How Beyond: Two Souls has moved on from Heavy Rain – interview

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How Beyond: Two Souls has moved on from Heavy Rain – interview

At first glance, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain seem to have more in common than not. Both games focus on intricate narratives and deep character development, highlighted by cutting-edge performance capture and dazzling digital sets.

But on closer examination, Beyond: Two Souls, which launches exclusively for PS3 on 11th October, is a wholly unique creation with no obvious analogue. For one, its sweeping story focuses on one character instead of four. Beyond: Two Souls spans an entire lifetime as it follows the trials of protagonist Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) and her constant companion, Aiden, an invisible entity with incredible powers. For another, it features a radically different, more direct gameplay style compared to Heavy Rain.

In our new interview, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere discusses the differences between the team’s two latest projects, and the daunting scope of the story. Listen in for his insight on the game design process, and how Quantic Dream infused player-driven choices into a story-driven experience.

In Beyond: Two Souls, players jump between different periods of Jodie’s life, piecing together the story while controlling both her actions and those of Aiden. And Jodie’s life hasn’t been easy.. Exposed to psychological experiments at a young age, and hurled through adulthood by desperation and heartache, this woman has seen more danger than most. But she hasn’t seen it alone. Aiden has been connected to her since birth, and will share in her 15-year journey through Beyond: Two Souls.

Beyond: Two Souls promises to push the limits of interactive storytelling as Jodie hunts for answers. Help her unravel the mystery surrounding her connection with Aiden, and what lies beyond life itself.

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  • Really didn’t like the demo guys, decided to cancel my pre-order it aterwards, prompts that complete themselves and having to fight the controls to fail just isn’t a game. I’m going to wait a month or two now to hear a consensus.
    Loved the lighting though and the graphics were great!

  • Now only a PS4 version and its an instant buy

  • @ Jamesyp00

    Demo sold it for me.
    Not sure if you played Heavy Rain, but the controls are basicly the same, and the game looks like its gonna be one hell of a awesome experience.

    Makes me wanna play Heavy Rain again..

  • @3 aKaSoG

    I platinum’ed heavy rain, i really enjoyed it plot holes and all, but i never had the game ever complete evens for me to railroad me on one story, really disappointed in beyond.

  • Howdy
    All i care about is censorship. I would like and am going to only buy the full untouched uncut version. Im in Russia and i have read an article where it says that Russia will get the same uncut version as the US, whereas Europe gets the infamous slightly modified one.
    Is this true? Is the US version of Beyond the pure untouched version?
    Looking forward to you soon reply
    Thank you

  • I liked the demo!
    But when I was running in the train, I didn’t know what direction I should move the analogue.
    It would help if it told me, instead of guessing. I’m not good at these kind of games.

  • @SwingerE11
    I think that’s the point. You need to figure it out yourself instead of getting hints with every little thing. If this happened to you in real life, would you get hints or would you just go with it and pick a direction? Also if you fail at something, just try again.

  • Is this game getting a digital release? If so, will it be £39.99 like the last of us or an insulting £50 like GTA V?

  • I’m sold already on this, thanks again QD

  • Beyond looks quite incredible to me. The demo was short but atleast you got a feel of the controls. Even though the settings may have gone over board, but Perhaps we need a new look at what future games will become.

  • @8 You’re kidding right? 50 pounds comes to about 60 euros. They don’t go under 65 on release here so your highest price is lower than our lowest.. You guys don’t have it all that bad ;)

  • Still waiting for that Digital Release Announcement! Sony and QD make it happen ^_~

  • @StanoK

    The US is getting a censored version too apparently, albeit a different scene is censored.

    I know it’s only a few seconds but I’m not having my intelligence insulted and so I’m saving the money towards my PS4 now. Won’t have time to play Beyond anyway, GTA V is taking up what little gaming time I have these days.

    I was really looking forward to Beyond but I’d rather show my feelings towards censorship by not supporting this game any more. As an adult approaching 40 I want the full, uncut experience and certainly don’t want to be treated like a child, being told what I can and can’t be shown. I’m really disappointed with Sony and Quantic Dream here. I thought this was supposed to be a grown-up game.

  • @Bumblebee

    I’m with you there…I just do not understand our world where some natural things everyone does, like language (expressing hard emotion) and sexuality (which is good and affects everyone!!) is somehow socially unacceptable? The basic things that make society…language in all its forms, diversity and sexuality..

    And yet somehow shooting by the hundreds (which would probably classify as genocide in real life) is considered a great thing for everyone to see. Guess we need to create those dreams of joining the army and invading/bombing the “evil people” somewhere…right….not really…

    All I hope for is that they at least clarify what is censored in which regional release, so we can make an informed decision about buying/not buying it. Nothing worse than convoluted, misleading and un transparent censorship…

  • i hope you realise how ridiculous you all sound … Yes censorship is wrong when applied to certain situations. However beyond has been slightly clipped (seconds) to receive a lower rating thereby allowing more people to appreciate the game and of course increase sales. Films do it all the time and no one even hears or cares about it. It is standard practice to submit media to the ratings board and then tweak it dependent on the results…. Try moaning about real censorship issues. Free speech, cover ups, etc…… At the end of the day by not buying a game you are keen on just because of a slight cut is your loss

  • Censorship enforced by Sony to get 16+ rating instead of 18+ (like it was for Heavy Rain) == no my money for Sony.

    Will by used and hope that one day SCEE will learn not to castrate whole EU releases of games for the sake of one country (coughGermanycough).

  • @ GabeKnight
    Hey, okay, best conform right?
    And yes, some people do care about censorship in films and the entire entertainment industry being targeted at kids just to increase sales, and yeah some of us also voice their opinions on real censorship too. Go out on the street to manifest against ACTA, so dont be so swift to judge others.
    Some of us simply vote with our wallets, like not watching tv or hollywood films, deciding to watch/buy/read something else.
    But that is besides the point

    All I want is clear information on what is cut in which version. Did’t say I wasn’t going to buy it, just want to make an informed decision.
    Some forms of censorship spoil my experiance (like hearing “frak” in battlestar galactica), some do not(like editing out nudity).
    Would be nice to know so I can decide if I want to buy locally, import us or whatnot…

  • I was torn on this game so I played the demo, liked it! As much as I hate censorship I guess I can overlook it this time because they’re not going to listen and I don’t want to miss out. It’s crazy to think sony didn’t say anything about that one game that let you PLAY a full length torture scene and if something worse got cut from this game…. I’m kinda glad.

  • couldn’t play past the first fight, so am glad others think the controls aren’t good, also i am getting tired of the whole sales process that is now gaming, maybe seeing too much of The best thing All the time lately is wearing me out, am sure Beyond will be enjoyed by many people but i Still have my day1 last of us to try and start etc etc…
    also quantics last effort both broke my phat80 and left me hanging, freeze after freeze, i got to mad joes garage then alas my phat was no more, ( not many digital titles back then), am really curious to finish that though, even just for sake of another plat, as it was one of those ( for me) games as well..

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