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SCE Worldwide Studios and the team at Evolution Studios have made the difficult decision to delay the release of DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition until early 2014. DRIVECLUB will be a truly innovative, socially connected racing game, but the team requires more time in order to deliver on their vision — and I’m fully confident the game will surpass your expectations.

This decision also affects PlayStation Plus members‘ Instant Game Collection for launch. To be clear, DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition will still be part of the Instant Game Collection when it is released. For the PS4 launch, in addition to Resogun, I’m pleased to announce that Contrast, the highly anticipated game from Compulsion Games will also be available to PlayStation Plus members for free as part of Instant Game Collection. If you’re not aware of Contrast, it will whisk you away to a surreal vaudevillian, film-noir inspired reality full of performance, intrigue, shadow-play and drama. Please check out the trailer below. I’m sure you’ll agree that it is unlike anything you will have played before.

We’re also offering members access to an exclusive “Open Weekend” trial of Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer on December 28-29.

We understand that the delay is disappointing news, but can assure you that the reason we have made this decision is to ensure that when DRIVECLUB launches, it will realize the next gen racing vision. And PlayStation 4 gamers will have no shortage of titles to play this year. At launch alone, we have Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, to name but a few, as well as the incredible list of Indie games coming to PS4. A broad portfolio of games will be available on PS4 before the end of the year, and with games such as Infamous Second Son, The Order 1886, Destiny, Watch Dogs and now DRIVECLUB coming next year, the strength of the software line-up on PS4 is unprecedented.

DRIVECLUB is a really ambitious racing title and the game is looking stunning. The extra time we’re giving the team means the visuals and overall experience are only going to get better. We can assure you that it will be worth the wait.

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  • Will there be any games left by launch?

  • quite disappointing really. was looking forward to drive club. so no racing title available on ps4 at launch. If ur not into Fps ur kinda knackered. Wont stop me getting a Ps4 but so close to launch to have two anticipated games pushed back 6 months does not send the right message. lets hope there is no further delays

  • Noooooo #2 there is need for spotted rivals.

  • I’ve already PAID for a PLUS subscription because you PROMISED Driveclub PS+ Edition at LAUNCH. I want better compensation than Contrast.

    Yes, I’m shouting.

  • Disappointing.
    I understand why it’s been done, but this leave you with 2 first party launch titles on disc. Not much to fight against the other console with in my humble opinion.
    It’s also a little redundant to give a free weekend of MP for Killzone 4 after Christmas when, by that point, everyone even mildly interested will already own it due to the lack of other games to buy.

    I’m not ragging on Sony or PS, but this is very disappointing.

    Hope you guys don’t suffer too many lost sales with this.

  • Disappointing but not the end of the world, it will come eventually and it will still be apart of Plus.

    I’m hoping to pick up KZ but if not a free MP weekend will do very nicely. Hope this sort of thing happens more with MP games/modes, would be a great way to try before you buy.

  • No worries. GT6 gonna keep me busy for a while.

  • This is really, really bad news for the PS4 launch line-up. In the space of a couple of days the two games I was most looking forward to getting with my PS4 have been delayed. That leaves me with just Killzone in the PS4 exclusives pile… and I’ve never been a massive Killzone fan. Played them all and thought they’ve just been OK. On the plus side (chortle, chortle) I was genuinely interested in Contrast, so at least it’s free now.

    So I have a dilemma. Do I even bother with the PS4 now? If I want NFS Rivals, BF4, AC4, CoD:Ghosts or any other game I can get them on my Xbox One which I’ll have a week earlier as I live in Europe. Seriously starting to wander what the point is in owning a PS4 at launch now for me personally. I always knew Sony would find a way of messing all this goodwill up. Congrats on pulling defeat from the jaws of victory yet again Sony.

  • @4. sorry. so easy to forget about Electronic Arts rubbish.Not a fan. probably just a rehashed version of a need for speed game from 3 gens ago.

  • Is there any point in buying a PS4 before Spring next year?

  • Wish I could say I’m surprised, but we’ve not seen anything of the game outside of a lighting demo and some off screen footage. Although to be fair this applies to a lot of next gen stuff, hell even GT6 has had nothing really shown. Then add things like OS, the internet browser it’s been oddly quiet.

    That meant I wasn’t really bothered with DC. Still happy with the WarThunder, WarFrame and Free to Play stuff, so hopefully they get a bigger push.

    Shu, not sure if you’ll be checking the reply’s,but can we get some details on how the digital license works on PS4.

    Currently my household has two PS3’s. Both Ps3’s are able to use the content I’ve purchased so long as the system has the main account activated. This way all family members can play what they want when they want, and even play against each other on their own accounts.

    With the supposed changes this wont be possible.I and don’t want other family members being forced to use my account, saves, trophy data on a secondary system. It will mean that I wont buy any digital titles, be it indie,retail,DLC.

    So if we can get clarification it would be appreciated.

  • Give us Knack :D, though contrast looks ok actually good concept… Still disappointed though.

  • Well at least il have more time to play Killzone, Battlefield 4 and Assassins Creed IV :)

  • Disappointing, however it would be worthwhile if it means Driveclub will be 60FPS, the developers previous comments on the subject were ambiguous.

  • Boooooo, extremely weak replacement.
    Best idea would be offering multiplayer-only Killzone version day one.

    I guess this indicates how weak PS+ offers for PS4 will be for years to come until Sony amasses library of “disposable” PS4 titles.

  • You know what, this is bad, It really is, but watch the video for Contrast. Somehow it went under my radar but after watching that I am excited for this.

    This means on Day 1 I will have Killzone Shadowfall, Assassins Creed IV, ResoGun, Contrast, Flower and Sound Shapes!

    I would like to try NFS and I am hoping to get Lego Marvel not too long after the console launch too.

  • Take your freakin time guys, games gunna be epic!!! All the best to EVOLUTION!!! :D

  • Canceling PS4 Pre Order now…

  • Jesus would gamers take a god damn chill pill and stop reacting like a bunch of spoiled brats, honestly #firstworldproblems

  • Only 2 games I genuinely wanted now pushed back. Just cancelled my PS4 preorder. I’ll wait till next year now, poor show.

  • I’m not happy either, but I actually never mind if waiting results in a greater game at the end. Why should I prefer an early game over a better game?

    I remember Contrast. Art always seemed great, but the gameplay scenes didn’t really make me hold my breath. So nice that I’ll get the chance to test it out for free now. :)

  • The replacement PS+ game is immensely disappointing. I was expecting for you to make up for the delay be replacing the PS+ launch game with Knack.

  • Contrast looks more interesting anyway so it’s all good here!

  • Well there goes both my day one games! Shopto only now seem to have bundles that i can swap to that include Killzone too. Not everyone wants killzone. I would only have it if it was in the mega bundle because of the saving. Sony please either make more mega bundles available to make up for these delays or provide a knack bundle to replace the watch dogs one. I don’t want a multiplayer shooter or Fifa!!

  • Yeah…this is gonna kill a great deal of that awesome momentum PS4 had.

  • I’ sure Contrast is a beautiful and fun game but it’s an indie title and not a full AAA title. In that aspect we as Plus member are cut short (again!!!). That only leaves Killzone as a launce title for me. I don’t care for Knack and the multi platform titles are not to my liking except for Watch dogs but that title is also cut back to spring.
    To be honest there is no reason left to buy a PS4 at release and the release line up for MS is looking much stronger now.
    I’m very disappointed in Sony. They had years to work to this moment and if you could learn 1 thing from the WiiU release is that a new console needs a strong start and this is not it.

  • no #firstworldproblems but is not #firstworldproblems also if sony will miss my money. For now I convert the preorder to XboxOne and I can play some exclusive like DeadRising3 and Forza5 and all multi, Knack and Killzone are not exactly what I’m expect from a next-gen AAA titles.

  • I’ll forgive the delay if it means the developers have time to make sure the game runs at 60 FPS. Make it happen! :)

    Contrast looks pretty cool anyway.

  • Contrast looks better anyway to be honest so I’m happy! I’ll still give Driveclub a go when it comes out though.

  • No excuse! SONY, you must to give KILLZONE SHADOW FALL (single or multiplayer) free for PSN+ members as refound DRIVECLUB launch game in Instant Game Collection! And not Contrast, an indie game!

  • There is no reason to cancel your pre-orders the PS4 price isn’t going fall the first year.

  • wow not happy . am losing more intrest in next gen as each day passes . might just cancel my pre order and stick with my ps3 till late next year

  • @28, XP_Version1, damn right it’ll kill a great deal of the momentum. In a couple of days Ubisoft have shot Sony in their left foot and Sony just shot themselves in their right foot. Game wise the PS4 is on the floor and ready for the Xbox One to give it a right good kicking. Just how do Sony screw things up so badly every time?

    @29, OttoT, yeah… there are a lot of people in the same boat as you. I’m one of them. I’m going to sit on this until tomorrow morning, but right now I’m very tempted to switch all my day one multiplatform pre-order games over to the Xbox One and cancel my PS4. I’ll pick one up when Sony remember they have their own game studios that should be making games.

  • Woav people, you really have no manners.

    First of all, it’s not DriveClub you are getting with PlayStation Plus, it’s DriveClub Plus Edition, which lacks cars and tracks from the full version, so demanding you games like Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall instead is just plain stupid and spoiled. You are still getting DriveClub Plus Edition, just a few months later and instead you are getting an interesting puzzle/platformer, together with the really really excellent Resogun.

    If the game is not ready, it’s not ready. I rather wait a few months, then getting a mediocre game.

  • It is bad news without doubt.

    But it’s no suprise at all is it really. Both next gen consoles have been rushed into XMAS release dates to maximise profit and selling.

    The X ONE does not exactly have an amazing launch line-up either and the game they are pinning everything on is not coming until next year (Titanfall).

    Look at it this way at least PS4 is coming with the triple AAA Killzone Shadowfall at launch (Which is looking better day by day). This really is the PS4 killer game at launch and we were all looking forward to Driveclub with it been a new IP and GT6 not coming on PS4).

    But this is not a game changer if anyone cancelled a Pre-order for this reason (get a grip on reality please).

    I’m presuming you will already own a PS3 and GT6 is coming (so that was going to make DriveClub less of a big thing for now anyway)

    New people to the party should have more beef.

  • “Ubisoft have shot Sony in their left foot”….

    The last time I looked, Watch Dogs was also delayed on Xbox One. I take PS4 launch lineup over Xbox One any day, as the PS4 launch lineup has way more variety, because of some great indie and F2P titles, together with the normal AAA titles.

  • Postponing Drive Club just one month before release is very late and management should have noticed any issues earlier. But I hope the time is used to really give it some polish and I’m looking forward to playing it next year.

  • @zanna – so Sony caring about the quality of their games is a bad thing?? Cry me a river. Enjoy spending an extra 100 bucks on the XBone. Could have used that money for the multi-platform games you’re speaking of on the cheaper PS4.

  • I wasn’t really into Driveclub anyway, but I did ask for CONTRAST as you (UBISOFT I should say) took Watch Dogs of the menu but Contrast on PS4 with Killzone and NFS pre=ordered is a better line up at launch now without watch dogs….did you listen to my last post or something? Maybe you can do the Hunstman:The Orphanage as well?

  • This does suck but the game will be better for it so i don’t mind, plus it saves me an extra £50 at launch which makes me happy!

  • It’s understandable the delay by the mentioned reasons but it doesn´t seem fair the replacement game for PS+. C’mon guys, i’m sure you can do better than this!

  • Well, the replacement game does look interesting, if not as interesting as DriveClub.

    Let’s remember that half of this is Ubisoft’s fault. So I’m down to ACIV for the launch, plus the PS+ games. Given that my PS3 has been promised to someone else the day the 4 arrives, this sucks big time.

  • Bummer, but if it makes the game better then its for the best, and personally I’d much rather have Contrast for my IGC anyway.

    I just hope this and Watchdogs doesn’t hurt sales too badly. Sony’s vision of the future for console gaming is one I’m very much excited about, and I’d hate for these delays to compromise that by driving customers to the competition, with it’s rather anaemic homogenisation of all entertainment, not just games, into a means to maximise consumer exploitation becoming the new standard for most next gen.

  • So the news were true after all. I’m not directly affected since I just can’t get a PS4 at launch, but perhaps you should consider extending the Killzone Shadow Fall MP Trial to at least a week — I believe it would be better.

    Anyways, what matters here is that Driveclub comes out at full potential, I’m pretty sure Evolution will know how to profit all that extra time for a better product :)

  • Sony…

    This was the one game I was getting the PS4 for. Well some Killzone on the side and Resogun with PS+ is fun ofcourse.

    But really this was the game I was preparing to get a PS4 for at launch. Now I’ll just wait till 2014 before I buy the Killzone bundle.

    Disappointed in the ability of Sony and the developer to plan a project well. Now I may freaking hope that game runs in 1080p at 60fps and not 30fps!!!

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