS4


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  • Best video ever!!!!

  • Love the vid, got quite a few of the references.

    Liked the touch of having the video in a 4:3 ratio during the PSOne era, then to widescreen 16:9 for the PS2 and onwards!

    So many memories, all those start-up noises… remember them so well. Made my day :D

    PS4 noise sounds cool too… the future is coming

  • Very nice video, gets the nostalgia going… and I think that’s what you were going for, right?

    In my case it all went slightly differently, what with me being from Poland and all. Tekken (and Toshinden!) were my first PSX games, I played them on computer trade fairs and paying money at a local internet cafe for fixed time of play. Then came PS2, first the launch in France (I was on Socrates \ Erasmus exchange there), admiring Final Fantasy X and Virtua Fighter 3, then playing at a friend’s place (I couldn’t afford PS2, being a student). Then PSP bought during internship in Japan, then my very own PS3, years after its premiere, now counting down to PS4…

    Good times, Sony, good times. And a lot of good memories in the meantime.

    *wipes tear of the corner of the eye*

  • After 18 years that dude still lives with his parents. That’s Playstation Lifestyle. :D

  • This is really nice video. So many years since 1998 wheb i bought ny first PSX:)

  • I liked it, you should make a shorter version for TV adverts somehow, to announce the ps4.
    Barely ever see Playstation adverts on tv :( Which is a shame as I like rubbing it in all the exclusives I can play and he cant due to him having a xbox

  • “#4theplayers”..sorry but LOL.

  • Just got shivers watching this!!! w00t

    but for me things moved a little faster than in the video :P got married/kids mortgage, in the video the kid is living the dream ;)


  • WOW!!! That is the BEST Video i have ever seen!!! :P It’s what i have been doing to since 1995(well 1997’ish) :D

  • I only started games with the PS2. I can still feel the history and how special it is though. Some amazing experiences.

  • There is one great inaccuracy with this video… they have girlfriends… OK I kid I kid

  • I spent the whole time trying to spot and identify the music posters after the awsome Air poster at the begining, nice ad

  • I think a tear left my eye while watching that video! Watching the playstation grow :D #memories4life

  • first atary – nintendo then ps from the start ( online on ps3 ).
    en jes stil live home ,lol
    very soon mi own place .

  • this brings back so much good memories. i started with sega than ps1, ps2, ps3 and next is the ps4. thanks sony for all the years of fun :).

  • Beautiful, brought a tear to my eye

  • I love you Sony I love you Playstation!!

  • An amazing video. Remember those good old days PlayStation Nation and look forward to those new amazing Years with PS4. PlayStation is #4TheGamers ;)

  • Great video. Well done!
    Love the dominos pizza boxes

  • I own all major PlayStation consoles: PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 & PS Vita (And I have PS4 on pre-order), so there’s quite a bit of nostalgia for me here!

    By the way, am I the only person that, once in a while, likes to boot up an old PS1 game just to hear that sweet start-up sound? It’s like music to my ears ;)

    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

  • Owned every PS System and plan to own all future PS systems. Know people say these new consoles are the last for Xbox and Nintendo I think, but PS is a lifestyle. It’s a place in everyones heart and it will stay here because it’s more valuable than Xbox and Nintendo. ;) :)

  • it’s such a nostalgic journey, love this video…. i feel old now

  • Ouch! RIght in the nostalgia. Love this ad.

  • Excellent vid! I’m 36 next month and it really brought back some memories lol.

  • I am 15, it was 2002 when I got my PSone when I was 5, 2004 when I was 7, got the PStwo and 2007 when i was 9 got the PSP and got the PS3 when I was 14 in 2011. Reason for the huge gap, got a Wii when I was 11 and got the Vita last year at 15. 16 in 2 months and after 10 days ill have my PS4 :) ;)

  • Best comment thus far, declan_watson.

  • This is an incredible video, not due to the nostalgia. The single shot style is excellent and the ever changing room is as creative as it is accurate, not to mention little-little touches here and there that made it authentic.

    But my favourite shot is nearing the end of the video when the guy passes the DualShock4 controller to his friend, even after he scared the beejeezus out of him during RE4.

    A lot of people may not realize this, but a game can affect a person’s life in a big way. A console, can affect an entire generation. PlayStation is not just a game console. It’s not a lifestyle. It’s not just a life experience. It is, a part of me. A part of us.

  • Great video! that ps4 had a silver face!

  • Awesome video, I own every single PlayStation system up to date. = )

  • Not to throw a spanner in the nostalgia works but surely there should’ve been a part with the guy playing the MK1 PS3 and getting grey faced as he gets YLOD! ;)

  • Awesome advert, after watching that how can anyone not continue on with the Playstation brand, PS4 here we come! the ad triggers some nice memories too.
    I remember trying to earn huge amounts of cash so me and my mates could afford the crazy fast Pikes Peak Escudo in GT2…..i think, the one with the cock pit smelling disc, learning how to coast corners in Ridge Racer(my first ever PS game) and coming upon that first Zombie in Resident Evil (pooped my pants) oh and that bit where the dogs come crashing through the window. Good times

  • Am I the only one that used to play theme hospital on my PSone…. Wish they would make another :)

  • Tears in my eyes. Love PlayStation!

  • Time runs so fast,we will be playing PS10 in no time and i will be like 65 years old….


  • Lol,I have same TV as on 2:16,incredible.

    Back on topic,if you want example of real Sony loyalty,you need no to look further than me.Started gaming in my local game store,back in mid-90s,then bought PS1,later PS2 of course and in summer of ’07 PS3.

    During that time I played maybe 3 games on PC and everything else on PS consoles.I never needed anything else really and I still don’t.PS3 era was best gaming era for me by far,quality of games has skyrocketed imo.

    Hopefully proud owner of PS4 soon (although launch lineup is pretty weak if you ask me).

  • This video is awesome. I still have my old consoles PS1,PS2 and also have the PS3 and now to have my soon PS4

  • Great vid sony like the comments @5 this sounds just like me still living with my parents and @12 a girlfriend what’s that? I should have one by now at almost 33, but there have been to many good games out over the years, I can’t wait to get my ps4 next month.

  • Well, well, nostalgia. Crappy PAL conversions on PS1 and PS2, half-year delays and finally from european SCE branch, best of all – forced karaoke crap. But Sony is really, really great company, highly customer oriented, isn’t it? Sorry, but i won’t try luck with PS4. I don’t want to be deceived again. It’s really sad how everybody forget as soon as they see new toy and naively think that things will be better.

  • I remember when I and my cousin went to pick up a playstation for him and the first game we kept on playing for hours, Toshinden. Then 6 months later I found a playstation with Tekken 2 and a demo cd (including Gran Turismo Special Stage Route 5 or 11) under my Christmas three which I and my father played the entire evening claiming these are the most realistic graphics ever in a racing game and it couldn’t get any better. Funny when I now play GT5 and look back, but still, good times.

  • They guy’s still living at home? After 16 years? He must be at least 30 by now.

    Total looser.


    At least they sorted their life out when PS4 showed up.

  • CLASS! Brilliant Video, well done Sony!

  • It’s a neat idea for a video, but I don’t think it was executed it very well.

    The flashbacks of the past didn’t feel authentic to me at all and nothing that I (or my many gamer teen friends back then who got a PS1 and later PS2 I’m sure) could relate to. Might be different for a London person I guess, but if so, that makes it a very narrow video, which is not a good thing either.

    But my main issue is simply that the video is too long and too slow, it takes almost 40 seconds until a Playstation is even turned on (which is also the best part of the video when you hear the PS1 boot sound).

  • Since it’s release i’ve been watching this video every day , it is exactly how i remember my trip back into the PlayStation universe .. Thank you Sony for always being a constant positive in our lives and thank you for the memories and next November starting new ones.

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