Velocity Ultra is teleporting onto PlayStation 3 this year

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FuturLab and Curve Digital are delighted to announce that they are working to bring the critically acclaimed PlayStation Vita title, Velocity Ultra, to PlayStation 3 in full HD later this year. Brought to you by Curve’s in-house development team, the PS3 version will run at full HD resolutions and retain all the features beloved by fans of the PS Vita version.


One of the highest rated PS Vita games of all time, Velocity Ultra is a mix of vertical shooter and puzzle game that blends elements of traditional spaceship shooters with a clever teleportation mechanic. It’s all about speed, quick reflexes and fast decisions, set to a pumping electronic soundtrack.


The PS3 version of Velocity Ultra will share its trophies and leaderboards with the PS Vita version, so fans will be able to pick up the adventure in glossy HD and start chasing new highscores right away.


“I’m genuinely proud of what we achieved with Velocity Ultra.” said James Marsden, Managing Director of FuturLab. “We poured our creative heart and soul into this game, and it’s fantastic to be working with Curve to bring the game to more players.”

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  • Great!! One of the best Vita games I’ve played.
    I’ll pick it up again on the PS3 for sure!

  • So, question time.

    Is this going to be a cross-buy title?

    Will we get the trophies again when we first boot it up on PS3, will we have to earn them again, or will it have a shared trophy list with the PS Vita version? (As in, we can’t get more trophies)

    It says in the article that it’ll share its trophies with the PS3 version, but I just wanted to make sure.

  • Sony are keeping you guys busy! And you guys are great at keeping secrets!

  • Ah, FuturLab. It’s worth purchasing their games just to seem them brag about it on Twitter. :p

  • Man you guys are great. I’ll be getting this one day 1.

  • Is that an Xbox controller in the bottom photo?

  • It lost something for me when you gave it HD graphics. I far preferred the graphics of the PSP Mini original. Everything just has a weird cardboard like quality in the HD graphics. The pixel art original just looked more convincing somehow.

    • Hello!

      We transitioned away from pixel art for two reasons:

      1) Pixel art is fast becoming like Vinyl; really attractive to a niche audience, and an irrelevance or even a turn off for many. The longer time goes on, the more obscure pixel art will become.

      2) Pixel art was not our first choice on the minis version. We have a studio art style that can be seen in full use in Velocity 2X (, but we didn’t have the resources available to reach that level of fidelity on the original game. We chose to make a break from Pixel art on Velocity Ultra to give our newly team a chance to practice the house style, ready for Velocity 2X.

      Hope that makes sense!


  • @OAP_Yaster

    yes it is and its a wired one which is used by many as a pc gamepad these days.

    move along nothing to see here.

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