Destiny beta incoming, new trailer takes us to the moon

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Destiny beta incoming, new trailer takes us to the moon

Hey, PlayStation nation. Yesterday, we gave you the first glimpse at Destiny’s box art. Today, we’ve got a new trailer for you to check out, and an announcement we’re really excited about: the Destiny beta! But, before you rush off don’t forget to check out our new trailer, featuring a destination we’re super excited about… the Moon!

The fight to take back all that has been lost begins here. Only we can decide our Destiny. Only we can Become Legend.

Destiny PS4 Pre Order Inlay 3D UKDestiny PS3 Pre Order Inlay 3D UK

To be one of the first gamers to play Destiny, all you have to do is pre-order a copy of Destiny at a participating retailer. Check out the official Destiny site for details.

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  • HI :) will Destiny have single player campaign too or is it only multiplayer?

  • Amazing!

    I tried to play some GTA V online today but didn’t enjoy what I’ve seen so far, I played some BF4 beta and it was good, I pre-loaded Rain so happy with that and I waited all day for this by refreshing the page until this comes up and you have given me the best 2 minutes I’ve had today!

    Am so going to get this pre-order right now!

  • Have just preordered the game for PS4. But I am confused – where exactly do I look for this beta code, and what console would the beta be for?

  • Just preordered for ps4 from amazon.
    Same as above, will amazon send the code if I get selected?

  • There’s 3 things I usually love. Space/futuristic setting, Co op and AAA technical quality, and this game has it all. Combat looks a lot quicker and smoother than I imagined too. If this turns out to be as good as I think it will, it’ll be right up there next to my other favorite shooter series, Killzone and Battlefield. This really looks like it’s gonna make Borderlands eat dust.

  • Is destiny’s beta not coming to NZ?

  • How about if you intend to buy the game digitally on PSN for the PS4? Will you get a chance to participate in the Beta?

    I want to go as fully digital as I can next gen but prices and things like this aren’t exactly encouraging me!

  • I have too many pre orders already but after watching this trailer I must pre order this game! Does anyone know of a special or collectors edition?

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