The Last of Us – Abandoned Territories Map Pack and patch 1.05 available tomorrow

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The Last of Us – Abandoned Territories Map Pack and patch 1.05 available tomorrow

Our first DLC for The Last of Us launches tomorrow when the PlayStation Store updates. Want to see it in action now? Here it is:

You can buy the Abandoned Territories Map Pack for £7.99/€9.99 stand-alone or, if you’re looking for a great value, the map pack is included in the £15.99/€19.99 The Last of Us Season Pass. We recently detailed our future plans for all Season Pass DLC and the 75% savings you’ll get by purchasing one. The Season Pass will be available for a limited time so grab it via the PlayStation Store or at your local game retailer today.

We’ve also patched certain aspects of the game. In fact we re-doubled our patch version 1.04 efforts decided to skip straight to 1.05. You can hear about the major changes via Patch 1.05 in this video:

If you want to see all changes with Patch 1.05, here’s our list. Patch 1.05 will be rolling out globally over the next 24 hours.


Abandoned Territories Map Pack DLC

  • DLC playlist added for each game type. This includes both the retail maps and the DLC maps, but the DLC maps should appear much more frequently in the vote.


  • Fixed an issue where players on the winning team would occasionally get fully crafted items or machetes from caches, while players on the losing team would get incorrect items.
  • Players should no longer get comeback weapons (pre-crafted molotovs / bombs / purchase weapons) when they are winning by more than a small margin.
  • Fixed the consistency of comeback weapons spawning- there should be less comeback weapons in close matches and more consistent spawning in severely unbalanced matches. Once a player receives comeback weapons, however, they will not receive them again until a certain amount of progress has occurred in the match.
  • 2×4 Spawning logic has been adjusted in Supply Raid and Interrogation:
    • Fixed a bug where it would occasionally be impossible for a player to receive a 2×4 in a game.
    • Reworked the initial 2×4 spawning logic to make the first 2×4 spawn a bit later to balance the escalation of the match.
    • Lowered the overall number of potential 2x4s that could spawn in a match by including weighting based on match progress.
  • The additional hit on modded melee weapons has been moved from Brawler Level 1 to Level 2, and the health gain from melee hits moved from Level 2 to 1.
  • Added a Parts bonus for late joiners, based on when you join a match in progress. This bridges the gap between players who started from the beginning of the game and might have a Parts advantage over the late joiner.
  • When late-joining beyond the first 2 minutes that match will no longer count towards any clan progress or missions.
  • Fixed an issue on Checkpoint and Lakeside that had locations where some items could not be picked up.
  • Made a fix to prevent players from being able to climb the tilted flag pole on the High School map.
  • Fixed an issue with level graphics dropping out on The Dam.

Interrogation Mode Fixes

  • Games no longer end in ties unless both teams are on the same section of the unlocking process. If one team has more interrogations than the other, that team will win the match.
  • The additional parts bonus for winning by a large margin is only awarded when the lockbox is fully unlocked. Otherwise only the standard win bonus is awarded.
  • Killcard now correctly describes whether your character was executed or interrogated.
  • Fire on the ground (from a Molotov) now damages the player when they attempt to unlock the lockbox and will properly interrupt the unlock process.
  • Sounds have been added to the Interrogation animation
  • Fixed a bug where the end-of-match music was not playing in Interrogation mode.

Technical Fixes

  • Intro speech should no longer occasionally be heard twice at the start of the game
  • A flashing exclamation mark will be shown on DLC option for when new items are added

Single player:

  • Tweaks to a couple of art assets in the game.

That’s just the start as we’re already working on the next patch. For now, hop online, enjoy the new maps and let’s all endure and survive. See you online!

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21 Author Replies

  • Love the mp but none of my friends play it so I stopped after a week or two.

    Also I refuse to buy maps anymore. I would buy them if we got detailed stats. % of players with them, % of games being played currently using them.

    • It might be worth it to give it a go again. We’ve sold quite a few season passes so the player pool will be a healthy size. Plus we have a separate DLC playlist so you’ll easily find people to play with.

  • How many DLC Trophies?

  • please tell us the price of separate SP DLC…don’t want to spend 16€ on season pass……

    • It’ll be different for each region. It’ll be less than the Season Pass but you’ll be getting a TON more value with the Season Pass.

  • I’m not buying any DLC until censorship is rolled back, and the edited content re-instated.

    • We’ve spoken about this. The gameplay isn’t affected in any way and the changes were made to account for regional needs.

  • Will any patch fix the trophy bugs? I’m holding out for a patch for that before I truly start this.

  • Eric, just a question will you be dropping a massive trophy patch like you guys did on Uncharted 3 as it annoyed me greatly to see my 100% turn to 55% so quickly >_> and was wondering if the same is going to happen again?

    If you are planning it could you tell us which ones your planning to link with the trophies (ones you can tell us of course)? And if they are going to be retroactive?

    • We’ll pass along updated trophies information when we have figured out what the trophies will be. It shouldn’t be a huge drop. Trophies will not likely be retroactive.

  • More value? For the US maybe. I don’t see any GORE option included with the EU/UK Season pass. I’m not paying more for getting less!
    This is scam!

    • For all regions the season pass includes a ton more content. We’ve spoken about the issue you raise and the gameplay isn’t affected in any way.

  • The gameplay IS affected as I have LESS fun and there’s NO regional needs to CENSOR our countries. STOP discriminating us! Make gore a DLC option for GERMANY and maybe AUSTRALIA as there are the ONLY countries that may force you to censor the game!

    • What gameplay aspects do you see as affected? It’s not just those regions that have regulations. Every region has their own set of regs.

  • Thanks Eric for the responce! :D

    I’ll purchase this now to show my support of an amazing game :)

  • Do’h! I mean tomorrow xD

  • I concur. The censorship is unacceptable. Germany and Australia, fair enough… but the rest of Europe? No.

    As for the patch list… it’s phenomenal, but one thing is notably absent – a fix for the burst rifle miscalculating damage against body armour. Also, the lobby is a nightmare – On UC3 you could see who your friends were playing with, how big their party was etc. On TLOU you have to spam everyone with invites and mess about sending loads of PMs. Very frustrating.

    Until those technical and censorship issues are sorted, I can’t justify the spend.

  • @Eric – in response to your question re: censorship, it *does* affect gameplay in my opinion. It’s much easier to keep track of the battlefield situation when you have the visual feedback of gore etc. Sometimes I hear other players using one of those animations as a reference point, i.e. ‘near the guy with injury x’ – yet I’m unable to see it.

    Speaking of visual feedback, it is much easier to spot nailbombs when you’re a Firefly because of the colour scheme. The blue doesn’t stand out anywhere near as much.

    • Not really seeing how the animations affect gameplay as you mention them since there’s nothing you can do once a finishing execution starts but interesting point on the nailbomb I’ll take it to the team.

  • I’ve posted in your forums. Any replies (even if it is a flat out “we cant patch this.”) would be greatly appreciated :) I look forward to playing the game either way.
    Thanks for suggesting the forums in your previous reply :)

  • A good example is the machete. In interrogation it’s not fun to use at all because you can’t use the machete special executions as you are performing Interrogation executions instead. So I prefer to use the machete in the other 2 currently available modes. The only reason to use a machete over a modded 2×4 currently is because it’s special executions are fun to watch, not because it’s the better choice. Now in the censored version the Military Sniper or Shotguns aren’t fun to use in any mode as heads will never “explode”. It may not affect the gameplay directly but I enjoy the game less because of that. It’s it about having fun in the end?

  • *It is about having fun in the end after all, isnt it? Fun>gameplay

    Eric Monacelli:
    “It’s not just those regions that have regulations. Every region has their own set of regs.”
    Exactly, so why does EVERY country get the SAME censored version then? Is SCEE so greedy they can’t even afford to release the gore as DLC for the countries that DON’T have these restrictions?

    • These changes were made at the discretion of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe out of respect for cultural variance across the PAL regions.

  • Spartacus Legends F2P game by Ubisoft sets an great example as it has gore and is uncensored for every country, available as a free download in the SCEE PSN store while only the GERMAN version costs €6,99 as PSN cards act as 18+ restriction in this country anyway! Can you explain why the same CAN’T be done for TLOU as well?

  • Glad that interrogation should result in fewer ties now, it was always frustrating to have a lockbox 2/3rds unlocked when the other team had never reached yours and still be told its a tie.

    Any chance a hardcore mode will get patched in soon? I want to play a round that doesn’t involve everyone just repeatedly buying armour.

  • Will you reveal the Single Player DLC details in the coming weeks?
    I hope you don’t sell us something like a “real” or “complete” ending as DLC like others did in the past.

  • Hi there – I’m sure you guys are already aware of issues with some of the cut scenes…(?) It’s crashing my system; and it seems to happen on different ones each new patch update. It’s not every cut scene, and it’s been a while since it happened to me, but today it did during the Bill’s Town cut scene when they’ve reached the car.

    Anywho, I can still play it so it’s not a huge deal (and I’ve seen the cutscenes now.. hmmm… seven times #obsessed. So I know what’s going on, just the chugging noise and crashing of the system makes me a little fearful because TLOU disc is akin to a son to me now.)

    • Hmmmm…that sounds like it might be a hard drive issue. Can you post up specifics to your problem in our forums?

  • i bought season pass, what the hell.

  • if you have any contact with developer, tell them thanks for game + humble request for more sp dlc :)

  • Wow Eric thanks for answering everyones questions.Thats nice of you but I have one question.Whats up with the Gore option people are complaining about.Can you enlighten me.
    PS:I live in europe turkey and how does this effect the gameplay and does it come with the season pass?Im confused

  • I have dozens of EU friends that would be willing to buy the DLC maps, as long as you uncensored PAL copies.

    Too bad you don’t want their money, Mr. Monacelli!

  • Oh ı just found out about this censership thing.
    Well turns out I was always playing the censored version of the game as a european.I watched the usa version gameplay.Its much better and more fun.Please fix this or just add an option to turn it on outside of Australia/Germany.I am verry [DELETED] right now.The mp is awesome but turns out it was even more awesome and I cant experience it.
    I was just buying the season pass but I came to this post to check the patch notes.
    Im not buying the season pass until you can confirm that this will be removed.You cant limit my experience and this game is rated 18+ already.There are tons of games out there gorier than the last of us for eg: god of war 3 as I listed above.Please I love this game but this isn`t acceptable.I love blood and violence in video games

  • Thanks for the reply Eric.

  • Eric: “Not really seeing how the animations affect gameplay as you mention them since there’s nothing you can do once a finishing execution starts but interesting point on the nailbomb I’ll take it to the team”

    Put simply, it’s much easier to tell whether someone has been ‘popped’ with the military sniper at range – especially when it’s a team-mate using said sniper against the same target you’re shooting at. Without the effect, it’s hard to distinguish sniper headshots from pistol-lag-kills.

    Furthermore, the ‘gibs’ give a clear visual indication of the manner in which someone was killed. This is strategically significant.

    Visual aspects and artistic integrity aside, we were lead to believe we were pre-ordering a different product to the one we actually received, and _that_ is what irks me. If we’d been told about the censorship beforehand, we could have made informed purchases. Instead, many of us regret buying the game at all – myself included. Obviously you have an obligation to defend the product, but I bet you’d feel a little let-down if you were stuck with it.

  • My region needs freedom to get the game as meant to be played like I’ve seen on youtube. It’s the reason I didn’t bought the game yet. I’ll pick it up second hand at Gamestop when I visit the US this December.
    I’m really angry Sony is deciding what adult gamers in EU are allowed to see. They crap on my freedom where people fought hard to get that freedom.

  • Regarding censorship. It is not Naughty Dog’s fault, It was SCEE for their stupid policy. Why couldn’t Sony make two versions for Europe? One for Germany and one for non-voliated countries. Censorship is stopping me getting this great game. I mean here’s this, every time a certain SCE game gets censored for Germany, rest of Europe suffers the same thing. =(

  • Always wanted some additional content for the multiplayer, Thanks a lot guys ! I’ll be waiting for it.

  • Thankyou for the time spent replying to the comments Eric. It is appreciated!

  • @Eric Clearly we see the situation differently, and there’s nothing wrong with that – I’m mature enough to respect your opinions. That said, it’s evident from the sheer volume of customer objections that a lot of people feel similiarly misled – and *any* removal of content, no matter how small, is bound to make the affected party feel ‘left-out’.

    I’ll finish by saying that the game is undeniably a masterpiece, and I have no desire to detract from ND’s triumph, but it’s not the product that pre-release interviews led many of us to believe. Transparency in such matters would make it much easier to support future ND projects with confidence and make informed purchases.

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss the matter – your input is appreciated and I hope I don’t come across like a ‘Pittsburg Welcome’ ;)

  • I also won’t be purchasing any DLC while the censorship is in place. Even if it was SCEE, it should have been transparent from the start so we could make an informed choice.

  • PLEASE tell me that there will be a “Find Match (DLC, No Teams)” option in the final patch! You can’t do that to me! Can you? Are you that cruel?

    The devs should try it for a while, go public alone, choose “find match”, not the no team option, choosing Supply Raid for example which I like more. You will ALWAYS be facing a group of perfectly organized, headset using, roaming in full squad killing machine. While your own team ALWAYS consists of 100% mute berzerkers that cannot run fast enough alone back to where they died seconds ago. If DLC means you can only have it that way then I will deeply regret getting the season pass. :(

  • I bought the seasonal pass but when I go to dlc it says no items available. Im in south africa, do we not get the new maps?

  • My question pertains to the new customization items. I’m currently at 42,000~ parts roughly, and apparently I’m supposed to get to 50,000 to use the new items? What’s up?

  • @Planetjumble – If you’re coming up against decent players with communication skills on mode, take the opportunity to chat with them in the pre-game lobby, friend up and head over to team mode – that’s where the real fun is. TLoU is all about camaraderie!

  • Peddling the Season Pass…

    Im buying the season pass because this game was very well done. From the unique player actions, to crafting weapons, and the overall solid gameplay.

    These developers deserve the extra 9 bucks because hopefully they will invest it into another great |Naughty Dog Title even when im still sore from UC3 pass sizzling out far too early.

  • As far as the trophy glitches I would be happy to list some trophy glitches that I have personally experienced.

    Collectibles: I have heard of many different glitches concerning the collectibles but the ones I have experienced worked out in my favor.
    I got the Firefly Pendent trophy “Look for the Light” before I had found all of the Firefly Pendants. I also already have the “Scavenger” trophy for finding all the collectibles even though I haven’t found all the artifacts or training manuals and do not have the trophies for them.

    Difficulty trophies: I beat the game on hard on my first playthrough but did not get the “No Matter What – Easy” trophy. I had to replay the final chapter in order to get it.

    Multiplayer: Both the “Populace” and the “Knowing the Basics” trophies are glitched. I got my clan size to 50+ without “Populace” popping. After losing many clan members and then getting over 40 for the second time the trophy finally popped. I had played and won in both game modes dozens of times before getting the “Knowing the Basics” trophy. Something about this glitch is related to whether you are the host or not. Apparently, you have to win in both game modes as the host before this trophy will pop.

  • @Bovrillor: with family and job I have to fit the gaming into a tight schedule and can’t do this kind of stuff on a regular basis anymore. I was into clan based online gaming when I was younger though, in the late 90s, I know what I am missing. :)

  • i only have one complaint that idk why non of these other people really bring up is if your gonna make a modern zombie game why did you not include an online zombie mode? other than that beautiful game i highly respect your guy’s game making capabilities. also thank the lord i live in u.s. gore is so beautiful

  • Dear and most beloved Eric and ND, as a The Last Of Us High level player it is very alarming to me that the gore pack has been removed as it takes not only from me, but from the other players too, the satisfaction from using a action in the MP that would trigger a gore CS. The players such as myself feel cheated by not having it to watch anymore on the new maps. The players want it back as not having it in game makes it feel like a most impressive movie that had its raw reality removed and potential edited out. It doesn’t suite the world of TLOU and takes away the raw brutality of the environment. Please, please reinstate the gore CS’s. Its what the loyal fans like myself and many others want. As always, you guys make the best titles Sony has ever seen. Keep it up!

  • About the gore.

    Is SP censored as well. And if not, why?

  • I have the seasonpass but i can’t find the dlc anywhere, it should be out by now right?

    When i go to dlc this shows up:’no items avaiable’

    So where can i get this abandoned territories map pack?

  • I don’t why people are getting so bent out of shape about this gore issue, I mean i played the whole game about 7 times though now and wasn’t aware of this as an issue, for me I don’t see how this affects gameplay in any regards, come on people the game is about the story of Ellie and Joel getting where they need to go not about how much gore they see T_T.

  • dont see why these guys are getting so much flack, TLOU is easily one of the greatest games on the ps3 and the MP is awesome. i usually hate MP modes as they seem just tacked on so gamers can get a few more hours out of the product but ND got it just right. i mean this is a game where you slam a plank of wood with a nail in to someones head and these guys want more blood?

  • @Shad0wmanJack If you launch the game and head into Mp and go to find match click on find match dlc and the option to download or buy it should work, hope this helps.

  • When late-joining beyond the first 2 minutes that match will no longer count towards any clan progress or missions

    Oh my… I might have to get back to multiplayer now. The reason I stopped playng this game was because it annoyed the hell out of me being dumbed in a game, a game that was close to ending, and put on the losing team and it ruin my clan missions

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