Destiny of Spirits beta coming soon to PS Vita

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Destiny of Spirits

In Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita, building powerful spirits and working cooperatively with other users will be the key to progress successfully in the game.

We’re excited to announce that there will be a beta trial available to PS Vita users who are PlayStation Plus subscribers for Destiny of Spirits running from 24th October through to 31st October! If you haven’t signed up for PS Plus yet, this will be a good time to join!

The goal of this beta is to get feedback on the overall game experience so that we can make Destiny of Spirits the best it can be. We would greatly appreciate your participation! You can provide your feedback via a survey which will be available during the Beta. More information regarding this will be posted on PlayStation Blog when the beta trial starts.

Today, I’d like to talk about summoning and breeding spirits as well as different items that can be used to help maximise your game progress in Destiny of Spirits:

Summoning Spirits
If you feel your party doesn’t seem quite strong enough, try summoning a new Spirit! You can summon Spirits using Destiny Orbs and Summoning Stones and gather more allies. Summoned Spirits are added to your Spirit Collection and can be added to your party at any time.


Renting Supporter Spirits
A supporter is a Spirit that you borrow from another Spirit Master. By borrowing a supporter, you can bring a powerful Spirit into battle. And if that Spirit belongs to a friend, you can reap the benefits of the Spirit’s support skill.


Spirits Points, Summoning Stones and Destiny Orbs
After you finish a battle, you can get Spirit Points and Summoning Stones. This world contains three types of magical substances: Spirit Points, Summoning Stones, and Destiny Orbs.

Spirit Points are mainly used to merge and rent Spirits. Summoning Stones are mainly used to summon Spirits. Destiny Orbs are the most powerful magical substance in this world, and they aren’t easy to come by. You can get powerful Spirits by using Destiny Orbs for Advanced Summoning and Limited-Time Summoning. They can also be used to restore the HP of your Spirits, bring defeated Spirits back into the battle and control time.

Log in bonus
You will receive some in-game gifts such as Destiny Orbs and spirits from the development team every day during the test. So log in every day and receive the gifts in your mailbox to your advantage!

Login Bonus

Game events
There will be some familiar PlayStation faces available for Advanced Summoning during the beta, so don’t miss the opportunity to add them to your party!


Raid boss event will begin from 26th October and you will encounter these spirits below in your game. They are all powerful and defeating them may be challenging. Try defeating them and add them to your party!

We’re very excited for the Beta test and we hope you will join us to in the world of Destiny of Spirits!

To stay tuned with the latest updates and server availability notices from the Destiny of Spirits development team please follow @dos_official_en on Twitter.

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  • This game looks very interesting. I heard that Destiny of Spirits is Free to Play when launched, which can (or can’t) be a very nice move. It would be very helpful if you could provide information on how the final game will play, and what type of ingame purchases it wil incorporate.

    As F2P games tend to clearly steer gamers towards ingame purchases (it’s the means to make money from the game, in the end), I would very much like to know how much of a ‘push’ the game will have towards this.

    That said, I will be on the lookout for the beta. Is there going to be an offline/singleplayer option, or is it online only? I hope the SP is awailable, as Vita and Online gameplay are not entirely 100% friends…

  • I’m usually quite excited for new, original Vita games. But there’s absolutely nothing compelling about this one. The gameplay looks rather dull and it is based around F2P monetization which is a major turn-off. Nope, I don’t like anything I see here, even without F2P I fail to see a game I want to play.

  • nice to see new games coming to vita buth not mi stile of game .

    hope to see soon on vita
    terraria = ( + new update on ps3 /vita like on pc )
    minecraft ( hope ps4/vita price bundel %)

  • Looks indeed interesting. But, as so often, it really depends on the balance and integration of paid content. If additional slots, better summons are exklusively behind an enforced payment barrier …

    But I’m rather optimistic. So far the F2P games on the Vita had rather convincing concepts. In some cases I even wondered why it should be beneficial to spend money at all. It often doesn’t grant more than a little convenience.

    So, I rarely engage in betas, simply due the backlog. But I’d be interested in this one. :)

    Thanks for constantly sharing with the world what you aren’t interested in. I guess you consider that to be helpful for somebody, why else would you be so persistent about it?

    At least I don’t get how you even thought that evaluating the quality of gameplay, based on this little preview, could be considered smart and justified.

  • I have watched every trailer and read all of the articles about this game and i still don’t understand how to play it.

    Will it work like a Classic turnbased rpg and with this question i meen, can you choose to block with some spririts, Will you be able to learn several abillities with each of the spirits or should i see each spirit as an attack.

    Will some spirits add buffs like higher resistance to fire.

    What in really asking for is if your spirits can work as a team and if you Will be able to level up a spirit?

    Thank you for your.time and i look forward to be a part of the upcoming beta :-)

  • It looks like every battle only consists of one round, based on the trailer. Is this observation correct?

  • @#2 Agree!

    I saw a few videos from E3 showdown and this game is boring as hell.

  • I am looking forward to trying this game, looks nice.

  • I´m curious about this game.

  • @#4

    O’ magnificent and immaculate Golvar! Please excuse my unworthiness while I grovel in the dirt before you, which is befitting a worm such as I!

    How dare I utter that I have seen nothing compelling about this game? If I had but known the great offense it would cause thee, perhaps I would have stayed my hand and not put such blasphemous words into writing.

    Now that were clear on that, I wrote it to tell the blog-writer that so far they haven’t shown me anything that makes me want to play this and that perhaps showing more/better content would clarify what this obtuse, grindy looking game is all about and maybe show why I should bother playing it. This isn’t the first time they show talk about this game and quite frankly the info has been rather unclear and lacking.

  • This trailer shows more promise than I recall the game showing before.

    @cowbanana; Where did you indicate you thought seeing more might interest you?

    I’ll paraphrase a little:
    “absolutely nothing compelling about this one.”
    “looks rather dull”
    “major turn-off.”
    “Nope, I don’t like anything I see here”
    “I fail to see a game I want to play.”

    I genuinely am interested how expressed you wanted to be told more, by the way, because I personally see only negativity in your first post.

  • Hmm. So I can download and play beta of this game at 24 October without filling an application form, right?

  • Thanks for the heads up Liquid, I’ll keep my peepers out

  • @cowbanana
    Nice try. But as Project2insanity already mentioned, you didn’t request further and better information, you just spilled out how disgusted you are.

    I agree that they could explain the game a lot better. But do you know what’s so great about F2P? You don’t need to make any kind of investment, to try a game on your own. No risks involved.

    So I absolutely suggest that you should keep you ratings about how “dull” or how terrible the F2P elements are integrated, till you actually can know what you are talking about.

  • Just what the VIta needs to save it, iOS games.

  • Another generic f2p pay-to-win card collecting game copypasted from mobile ?

    Way to support Vita platform!

  • looks confusing as hell or maybe i am just dumb :P downloading it

  • The game is actually miles better than I first expected. But I would like to know if there is any place where I can submit my impressions / report bugs / suggest some ideas. I put them here, but if there is other place to submit them, please tell me :)

    The compass didn’t work properly and the game really lacks a compendium of your monster like the Pokedex (obviously i’m talking about Pokemon xD) or the Persona Compendium (and now I’m talking about SMT: Persona).

    One of the addictive things about the game is precisely collecting stuff. Giving people a “Grimoire” that gets filled when you catch a new spirit would be pretty cool. The game could add new entries whenever a cameo summon circle appears.

  • I’m also looking for a way to leave feedback. The game has great potential but needs some improving for me to play long term or spend any money.

  • wow, this beta is fantastic. I want it in my IGC :)

    Really, it looks very refreshing to me. I tried it today for the first time and I love it :)

  • Nice looking game and easy enough to play. I certainly would get this when its fully available.

    A couple of minor issues with it understating its a beta. First issue that I came across was, if you paid fro help in a battle and you disconnect you lose the payment and don’t get to fight.

    secondly with all the rewards issued through out the game the items you need most are the least issued, the little gold ball or coin. Out of 5 days I only got issued on 3 days.
    None the less, like this and will purchase.

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