Pick up Ratchet & Clank Nexus next month, get Quest for Booty free

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Pick up Ratchet & Clank Nexus next month, get Quest for Booty free

Ratchet and Clank Nexus

Hey everyone. Ratchet and Clank Nexus, the duo’s latest adventure, comes packed with classic platforming gameplay, an all-new story, and loads of new gadgets and weapons. Best of all, it will only set you back €29.99 RRP!

To sweeten the deal even more, we’re including a free download of our first downloadable game from the Future saga – Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty. If you missed that adventure, you’ll be able to check it out now for free. An option called Disc Benefits will automatically appear on your XMB once you have downloaded R&C Nexus from PS Store or inserted the disc in the console. You only have to select it and hit download. Easy!

With the game almost done, we’re in the middle of working on a bunch of cool content that you’ll see in the next few weeks leading to launch. Next up? A video showing off a good portion of Ratchet’s arsenal, including some we haven’t announced yet. To whet your appetite, I wanted to give you this little tease, showing off one of our fan favourite weapons. That’s right – Mr. Zurkon is BACK, but this time he’s bringing the family along.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

One last thing before I head off. Unfortunately the game’s EU release has slipped a week and it will now hit stores on 20th November 2013 (21st November in Spain; 22nd November in UK and Ireland).

That’s all for now. As always, for all the latest on Insomniac and Nexus, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook .

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  • This post reminded me that i’m still waiting for my code for Ratchet: Gladiator from the Q-Force Vita stuff that happened. Is that still on the way? Or should I contact support :)

  • I am missing my code too, Ben, and Fred told me to log into the UK forum. I have done so, and am now waiting on the code.
    Have you signed in there yet?

  • Guys, I was also missing my code, and contacted PlayStation phone support – they added the game to my account directly, into my downloads, just popped in and downloaded with no issue!

    Quickest path to some Ratchet Gladiator goodness right there :)

  • Oh, I hadn’t done that yet! I signed in, and then sent an email to support just to be safe. Thanks!

  • Well, Watch Dogs was just pushed back about half a year, so I suppose I can wait just 1 more week for this game. I just hope Ratchet and Clank: Nexus will be a great game, so we can end the PS3 R&C era on a high note. Speaking of which, I hope we’ll see some great, full-length, Ratchet and Clank games on PS4 as well.

  • IS there going to be pre-order on the store ?

  • Any chance of a trophy patch for quest for booty? I know its a long shot, but a man can dream right?

  • Very generous of you guys for giving us a free game with this. :D Does this free game only come to those that pre-order or does every copy have it?

    I wished it didn’t slip a week as that means will need to rush a little faster to finish it before the PS4 get’s released. :( But still, happy to get it! :D

    I would also like to know if there is a trophy patch for quest for booty too. :D

    And why still no UK price? Is it really £20 or will it be £25?

  • Totally thought this was coming to Vita, guess not, that’s kind of a bummer! Some day maybe!

  • V_Ben

    Fred has been sorting it out for us. Look at the last page of the recap.

    Did you log in to playstation forums? They were sent from there.

    You best bet it to wait until Sunday and ask Fred.

  • Y’know this would be a great offer if not for the fact that almost all Ratchet fans will already have Q4B :(

    Whats the chance for HD remasters of Size matters or Secret Agent Clank?

  • 22nd November there is something else happening that day I just can’t put my finger on, at least I already have the day off for it.

  • This Game ‘WILL BE’ the best thing that comes out in the UK on the ’22nd November’ to do with Gaming :D I can’t wait :P

  • Don’t covers look so much better without the age rating in the corner?

  • Well now I have another reason to pick up Nexus early even though I haven’t played a Crack in Time yet. Only just got into the Ratchet series but I’m loving it so far.

  • Wasn’t quest for Booty the second in the series after Tools Of Destruction? Also Aren’t they only called ‘Future’ in the US? I assume this was a copy and paste. I will be picking this up. I loved tools and Crack in time. Please never make All4One style ratchet games again. They were awful.

    22nd November is not good for me at all. I have a pre-order for the Zelda 3DSXL and A link Between worlds (£235) then the week after I am picking up my PS4 with AC IV and Killzone. I know it’s only £25 but that is a lot when your expenditure nears £700. :/

  • I got my Gladiator code when I was supposed to, so you can assume that I know what I’m talking about. As part of Sony saying sorry everyone recieved a download code for Motorstorm RC about 6 months ago. If you didn’t get a code for that, then don’t expect one for Gladiator. You needed to activate the disc benefits a long time ago – in my case Christmas Day last year – so if you activated it or a few months ago in the case of getting a free copy of Gladiator then I’m sorry to say that you’re not going to get what you want.

  • I’ve already got QfB, and it’s not one of the better R&C games. It takes about 4 hours, has 6 weapons and 4 planets, it’s really nothing special.
    In answer to link1983, yes this is second in the swcond trilogy (called the future trilogy in the US). It goes between Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time.

  • Mixed feelings. Excited to finally see traditional R&C, disappointed to learn it’s not a full length R&C but more of a standalone DLC like Quest for Booty.. You guys had better be working on a full length PS4 R&C! :p

  • I’m looking forward to this and I’m glad it’s a proper Ratchet & Clank game as All4One and Q-Force were poor. It’s nice that your giving away Quest for Booty for free while it’s a short game I really enjoyed I’ll still be keeping my disc copy of Quest For Booty.

  • It’s nice of Insomniac to do this, it’s not often that developers include a previous game in the series for free. Could the price in £ be added in to this post though? Not everywhere uses euros.

  • Why isn’t this on the psn store :<

  • TROPHY’s? I only play games with trophy’s: then you know that you figured out the WHOLE game (not extra bought DLC’s: hate that)

    I would also like to know if there is a trophy patch for quest for booty too!?

  • Can I play this without playing the future trilogy? Or is it just confusing?

  • I didn’t get my code from signing into the forums…
    Bet something goes wrong with the Q4B promotion too ;)

  • There is isn’t going to be a trophy patch for Quest for Booty guys so stop asking. Insomniac games said over 5 years ago that Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty and Resistance 1 will not be getting trophy patches. They are too busy with newer games.

  • @ Fred… Hi, Sorry to go off topic. I posted a message to you at the bottom of the last weekend debate thread. Any chance you could take a look. Thanks m8 :-)

  • Off topic as well sorry, but Fred can you please have someone look into the Limbo issue in the sale threads. Surely you can’t sell something as crossbuy then revoke those licenses, so I’m guessing there is a bug in trying to extort new customers into buying both versions in a sale?

  • @Fred: Could you shed some light on the Limbo issue? From Playdead’s own site:

    05.06.2013 LIMBO on PS Vita

    As we’re closing in on the 3 year anniversary of LIMBO, the game is finally available for PS Vita. It looks, feels and plays great on handheld devices and together with the talented people at Double Eleven, we’ve made sure that the PS Vita version stays true to the experience of the original game.

    We are also happy to announce that the game supports PlayStation’s Cross Buy feature, meaning that if you buy the PS Vita version of LIMBO, you’ll get the PS3 version for free and vice-versa!

  • @ Fred…. Cheers for the reply, much appreciated. Its cause receiving parcels at my property can be a right pain. Thanks again.

  • Is this offer only from buying from the store or does the boxed version also get it??

    Also any idea how much the UK price will be?

  • Already have Quest For Booty but looking forward to Nexus way more than anything on the new consoles cos I love these games (there’s pretty much nothing on the PS4 I want so far…inFamous perhaps but not worth paying out for a whole new machine for). Still trying to platinum Ratchet: Gladiator and going to go back to complete the trophies on Q-Force and All4One.

    I’d like another All4One actually. I had a lot of fun playing that in multiplayer with friends. One of the most enjoyable co-operative gameplay experiences I’ve had in 30 years of gaming and actually quite enjoy it on my own too.

  • Wich forums I must log in to obtain the code of R&C: Gladiator? I still waiting for the code :S

  • @Fred

    I don’t want to hijack this topic, but I have to.

    About weekend debate prize… Which method you use when you ship it? Courier or regular post? If regular post can I have the tracking code and if courier… The courier needs my phone number, because I live in block of flats and the door is closed, so there is no way they can get in and deliver it. I have had issues with couriers, because they can’t access the building and because they can’t access it they mark the package as “Unable to deliver” and they send it back to you guys…

    I emailed one guy in forum regarding to this, but I never received an answer, so please do answer, this worries me..

  • @ andrewsqual: Let’s make Quest for Booty HD: then it gets trophy’s, *lol*. Busy with other games: so, it so match work to @ trophy’s? Does games with trophy’s not sell better?… i am not buying it

  • Thank you so much Fred! Got the code.
    (I haven’t actually used it yet, not at home, but I have it :D )

    Really looking forward to this. I got Q4B as a freebie from the Welcome Back package though.

    Quick question: Will Into the Nexus have a platinum trophy or not? I’m excited either way :)

  • Will pre-order later on Amazon this game(i can’t wait) + I really, really, really hope they do a PS4 R&C game in the future :P

    + I just looked on the ‘PlayStation forum’ & my ‘R&C:Gladiator’ code was on there :P (thanks SONY) ;)

    + To find the forum goto –

    (& make sure your signed in of course)

    & look at the top right of the page & you should see a Envelope & press on that & hopefully the code will be there;)

  • The front cover is gorgeous btw.

    Just out of interest, will this code be available forever, or will I have to get it next month? The title and the article make me think different things. (The article makes it sound like you’ll be able to download it whenever you get the game, the title makes it sound like you need to get it next month)

  • Really looking forward to this! :) As regards to my Ratchet Gladiator code, I logged into the forum yesterday around this sort of time and still yet to see anything :/

  • EUs slipped AGAIN?! Seriously?! Sigh, really thought SCEE would of learned their lesson after the debacle R&C Gladiator was! Well congrats guys, you have just caused the biggest R&C fan out there to cancel his preorder! So sick of SCEE treating their fans like this.
    US get treated like royalty and we get the crumbs if were lucky! Keep this up and I’ll be canceling my ps4 preorder and going Xbox one exclusive next gen!

  • Not really excited about this since I already bought the physical version of it when it came. Could I get something else? Fat chance I know but you got to try to ask anyway.
    I could use some Q-Force wink, wink.

  • Is germany not getting the preorder bonus for this game?
    I wanted to preorder at Amazon but no preorder bonus is mentioned.
    In UK Amazon has it listed.

  • I have to ask are the US and EU versions of Nexus different?

    Because here the blog sais you can get QFB through Disc Benefits, but over on the US Blog is sais its through a Voucher code. Kind of confusing really, especially since IGN and some places only report stuff from the US blog even on the UK site.

  • @ Fred
    I got the code for the previous free game because i own ratchet FFA, and i checked my mail inbox on the forum but cant find the code to ratchet gladiator :( help

  • Same here @Fred. I logged into that forum 2 days ago and have been checking, still yet to receive the code :(

  • Hi,
    I haven’t received a code for Gladiator download. I bought Q-Force day 1, played (and got the platinum trophy) soon after, and also got the code for Motocross back when that was distributed, but still no Gladiator code. :(
    Who is best to contact about this?

  • All retailers have the release date listed as the 15th November – The blog post says it’s delayed by a week.

    Which is it?

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