PlayStation Store charts, September: GTA5 and Killzone Mercenary take top honours

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PlayStation Store charts, September: GTA5 and Killzone Mercenary take top honours


Time once again to take a look at the PlayStation Store charts for the past month across the PAL region. The runaway success story for September should come as a surprise to no one. Grand Theft Auto 5 dominated the PS3 chart, breaking The Last of Us‘ record to become the biggest ever digital release on the platform.

Over on PS Vita, Killzone Mercenary ruled the roost, beating out a fistful of new entries, including The Walking Dead and Rayman Legends.

Take a look at the full charts below, and do let us know what your contributions were!

PS3 games:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V (New)
  2. FIFA 2014 (New)
  3. Grand Theft Auto IV (2)
  4. Diablo III (New)
  5. Payday 2 (1)
  6. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier (RE)
  7. Farming Simulator (New)
  8. Zone of the Enders HD Collection (RE)
  9. PES 2014 (New)
  10. Sniper Elite V2 (RE)

PSN games:

  1. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (New)
  2. DuckTales: Remastered (1)
  3. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (New)
  4. Journey (2)
  5. Jetpack Joyride (7)
  6. Magic 2014 — Duels of the Planeswalkers (6)
  7. Terraria (8)
  8. Spelunky (New)
  9. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (3)
  10. Crazy Taxi (RE)

PS Vita games:

  1. Killzone Mercenary (New)
  2. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (New)
  3. Real Boxing (New)
  4. Rayman Legends (New)
  5. Fruit Ninja (2)
  6. Total Recoil (8)
  7. LittleBigPlanet (1)
  8. Spelunky (6)
  9. Hotline Miami (4)
  10. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (New)

PS one and PS2 Classics:

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (1)
  2. Silent Hill (RE)
  3. Crash Bandicoot (2)
  4. Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (3)
  5. Vagrant Story (RE)
  6. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (4)
  7. CTR: Crash Team Racing (5)
  8. Parasite Eve II (RE)
  9. Final Fantasy VII (6)
  10. Spyro The Dragon Trilogy (7)

To find out how things lined up across the pond, head on over to the US PlayStation Blog for a full rundown.

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1 Author Reply

  • how do the charts work with cross buy titles?

    lone survivor is number 10 on vita do you only count the sales on the vita file or do both the ps3 and vita version have the exact same sales number entered on to the chart?

    i just ask because i bought the ps3 version just to make sure i deff got both files(some games only do cross buy when its the ps3 title you buy like all stars so i always buy ps3 to be sure) but i will only use the vita version.

    • Cross Buy titles are counted separately in each chart, depending on which platform they were purchased and downloaded on first. So if you bought Lone Survivor on PS3, it counts as a PS3 sale, not a PS Vita sale.

  • Always surprising that really that many are willed to pay the digital store prices for new releases. Or is it just because the offered sales are mostly disappointing?

    At least there are worlds between how these charts are set up and those from Steam, for example.
    Among Steam’s current top 10 is only one game not from a sale: ACIV Black flag on position 10.
    True is though, that Steam’s charts doesn’t reflect the sales of a complete month.

    The version where you hit the purchase buttons counts. That has been the answer multiple times by now. ;)

  • Ghost Recon re-enters chart ?? :>
    You say I should play online because there will be some serious fragging??

  • No Puppeteer love… :(

    Glad to see Castle of Illusion on top for the PSN category though — such a shame SEGA Australia cloed down :(

    Not surprised at all with Killzone Mercenary though — Guerrilla Cambridge (right?) made a graphically amazing game. Too bad I don’t like FPS, because that one seems a good one.

    @Golwar: Remember that the fact one can have a single account on two consoles means some people do some tricks.

    Or simply are better with it.

    Oh well, let’s hope October/November brings Kutaro some more love.

  • @Nightmare966
    Well those very same “tricks” are valid for all digitial purchases. So this can’t really explain why games from sales are so unpopular in comparison.

  • @Golwar: Ah! My bad, I misunderstood the post, just got home :P Yes, I see what you mean — although Chris has certainly secured some good deals this past month, except the Big in Japan sale, nothing stands out as the “Super sale”.

    I’ll still take my DMC HD, though :P

  • That’s quite an achievement for GTA5, considering it’s not only more expensive that retail for no reason at all, as per usual for PSN downloads, but it also performs worse than the retail version.

  • Even if I don’t like most of the games in the PSN chart it’s still full of a lot more variety than the rather drab and dull line up in the PS3 chart.

  • @fred an golwar

    thanks for the reply i will buy on the platform i will be playing on in future in that case as sales numbers on vita matter if we want the games to keep flowing.


    see my treasures score ;)

  • @hayzink
    I can’t wait to abandon that game! :P
    But not (only) because of you. There are 2 other who trash both of our weekly highscores. I feel so vulnerable and small in comparison. ^^

  • Glad to see Disney games have sold well, hopefully we’ll get more! :D DuckTales 2, Chip’n’Dale, Darkwing Duck, QuackShot, Cold Shadow…

  • Why?? What happened to The Last Of Us??! Really hate to see it below any game; it’s my favourite

  • Has been a real good week for Vita owners, 3 brand new must-haves, Walking Dead is perfect for Vita.

    On a different note, any chance of a discount on Tony Hawks HD?

  • Zone of the Enders on the top 10, Amazing and such amazing game deserves it

    Now, The Vita sales just need P4G on the top…

  • where is the last of us ?

  • Any reason FFVII is not available across all EU countries? Not that I need another version of it in my collection – just curious :)

  • Hi check the webside GTA 5 Plus team. You will like it.

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