Assassin Creed IV Black Flag: Exclusive PlayStation content showcased, DLC plans detailed

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We’ve got a bunch of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag announcements for you this week PlayStation Assassins! Let’s get right to it with the announcement on our single-player DLC: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag: Freedom Cry!

Over the course of AC4, you will get to know the Jackdaw’s Quartermaster Adewale very well… but in the upcoming downloadable episode Freedom Cry, you will lead him from despair to victory! Captain Edward Kenway knows Adewale to be a trusty and capable deck officer, but what mysterious circumstances led him to the brash and brutal life of a pirate?

You’ll get a peek in AC4, but you’ll get the full story along with what comes after Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag: Freedom Cry! View the video below to learn the incredible backstory…

This forthcoming DLC episode in the saga of AC4 will deliver the following features:

  • An Imposing Assassin: In addition to being an exceptional sailor and pirate, Adewale has become the master of several types of melee weaponry and commands the will to use them.
  • Fight Slavery in 18th Century Haiti: Journey to exotic Port au Prince and rebuild the Maroon resistance using skills honed by Assassin training and fueled by a hunger for justice.
  • All Fear Captain Adewale: Adewale commands the Experto Crede, a daunting brig you’ll be able to customize and strengthen into the terror of the slave trade in the Caribbean!

Purchase the Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Season Pass and get Freedom Cry at no additional cost as well as exclusive ship customisations for Edward Kenway’s Jackdaw, extra single-player missions, weapons, costumes and collectibles… not to mention new characters in AC4’s multiplayer too! All offered at a reduced price.

And finally, we have a video highlighting the awesomeness of working with a great partner like PlayStation, particularly when it comes to creating exclusive content like the Aveline missions for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4! Watch AC4 Game Director Ashraf Ismail discuss the fruits of our close cooperation with PlayStation…

Aveline has quickly become a fan favorite, so we’re delighted to be able to bring more of her story exclusively to PlayStation consoles!

Defy oppression in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag!

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  • I am getting really sick and tired of these developers and publishers that announce Season Passes and DLC a month before the actual game comes out …

    Battlefield 4, Batman: Arkham Origins and now this game aswell. If this is the future of the videogame industry, it’s not looking very good to me :(

  • I did see Aveline DLC list on the Steam page the other day

  • I agree – it should be part of the game, not some money-making scam to get more cash out of everyone.

    Some games now can be completed in under 6 hours, but they charge you full price and then sell you more DLC??

    I vote with my money – which they’re not getting any more :D

  • I’m looking forward to it all really, love the look of the DLC but i’ll wait to get the season pass for it.

  • I’m looking forward to buying this game on PC, greatly discounted, a few months after release. You’ve marketed this game so much here that it’s clear that the gameplay hasn’t evolved one bit. It’s just a great soup of repetitive game mechanics from various Ubi games. I can’t tell your games apart anymore when it comes to gameplay, that’s how stale it’s grown. Is it Far Cry? Is it AC? You tell me, you do exactly the same boring routines in these games.

    I want to see the game world you’ve created though, so I’ll buy that discounted ticked of admission when the price fits the experience.

    DLC? Nah…

  • And that is why I still haven’t played revelations (that and the fact it’s gotten boring and repetitive), and I only played Ac3 because of my subscription on plus without buying any of the dlc’s.

  • Everything Out there is about money. If you don’t like all the season passes the DLC and all the extra content don’t buy it.. Period!! Some gamers think it’s a good idea.

  • Ugh i better wait for Complete edition of Assassins Creed IV with has all dlc packed…just like Assassins creed 3 Washington Edition

  • DLC before they game is released? Again? Seriosly?
    As silly as this may sound, I just cancelled my preorder :S

  • wil not buy overpriced dlc again after part 3

    also tired of dlc them cut out of the game on purpose !!
    3 versions of the game on day 1 more expensife u geth more ????

    Wil not suport dlc if ubisoft not respecting peopel who give 59 € = lots of mony !!!

  • Great news

    I don’t play the multiplayer and the single player dlc looks excellent.

    To all the above. You say it is cut content please prove it.

    I bet most of the dlc is still mostly storyboard stage and will go into full active development once the game goes gold.

  • Lucreto
    very simple =
    normal edition +- 59,99 €= dlc to ps3 version ( free )
    special edition +- 99,99 € same dlc like normale + Sacrificed dlc
    skul edition +-129.99 € even more dlc on day 1
    = cut out of the game very simpel + no respect against onest buyers on console who paying more then pc gamers !

    ac iv black flag sp disk + al dlc please 70€ ( no mp needed )

  • Assassin Creed IV Black Flag! oyun çok güzel seri olarak iyi yapmışlar oyun içi olsun grafik,oynamış çok güzel kölelik konusunu ele alıyorbu güzel birşey köle ticareti olmaması lazım stop the slave trade :)

  • People who spend 70 euros day-one (above all now on a next gen console, that require other 400 euros) should have all the DLCs for free. Instead the rule still is ‘first you buy more you spend’, a complite non sense. Besides, using services like Uplay (that substancially is an online registration) would be really simple give contents and discounts specifically to people who, for example, always buy your AC titles. Also I really hope this time the DLC contents quality will be improved, since the “exclusive Ps3 additional 1 hour” and the others DLCs of AC3 according to me were really poor.

  • I don’t believe this, the games not even out yet but hey buy our game for £40 and pay for more that we should of added in in the first place.

    This is why I always wait for games to come down in price as you just get laughed at by the devs when you buy their games new.
    Give it a year and this game will either be £15 or they will make a GOTY edition with it all on the disc ;)

  • Lousy game series. It has some good gameplay mechanics here and there but then drags it all down with tedious storylines which I felt really hampered any enjoyment I could have got from them (having owned the first game with my original PS3 bundle and ACIII with PS Plus).

  • This DLC looks better than the actual game! This guy should have been lead protagonist!

  • I’ll just wait for the DLC to be in a sale later on, AC III’s DLC was overpriced. Come to think about it, pretty much all DLC is overpriced. I don’t have to look far to find games where all of the DLC put together costs more than the actual game.

    I’m not against DLC since some DLCs (like story DLC) can be very good, but the prices just seem to always stay the same other than in sales and don’t go down in price like retail games do.

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