Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe talk Beyond: Two Souls at the Paris premiere

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Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe talk Beyond: Two Souls at the Paris premiere

As many of you will know from our livestream of the event, Beyond: Two Souls had a grand premiere in Paris earlier this week. Stars Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe and Kadeem Harrison joined David Cage and around 2,000 guests at the magnificent Grand Rex theatre, for a screening of the first 40 minutes of the game, followed by a panel discussion.

We’re hoping to put the whole event on YouTube soon for anyone who missed it, but in the meantime we’ve put together a short movie to give you a quick taste of how it all went down.

We’re less than a week away from launch now – look out for plenty more on the game as the big day approaches.

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  • Still havent received my ratchet:gladiator code and i phoned SCEE last thursday.

  • nice game but no , mi mony go to ( maby one day whith ps+ )
    cod goast reatail + abo
    ac iv retail
    extra controler .

    reatail = normal edition = 10 € to many ( also cod )
    rest of games stil no price by big distribution points

  • I cannot wait for this awesome game! Loved the demo and have it on pre-order!

    …first two comments completely unrelated.

  • dillusion

    not unrelated
    i say looks great game buth rong time to come out ,so i wait untile ps+.
    Mi mony go to ps4 ( have budget , smaler smaler smaler after games become more more expensife = lots of dlc who cut out of games )
    sony goth rong timing = not mi problem .

  • The Demo was AMAZING :P :P :P + I am glad i played it twice because the 2nd part of the demo was different the 2nd time i played it because i wasn’t getting arrested by the Cops all the time(i.e i kept on messing up, my fault) :D AMAZING stuff(if you like something different) ;)

  • Waiting since revealing. I know David Cage from Omikron. I’m really thankful to QD and Sony for everything.

  • Wow, actors are figuring out that gaming is a gigantic platform for telling stories and making lots of money. Way to stay on top of your game. I guess GTA V woke some people up to the possibilities. But at the same time do we really need Hollywood actors in our games? I’m pretty happy with professional VOICE actors like David Hayter who have been doing great work for over a decade along with plenty others.

    Either way, the game should probably be pretty great with all the money that’s gone into it. I’m more waiting for Batman Arkham origins, but maybe at some point I’ll play this through.

  • Hey Fred :)
    It is a grand masterpiece and deserves the praise it has recieved. Had the demo last night and I thought it was amazing and an emotional masterpiece. ;)
    I’ve since finished the demo but i’m excited for the game to come, i’d love to have it but I said i’d get Watch_Dogs next month, so I might ask for it if theres a possibility of maybe a PS4 port in early 2014. ;) :)
    Thanks Fred and have a great weekend

  • Also that Remedy Entertainments Quantum Break is nothing compared to Beyond. Seen comments of people saying it beats Beyond, I laugh so hard. These people should know the name David Cage and should know Remedy are just a game company, not writers some of them need to get lifes. ;)

  • Also, I think this should be made into a film too. With Ellen and Willem starring and David as the Director, Producers etc and Quantic Dream Pictures in collaboration with Sony Pictures Columbia/TriStar etc. ;)
    It would make an awesome film just like the new Watch_Dogs one by SPE. ;)

  • I had this game pre-ordered months ago but had to cancel it due to money problems (have too many pre-orders + ps4) lol. But then I played the demo two days ago and loved it! As soon as the demo finished I pre-ordered it again. Now need to decide what should I cancel to take its place. Such a hard decision!!!! The game is a masterpiece so was worth pre-ordering again.

  • Just a few more days.. This right after the brilliant campaign of GTAV, this is heaven..

  • dark_angel69 11
    hahahaha i understend you , but mi opinion = al top games of the ps3
    like gtav – Beyond: Two Souls – dark souls 2 ….. needed to be ps4 versions also one day 1 + lounch ps4 console +- day 1 version 1 st week of nov .

  • Hiya guys just have to say this is one of the first I believe RPG games which I have actually been really interested after watching some random game-play on YouTube of this game’s demo, half way through watching this I had to get it for myself and so I completed that and straight away I went to Sainsbury’s and brought it, then completed it withing nine hours of game play (Not sure if around 9 hours is good enough), and realized that it was truly the best game I have EVER played and that is not a lie, I’m a 18yr old adult who likes cod and gta type of games but when i played this I have never been so attracted to playing a game and wanting more from it, the main reason of me wanting more is due to me playing it and completing it in nine hours straight, so I blame myself but the game play, story-line and everything to do with the game was AMAZING and I would like to thank everyone who participated in making this brilliant game!, THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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