Rain arrives on PS3 this week, see the new trailer

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Hi all. We are excited to finally announce that rain will be available in this week’s PlayStation Store update for PlayStation 3! In addition, the full soundtrack for rain, featuring the enchanting music created by composer Yugo Kanno and the gifted singer Connie Talbot, will also be available to purchase for €7.49/£5.99.

Don’t forget you still have a few days left to pre-order. The pre-order includes five hand drawn avatars, a musical montage, a static theme, and a dynamic theme – all for €12.99/£9.99! So make sure you have you have enough funds in your wallet, or you’ll lose out on all the bonus items.


It has been an exciting journey to bring the story of rain to life. Director Yuuki Ikeda initially had the idea to write a story about a boy who was invisible and could only be seen in the rain. Inspired by an experience he had as a child where he found himself lost, the story of rain has flourished into an emotionally dynamic adventure brought to life by the talented team at PlayStation C.A.M.P. Below is a new trailer that will provide you a final, deeper look into the mysterious world of rain.

Thank you for supporting rain and we hope you enjoy playing!

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  • UK on Wednesday, or do we wait until Friday? My preorder has been charged so can’t wait!

  • I’m assuming that preorder price includes the game too?

  • When will the Bundle for Killzone available in Italy? I made my preorder on June and now I am waiting to change it but Amazon Italy has no idea of anything about the bundle

  • I’m very excited about playing Rain, my game is pre-ordered and yesterday it was pre-downloaded, when can we play? as soon as it’s 2nd of October like at midnight or after the Playstation Store update?

    Thanks and keep up the good work \(^__^)b

  • @KlawUK:
    It’s a PSN Game and PSN games are always out on the Wednesday which is a Store update, only major titles that has a retail release will release on that day then.

  • My preorder downloaded this morning. Can’t wait for 1am Wednesday! :D

  • Just £9.99 for all that? MEGA-COOL!!! :P Glad i read this because didn’t know about the Pre-order extras. I will Pre-order later(shame GTAV Online is coming erm Online this week to tho, i just won’t have time to play everything) :D

  • I’ve been so excited for this ever since the first announcement but now I’m really struggling to decide should I buy or wait a while. :( Have such a big backlog now and with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 to try and platinum, haven’t even got to play chain of memories yet. :( Wished this game could been out so much sooner and I wouldn’t be stressing myself out.

  • Oh yeah just noticed something. You said “Below is a new trailer that will provide you a final, deeper look into the mysterious world of rain.” I think the word you meant was ABOVE. ;)

  • I’d rather play this on Vita, any plans for a port ?

  • Is there a demo? Surely a game like this would sell a lot better with a taster demo!

  • is this online buy online or will be physical disk too?

  • Being a fan of ICO, I preordered this.
    Hoping for the best, especially as it is a mini-download only title.

  • Sunday 11am, I see my PlayStation is on…huh? Switch on TV it is downloading pre-ordered content, time 2.19am…..huh?

    To exit press O on controller, that didn’t work, physically switch off the machine, restart, system check, download management, download error, 0% resume, download error, it will not auto download……..seriously what is the point of pre-order and getting a download of nothing?

  • really looking forward to this game!

  • Hmn, after reading a few reviews I’ve decided not to purchase the game. Looks like another case of very shallow gameplay wrapped in a very nice atmosphere. I’ll play it at some point, I guess. But only with a big discount or even better… on PS+. Rain looks nice, but I demand more “meat” on games if I’m to pay the premium.

  • wow it looks great.

  • when is on store, on US PSN is already.

  • @18, we usually have to wait until this afternoon for the new content, since Europe needs to be last.

    Anyone else thinking the BF4 beta was awful? Was flying the AH-6J Little Bird yesterday, and navigating the streets and skyscrapers was way to easy compared to BF3. It’s like the chopper had no weight to it when cutting corners, and simply behaved unnaturally. Also, the stationary bridge gun (Browning BMG) had your entire viewpoint obscured by armor.

  • So…. where is the Dynamic Theme??
    It’s launch day, everything else is downloadable and working, but NO dynamic theme!
    Its still on auto-download waiting to be available.
    Whats wrong Sony?

  • @Ulic_SAA
    Actually the game started working for me this morning. I’ve already finished it. Was a great wee game!! And for BF4 beta.. yep yep awful!!!! Really was awful! I hated the driving in it and with the same building falling down. Like why can’t we just make buildings fall down ourselves after a certain amount of damage. I think the tank was the worse out of them all as I couldn’t keep control of it. I miss the BF3 way. It’s not an all bad game, just not bf3 good

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