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Hello, everyone. With the PS4 launch just a few weeks away we’ve got some more exciting details to share on Knack.

Our goal with Knack was to deliver a different kind of experience for PlayStation fans at launch, outside of the realm of gritty shooters and mature action games. Knack harkens back to the golden days of Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, when controls were simpler but challenged were large enough that those control schemes had to be mastered by anyone intending to finish the games. So, who better to create a game like that than than one of the creative forces behind bringing Crash and Jak to life, Mark Cerny himself?

This game has a lot to offer, so I’m excited to be able to bring to you some new details on what you can expect when the game hits this November.

The story of course revolves around Knack, mankind’s secret weapon against the goblin threat. After the goblins invade the human settlement, Knack sets out to find the goblin hideout and discover how the primitive goblins got their hands on advanced tanks and airships. While you always play as Knack, there are a lot of other characters who factor into the story:


Doctor – Knack’s creator is a genius but can be moody and impetuous at times. He also raised Lucas since the boy’s parents died, so he’s pulling double duty as a father figure. Although he’s not always good at it…


Ryder – Lucas’ uncle is a world famous adventurer and explorer who is invaluable to the mission to defeat the goblins.


Lucas – Very level headed for such a young age, and Knack’s best friend.


Viktor – A billionaire industrialist who made his fortune mining the ancient relics that provide power for electricity, machinery, vehicles and more. He brings his powerful robots on the expedition to discover more about the goblin threat.


Katrina – Viktor’s head of security, she’s tough and composed no matter what occurs.

Knack is made of these very same relics, and by absorbing more and more relics he can grow from his original 3-foot tall size to 6 feet tall, 15 feet tall, even 30 feet tall. On their way to the goblin hideout, Knack makes his way through an ice cave and, thanks to Lucas, discovers the ability to absorb ice, just like relics, to make himself bigger and stronger.


This changes up the gameplay in different ways. For example, once Knack makes it out of the cave, the ice starts to melt and he’ll have to defeat tough enemies before he shrinks back down to a smaller size. Throughout the game, Knack will find he can absorb different kinds of materials, such as:


Metal Knack – Very tough and powerful (and my favourite), but being made of metal also means you’re magnetic. Which can lead to some interesting problems!


Wood Knack – one of the biggest versions of Knack in the game. And while wood is easy to find, it does burn easily! That said, if you are on fire you can use that to access some extra areas…

The storyline will take players through a wide variety of gorgeous stages and environments, from caves to forests, cities to giant airships and more, all brought to life by the amazing artists at Japan Studio. And of course, no action platformer game would be complete without some challenging boss battles. Don’t let the colorful graphics fool you—there’s plenty of challenge to be found within the world of Knack.

forest02Boss ScreenShot01

There’s a lot more to the story, which is told through a full length CGI film’s worth of of fully mo-capped cinematic cutscenes (featuring some familiar voice acting talent). You’ll learn more about the origins of the mysterious ancient relics that power everything in the world, including Knack. Deeper mysteries abound, but trying to harness the true power of the relics could threaten to put the whole world at risk.

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We’ll be back soon to talk more about the world of Knack, including how we’re sharing the fun with our local 2-player co-op mode.

Watch for Knack to hit stores when the PS4 launches next month.

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4 Author Replies

  • One of my concerns with the game is, do objects still disappear 1 second after they hit the ground? Like the weapons of enemies and such. Has this time been increased to infinity for release?

  • Cant wait for this, screw the knack haters!

  • ‘Knack launches with ps4’

    LOL we’ll see, ive heard that before…

  • This game has been severely criticised in previews for numerous reasons. Included a preview by the OPM team. Has the team taken this criticism onboard?

  • very nice looking game
    buth again same point = 10€ to expansife sony game ( if 59€ on lounch = jes )

  • Well now that watch dogs has been delayed this is my first game of choice for day one. But why is there no official bundle for it?! I seem to be limited to one with Killzone at the moment grrr!!

  • I read that knack has camera features, can you elaborate on what these are if it is supported. Also note to blog team some actual info other than playroom about the cam functions and game compatibility would be good.

  • Sony seem to get the biggest hate in the world for delaying something. I remember in March 2006 when the world turned its back on Sony when they announced the PS3 wouldn’t be out in Japan in Spring 2006. Now they delay a driving game that nobody had preordered (show me your receipt if you did) and the same crybabies show their faces again. Absolutely pathetic.

  • @8 the hates not about the delay, its how late they announced it. With less than a month till launch, suddenly realising they need till next year to finish the game seems stupid, to the extent that it seems like they are lying and knew earlier and was tricking us. If they announced this a month or two ago no one would mind as much. Also no one pre ordered it as they just bought ps plus subscriptions instead, many might of held off purchasing one if they knew driveclub wouldnt be out this year.

  • Oh and back on topic knack looks awesome and I hope it sells well, ill prob buy a copy when ps4 games are back to prices of ps3 games.

  • Tricking us? Really? You Realy believe that? You really think that the people who didn’t have PS+ before PS4 was announced then went and subbed because of a stripped down Driveclub? Not the fact that PS4 needed PS+ for online MP support (not including F2P)?

    It continues to amaze me the theories that gamers come up with. Driveclub will not be finished in time, that is the end of it. There’s no under handed motives, no trying to trick us, just an underestimation of how much work was involved to get it out of the door. It will still come and it will still be on PS+, that really is all there is too it.

    As for Knack, it’s one of my mosted wanted titles. Can’t wait to play it with the lil’un :)

  • Well these PS4 insights are well timed on the back of that Driveclub delay.

    Knack looks excellent though, first game I’ll play, if it doesnt get delayed….

  • I get the feeling your trying to impress us with the stuff we are left with in light of recent delays etc. I understand things happen but its still a bummer and rather sudden this close to launch day.
    I’m not too excited about Knack its not really my cup of tea and paying up to £60….Ouch! but i may still take a look eventually. Why people think you are able to just give it away free as a plus replacement in beyond me and quite laughable. What may be a good idea is adding a third PS3 game back for November only since Drive Club is now delayed i suspect a lot of very whining entitled people will be stamping there feet about now.

  • Does Knack have online co op or is it offline co op only? Really looking forward to playing this.

    • Knack’s co-op mode is offline, not online. The online support comes in with you being able to see what items your friends have found in secret chests to give you more ways to complete your gadget and relic collections.

  • I just don’t ‘feel’ the game. The story parts look nice but lack fun. Where R&C have me grinning from ear to ear this seams all so series.
    Then we get the game part that looks and feels completely disconnected from the movie part and doesn’t look next gen at all. Again when you compare it to the vast worlds of R&C this looks boring.
    To top it of we got a main character that doesn’t look or sound the part.
    I’m not saying this isn’t a fun game but it sure doesn’t sell it.

  • @11 All Im saying it seems stupid with less than a month to go to suddenly realise you need till next year, a week or two i could understand. It makes it seems like they should have already known by now that it needs a delay. Telling people this late might seem like a trick as people have already put down deposits etc for ps4 based on the announced line up. Not saying that definitely has happened, this just could give off that feeling to some people. If they explained that suddenly a program started to not work that sent them back a few months, or they decided to add a big new feature more people would understand why its gone from less than a month to next year.

    And yeah of course people did cause thats an extra (and cheap) AAA for launch. People could have put off that cost til year, a lot of people can live without multi player (myself included).

    Anyway enough driveclub, I hope Knack continues this years great run of platformers: Guacamelee, thomas was alone, rayman, pupeteer

  • Really sounds COOL;) Now if only SONY could get Crash Bandicoot on the PS4:P

  • @9 As dogwalker4000 said, I agree. The ONLY reason you would have bought Plus was for DriveClub? No? Then why say it. I don’t think its a problem when you are the only one with it.

  • @16 “Anyway enough driveclub”. Then don’t bring it up or reference the delay again like a child.

  • What is the reason why we cannot pre-order this or other PS4 titles from the PSN store, but our American cousins can?

  • Iv’e only heard/seen pretty mediocre things about this title so far, it looks okay but the God of War style combat throws me right off, combine that with the bad voice acting of the main character and it’s a major turn off.
    Hope it does well though, but i’m gonna wait out for reviews for it.

  • Enjoyed my time with Knack at the EG Expo, pre ordered on the back of that.

    Quick question, do you have a rough estimate of the games length?

  • @Daniel Brooke, i must of read something wrong then! Thanks for confiming it though, and yes the local coop mode is a massive draw for me as i can play it with my son. Day 1 purchase for me.

  • The game looks really good and I look forward to playing it someday. I do love co-op in games but to hear it’s offline only is very disappointing. Not all of us have a family member/friend that comes round to join in. I play alone at home so I want co-op to be online too so I can play with my friends.

    Would have been nice for it to support the camera too. After all we need games to be supporting it. After all what would even be the point of having the camera if most games don’t use it

    p.s. Hope there is no trophies for co-op unless it is online co-op as I want a platinum for my PS4 games and there will be no chance of that in offline co-op. Only time I would play the game is in a different account just for the fun

  • The price of the PS4 in Brazil is theft! What justifies the XBox One that is also imported to be cheaper than the PS4? Sony you are mercenaries!!

  • Knack is definitely my favourite launch title, and will definitely be my first PS4 game, most recently for a huge mystery that seems to have come about: what is the Doctor’s actual name?

  • This is the game am looking forward to the most of the launch titles. It reminds me of the old days ps one games like. Crash bandicoot,spyro the dragon. We need more games like this

  • reply@22

    i read some where it was around 12 hours to 15 hours. But it really depends how you play

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