PlayStation Store update: Malicious Rebirth, Worms Revolution Extreme, more

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PlayStation Store update: Malicious Rebirth, Worms Revolution Extreme, more

This week on PlayStation Store, take on action-packed boss battles in Malicious Rebirth. Malicious Rebirth adds a new sequel episode to the PS3 original, featuring new enemies to encounter and destroy. Now you’ll be able to enjoy short bursts of boss mode type action on the go.

Sticking with the theme of destruction, Team-17 brings Worms Revolution Extreme to PS Vita. The first appearance for the franchise on the handheld, it retains the series’ classic gameplay, with an extensive single player campaign to play through and of course, online multiplayer!

Ending the week’s round up, there’s still the Out of Control and Lego sales to get involved with if you haven’t already, and a new All-Stars Island sale with even more stuff on offer. Come back next week where we’ll have another round of discounts to share.

New PlayStation Network content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PlayStation Plus

Worms Crazy Golf – 75% off for PS Plus members (ends Tuesday 22nd October 2013)

PS3 games

Air Conflicts: Vietnam
Price: £31.99/€39.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in Croatia, India, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE

Battle Of Tiles Ex (trial available)
Price: £9.89/€12.49
Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand

Dishonored Game Of The Year Edition (available from 11th October)
Price: £29.99/€39.99
PEGI: 18
Availability: Not available in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine

Dragon’s Crown (available from 11th October) – 10% PS Plus launch discount
Price: £39.99/€49.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Russia

Orc Attack (Trial available)
Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Russia

Pinballistik Aliens’n’Cowboys
Price: £2.39/€2.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand

Price: £11.99/€14.99
PEGI: 16

Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge (available from 11th October)
Price: £29.99/€39.99

PS Vita games

Dragon’s Crown (available from 11th October) – 10% PS Plus launch discount
Price: £34.99/€39.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Russia

Malicious Rebirth
Price: £9.99/€12.99
PEGI: 12

Worms Revolution Extreme
Price: £11.99/€14.99
PEGI: 12

PS mobile

Dark Quest
Price: £3.39/€4.29

Zen Accumulator
Price: £2.59/€3.29


Castle Crashers

Price: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar,

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

Price: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: Not available in Russia

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

Availability: Not available in Russia

Dust 514

Price: £15.99/€19.99

Dynasty Warriors 8

Availability: Not available in Russia

Injustice Gods Among Us

Price: Free

Tales Of Xillia

Price: £5.49/€6.99

Zombie Driver HD

Price: £2.39/€2.99
Availability: Not available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine


Malicious Rebirth

Price: £0.65/€0.79


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

  • Bitterblack Armor Pack (£1.19/€1.49)
  • Edit Options (£0.79/€0.99)
  • Fighter Ring Set (£0.39/€0.49)
  • Mage Ring Set (£0.39/€0.49)
  • Rift King Pack (£1.99/€2.49)
  • Rift Knight Pack (£0.39/€0.49)
  • Rift Queen Pack (£0.79/€0.99)
  • Strider Ring Set (£0.39/€0.49)

Price Drops

Die!Die!Die! (PSVita) – £2.39/€2.99

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7 Author Replies

  • | Worms Crazy Gold – 75% off for PS Plus members (ends Tuesday 22nd October 2013)

    I think you mean Worms Crazy Golf ;)

  • Can i ask why the character DLC for D2:A brighter darkness is not free when it was on the US and the JP stores?

  • Can someone please tell me when Dragons Crown VITA is available on the UK PS Store? I cant find it anywhere and the game is released in shops. So confused about which version to pick up. Wanted to know what the price is on the download version before deciding!

    PS: on the store i can find the ps3 version but no the vita version.

  • Any news on final fantasy x? Thanks

  • Hello Jawad, I am looking for Peggle on the PlayStation store, but I’m unable to find it, as it seems to have ceased to exist.

    Could you please explain how I can buy this game and/or what has happened to it?

    Thank you.

  • I hear that Worms Revolution Extreme on the Vita has frame rate issues. How bad is it?

    I really hate when devs don’t strictly prioritize a smooth playing game. And I’m definitely not supporting it.

  • Jawad i no youhave probably heard this a thousand times, but why is sony taking so long to give us the ultimate sexy dlc for dead or alive 5 ultimate, even Tecmo are wodnering whats happening according to the twitter have you any new info for us? Also the team A, D and O
    packs for dead or alive 5 ultimate on the psn store in the us will we be getting them too? we are disappointed with whats going on can you shed any light on it?

  • Is Dragon’s Crown not getting a digital release this week?

  • 1. Where is Dragon’s Crown for the PS Vita?

    2. Where is Muramasa Rebirth for the PS Vita?


  • I realise EU launch for Dragon’s Crown will be on 11th, but shouldn’t there be a notice in the update? Price, PS+ discount (if there is one), etc. Is it not coming to store this week?

    Also is there a plan for discounted bundle of PS3 and Vita version?


  • Uncharted 2 has not been discounted yet.

  • Is there any chance in the future to see a sale on the DLC for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair ? The main game was on sale about 2-3 weeks ago but not the DLC, it has alot of DLC content but a single map costs like 4 euro alone which is a bit too much and the extra characters cost 2-3 euro each

  • Got that Beyond soundtrack that’s gone unnoticed in the post and getting the Japanese DW8 voiceover (now I need the game :P).

  • For anyone in the UK planning on buying Uncharted 2 digital – don’t, unless you don’t care about the online/trophies because the DLC won’t work with the digital version due to another silly F-up by SCEE.

  • I am still waiting for my Ratchet Gladiator code. Already contacted customer support but they told me to be patient. It has been 2 weeks since a friend of mine got his code, how much longer is it gonna take?

  • WARNING Avoid worms, the frame rate is terrible. Even moving worms left and right results in frame rate akin to a flipbook. If that isn’t bad enough it looks a terrible mess too. Biggest waste of £12 I’ve ever spent. It’s an insult that they realised it in its current state!!!

  • @Jawad
    Thanks a LOT!! Happy to see the Castle Crashers DLC finally come to PSN in Europe. That is great news and i’ll be coughing up for it asap.

    I though I should mention that Playstation All Stars (Vita) isn’t downloadable on the Australian PSN. Neither is the PSOne classic Vagrant Story. It used to be but yeah..

    Also, I spoke to Konami UK and they expressed interest in bringing Suikoden 1 to AU PSN. Anything we can do to rush that along?

    Regardless, thanks for always being awesome and thanks for the update ^_^

  • Any update on what’s happening with the Ratchet: Gladiator codes situation? I contacted customer support almost 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything back. Some sort of update would be really appreciated.

  • @omisnad thanks for letting me know – I will wait til they fix it

  • Is Orc Attack coming to Vita?

  • Hi Jawad, i hope you’ll reply to this message. Last week i bought “Saints Row 2 Ultimate Edition” since it’s on sale. However, there are no game updates for this game, even if they’re required for the DLC and i got a popup message in the game about that. So, what happened to them?

  • Nothing for me but that’s ok. Got too much to do instead of games anyways and even for when I do get time to play games I want to platinum Ratchet: Gladiator. Got about 60% trophies so far. :D

  • Wait..should not Worms Revolution Extreme be the same price as Malicious? The are both the same price on the US store.

  • Thanks Jawad for the release date of Dragons Crown. A bit disappointing as stores have the boxed copy this week. :(

    Do you have any further information on the digital release? Is it most likely going to be £24.99 or £29.99 or £34.99 or another price? Will it have any PS+ discount on initial release?

    Please any further information you provide will be greatly appreciated, so that i can make my decision now about whether to wait for digital or get the boxed copy.

    Thanks, i look forward to your reply!

  • I am miffed about Malicious, I bought it on PS3 when it came out…what do we get? Nothing….no updated game, no crossbuy, nothing….a bit ripped off, so if you want Malicious on PS3 buy the version we got when it came out on PS3…damned if I am rebuying it again for vita….

  • Those of you that are saying the frame rate is unplayable … reviews say otherwise (taken from

    Furthermore, I was shocked to notice a little slowdown when playing matches with a maximum number of teams. For a console as powerful as the Vita, I find it hard to justify how a game as simple as Worms could have this problem. It’s only very slight, but noticeable to me, as someone who took the same issue with Open Warfare 2 back on the Nintendo DS.

    Loading times are also still a little bit on the long side, especially when sifting through choice of terrain before battles. A little concerning considering the leaps and bounds technology has gone which should now make loading preview maps a breeze.

  • Stupid question maybe but is Beyond: Two Souls coming to PSN anytime soon?

  • Why ain’t the Idolmaster Costume Set free for those owning the 3 costumes?

  • Since I’m not getting through, I’ll repeat myself another week in a row. The Vita store is a mess right now for the following reasons:

    -Sly 4 is listed twice
    -Certain games like LEGO Legends of Chima and Hotline Miami can only be found with the search function
    -PSP games like Elminage Original are in the Vita section

    Whilst I’m talking Vita, any sign of Dragon’s Crown, Dragon Fantasy Book I & II, Toro’s Friend Network, Muramasa Rebirth etc? Hell, even DJ Max would be nice. North America has had most of these games for months.

  • Thanks for the info Jawad roll on next week :D

  • @Omisnad

    That’s what I feared :( I’ll skip Worms on the Vita then. I can’t stand lazy efforts.

    I don’t get why these devs think it’s ok to sell a stuttering mess of a game. Same issue with The Walkind Dead on Vita as well as other titles. Either make a nicely playing game or don’t bother at all. I’m not paying for any more of these lazy efforts if I can help it.

  • why dishonored goty edition unavailable in Russia?

  • Spongebob for me. (That’s “for my daughter” really. Honest)

    Fred mentioned we “might” find out November’s plus games today – including the Vita rotation games – any news on that?

    Actually think his words were “Possibly this week, possibly next week”.

  • @cowbanana, The Walking Dead was a stuttering mess on Xbox and PS3 so the vita port was exactly that, a port.

  • Any word on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus?

  • Again some games not available for Russia, disappointing but expected.

    Is there any plans to add new games to PS2 Classics? Its has not been any for a couple of months.

  • At least we have Disgaea D2 free DLC, I wondered why we didn’t get it from the last week update instead

  • To the people who pre-ordered ‘RAiN’ you can download your Free Dynamic Theme off PSN Store now ;) It’s well nice :P
    (it should show up on your download list)

    + Still no ‘Ratchet Gladiator’ code yet? :(

  • I’ll ask again, any news about valhalla knight 3?

  • Hi Jawad can you tell me when TMNT out of the shadows is getting released , I thought it was meant to be out already , thanks

  • The B2S SOUNDTRACK Is awesome !

  • How can Dragon’s Dogma have all that DLC for sale when most of them still aren’t even out in all the regions that were not on the “not available in” lists? At least the ring sets are out here in Finland, but nothing else is.

  • Just Malicous for me this week. But it’s nice to see Vita is picking up some speed. Dragon’s Crown and Muramasa will be insta-buys too. :)

  • sad to say.. that playstation store US update is always better than playstation store Europe..

    why US always got the AAA title first and EUROPE always getting the game so late?

    i’m so dissapointed why did i invest in EUROPE account :(

    how i wish i can get refund all my games i purchased and transfer my EUROPE account wallet to US account..

    but sad it wont happen :(

  • 1 – Why isn’t Dragon’s Crown out this week?

    2 – Why isn’t Beyond Two Souls available digitally? Is this a result of the GTA V digital installation debacle?

  • Digital Yakuzas, like… now?

    Yakuza localizations… like yesterday?

    Chrono Cross US import like… even earlier?

    Come on, work it!

  • Hi Jawad :) will watch dogs avatars be available on EU ps store too?

  • “Posted on 9 October, 2013 at 3:34 pm by Jawad Ashraf
    Unfortunately it has been removed from PS Store”

    Puddle removed from PS Store, wait what why?

    We got this with PS+ in the IGC, does this mean when one deletes it from the memorycard in PSV, one isn’t able to dl it again aka is it deleted from the download list too?

  • Oh and 15 Euro for Worms is way, way too much.

    I don’t get Team 17 pricing. Superfrog HD was 7.49 Euro and had a PS+ discount to 6,49 Euro or something, and it was cross-buy. Why is this remake so expensive in comparison?

    Still waiting for them to announce Project-X!

  • Just bought “Metal Gear Solid Special Missions” from the local store (Austrian), but it fails to boot up. It keeps giving me the error message “You cannot play this game at the current video output setting. (80028F10)”

    I don’t get it. My video outputting setting is on “Automatic” and all my other PS1 Classics games boot up fine. What’s going on? In the store it clearly says it’s compatible with the PS3.

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