The Last of Us – Future DLC plans detailed

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We’ve been hard at work making the DLC content for The Last of Us – and I know that all our Season Pass holders are eagerly waiting for any updates or news. Today, we’re revealing the first of three Season Pass DLC drops: the Abandoned Territories Map Pack.

Weather the opposing Faction and the random, dynamic dust storm on the Suburbs map. Explore a layered map of an overgrown urban environment with wild giraffes in the background in the Bus Depot map. Stalk around in a dark, eerie, moonlit, environment – the perfect setting for some serious stealth – in the Hometown map. Bookstore features a stacked, bi-level layout adding a highly unique dose of vertical gameplay. Excited yet? These maps will be available 16th October.

When we initially talked about the Season Pass we mentioned making our first ever story-driven single player DLC. This is an ambitious story with strong ties into the narrative of The Last of Us. We just wrapped up a long casting process for a new character and are starting our performance capture shoot next week. The single-player DLC is currently planned for release around the December-January timeframe.


Our third Season Pass DLC is multiplayer focused and will arrive in the first half of 2014. We’ll start to reveal more information and a release timeframe as soon as we’ve worked out those details.


To make the wait a little bit easier we’re adding bonus items to the Season Pass. We have over 60 different head items for your multiplayer character ranging from a Nightmare Mask to a Pigskin Hat that will be free for all Season Pass buyers. These head items will be available a la carte as well but it’s a tremendous added value for all Season Pass holders.


If you want to lock in all three DLC drops and over 60 head items for your multiplayer character at a deeply discounted price, buy the Season Pass today. You’ll be saving over 75% by purchasing a Season Pass instead of buying all the DLC individually. The Last of Us Season Pass DLC is available now on PlayStation Store for only €19.99.

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11 Author Replies

  • Good to hear that you are taking your time with the SP DLC. Quality needs time.

  • While we’re at it, can we talk about uncencoring the countries that DONT DESERVE IT? I can’t believe the whole of the EU got left with the GERMAN CENCORED version to save money.

    I wouldn’t have minded if I WAS TOLD ABOUT IT. Now I have to BUY ANOTHER USA COPY and ANOTHER SEASON PASS.

    Sort it out sony, you why do you feel its OK to screw over your European customers? Your most successful market I might add.

  • does the maak and stuff package come out today or at an other day

  • Kind of sad i can’t play 3/4 of my games online including TLOU having no Nat type….LOL

  • Same Opinion as above Nr.2. When i first played the multiplayer part i was like, damn it feels so fresh and new and is total different to all other multiplayer games. I was more than eager to buy the season pass but after i realized that only the EU Multiplayer was censored i immediatily change my mind and saved my Money. The reason is very easy: because i´m a 30 year old gamer from Germany who buys his Games with no discussion in Austria just to get the whole game and now i have to realize that even that helps anymore.
    Same as above if i would have knewn this i had bought the US Version of the game but now i think i better save my money even you guys made the game of the century. I hate to be fooled.
    For me just the story DLC the rest i don´t care anymore.

    Next time better be real to us.

    • The regional differences were made for criteria in those regions and we feel it doesn’t affect the gameplay or game design in any great, impactful way.

  • I hoped that the story DLC would be out before the PS4 but now you are “forcing” me to keep my PS3 even longer then I had expected.

    (I had planned to get rid of it after completing Beyond: Two Souls)

  • @2 and 5. Seriously? You are moaning about a minor difference between both versions that does not alter the experience nor the gameplay at all? You don’t get bloody executions and severed limbs in multiplay, so what? Does that in anyway affect the fun of the (pretty awesome) multiplayer? Are you really going to buy another version just for a visual detail? That’s not only crazy, it’s plain stupid in my opinion.

    I am against censorship, period, and I too would’ve liked to have seen the same visceral violence in MP. But I don’t really mind it isn’t there, because it has no effect on the game whatsoever. It would’ve been a different case if the SP was censored too (as the violence suits the grittyness of the story)… And for all, take it up with the German government then, especially if you’re a German citizen. They’re at fault here, not Sony, nor Naught Dog.

    Great news about the DLC plans though. TLOU still is my GOTY at the moment, even after sinking 30 hours in GTAV

  • Looks good although it would have been nice to have the single player DLC first but with the level of expectation around it i’m not surprised they want to take the time to make it really great. Any idea when the extra character customization items will be available?

  • @Osahi_be: Are you kidding me. it doesn´t effect the gameplay if its lost in the multiplayer but if its lost in the story part it effects the gameplay. You must be totaly blindfolded.
    Yeah it disturbed me, and you know why because every time i executed someone online i was thinking about that something is missing. Its just that easy.
    And what the hell got the German goverment to do with that when i bought the Austrian Pegi Version of the game. They ain´t got no problems with Bloody games in Austria. Its just like Fried-Goat mentioned they where to lazzy to make different versions for Europe.

    Ah and don´t forgett they lied to us: “The game wasn´t 100% uncut when it came out but that is what sony and naugty told to us.

    If you like to buy Things wich aren´t complete it is ok for me because that is your problem.
    But for me, i even paid 20€ more in Austria just to get it 100% uncut because i know how awfule Germany is and i don´t got what i was paying for.
    That´s it.
    In Germany we say: “Du hast kein Plan von nichts” to people like you.
    Sorry but i had to clear that out.

  • @7
    The censorship issue was more then just some minor differences.

    It was the fact that the game had been diluted and altered but still sold at full price.
    There was no warning prior to release.
    Sony used sly wordplay during a German conference to cover up the censorship.
    Trust has been broken between customer and company.

    • The game in EU regions is the game that had to be released in those regions – no dilution just regional differences.

  • When will this head gear be available?

    The wait will be a bit longer than I anticipated, but these things obviously take time. I hope you will continue adding new modes, weapons etc to the multiplayer, like interrogation, to keep it fresh and make the wait a little easier.

  • Glad I read this I had no idea the EU game was censored. I’ve yet to play the game as was waiting for a price drop or goty edition.
    Guess now I’ll import the US version.

    It’s weird I mean Gears of War series isn’t censored afaik and that has some brutal executions, like 15 of them!

  • @2, 5, 7: agreed, customers should have been informed regarding this “censorship” thing in Pal version of the game prior to the release date.

    this greedy act by SCEE and Naughty Dog for not fully disclosing the information of their product was unethical and likely a breach of Consumer Protection Law.

  • @9 Aren’t you simply overreacting buddy? Calm down -_-

    As I said, the violence in the singleplayer served a purpose. It added to the storyline. In the MP that is absolutely not the case. It’s a graphical touch that for one reason or the other is missing. Nothing to make such a fuzz about, nothing even to rebuy the game for.

    Is it lazy to only have one version for Europe? Yes it is. But that’s how this economy works. If it is cheaper, companies will do it. And I can understand Sony did this in Europe, especially because it’s such a minor difference that doesn’t really effect anything, unless you’re nitpicky or overreacting.

    And yes, take it up with the German government and their censorship policies. They are responsible for censorship in games, which I loath. The changes made in the EU version are because of the German laws. As a German citizen you have more to say against your government then I as a foreigner have. If you would stand up for it with the gamer community, with the dev community, you could be able to make it an issue that is discussed. You just might move something… I’m not naive, and I know your chances are slim, but it’s more constructive then moaning on a message board…

  • @10 Jesus. Dilluted and altered but still sold at full price? You talk like whole sections of the game were missing. It were bloodsplatters and limb amputations in the MP executions. Nothing more. That is absolutely nothing that changes the experience in any meaningfull way apart from a ‘oh, man’ reaction the first time you see it.

    Should they have said it beforehand? Arguably yes. But still, why the hell all the rage and fuzz about it? It’s not like you got a totally different experience. Not in a long run

  • The SP DLC will be released about December 2013/January 2014? To late for me! I won´t wait any longer… Will resell TLOU this weekend.

  • ” I wouldn’t have minded if I WAS TOLD ABOUT IT. Now I have to BUY ANOTHER USA COPY and ANOTHER SEASON PASS.”

    Sorry, but this is one of the most hilarious things I’ve read on here.

    You don’t HAVE to buy anything. It’s just blood. Get over it.

  • ” I wouldn’t have minded if I WAS TOLD ABOUT IT. Now I have to BUY ANOTHER USA COPY and ANOTHER SEASON PASS.”

    I also agree, this is a little OTT considering how much you’ll be spending.

  • I loved the last of us awesome game and I will play again to see what I can do differently.

  • So glad to see word has spread about the censorship and the majority of the comments on here now are about that.

    Keep up the pressure! We need to keep reminding them that it’s NOT OK the way their customers were/are treated

    Oh and I just found out Beyond: Two Souls is censored for Germany too, which means so is the EU – and we found that out before release! So yeah if that bothers you cancel the preorder and order from the US (or wait and buy it used as a matter of principle).

    I’m writing a new blog post now detailing how this has come to light, check out a bit later on to read it

  • @TheJungler

    Post on the US PS blog as well.

  • Here’s the blog post I mentioned above:

    And the key quote from it: “By the way the German USK version will be unfortunately published shortened. As Sony told us, two scenes of the game were extenuated/weakened. One of those scenes did we play during our demo session.”

    Because Sony only make one version for the entire EU that means Germany’s version is the EU version too.

  • Heavy Rain Wasnt Censored.
    Maybe TLOU Was a 1 Off?

  • We should make a petition.

  • The multiplayer disappointed me (although I really still have to try to get into it) so I won’t be getting the season pass. I’ll get the singleplayer dlc without a doubt, and will wait for pricecuts on the multiplayer content if I end up still getting into it.

  • Seriously? 68 Replies over on the US Blog while EU has none. It least reply to your EU customers Sony.

  • What’s funny is I called it. Over one the US blog I posted my comment (#2 here) with the fact that I better post it here due to eu neglect. Eric said he would be coming here, guess what? No show. Not surprising to be honest. They have a blanket statement about the censorship which is TOTAL BULL. Something about each eu region they released the game intended.. IF IT IS HOW THEY INTENDED, WHY IS IT MISING WHAT THE US VERSION HAS? Total lies. My respect for naughty dog is dissipating by the minute. I used to think they were awesome before these lies. As for the guy earlier who says it doesn’t effect multiplayer gameplay… IT DOES EFFECT GAMEPLAY IN THE MP, it’s like playing with a rubber doll instead of a real person, it’s stupid.

  • Super smith is right, and it just clarifies how much naughty dog and Sony care about their most popular region. He obviously didn’t post here because he can see the outrage at the BLANKET CENSORSHIP to save pennies. Every other company can keep censorship to Germany alone, but it seems naughtydog are becoming lazy and saving the pennies at the expense of losing customers. Companies that issue stupid statements like that don’t deserve the success they receive. Don’t get me wrong, I love last of us, but stupid statement and lies are not acceptable, naughty dog are not the same in my eyes anymore..

  • Looking forward to all the new content :D

  • In one of their statements they say “we’re happy with what we released and so are the majority”… Seriously.. There’s a 63 page thread on the us naughty dog forums… 63 page… And you can’t even sign. In with a eu account YOU HAVE TO CREATE A US ACCOUNT TO SIGN IN. Just goes to show they just don’t care about the EU. The fact they are issuing lies instead of doing anything about it shows they are playing to some sort of agenda. Sickening.

    • There are SCEE forums and SCEA forums and the ND forums is tied to the SCEA forums. However you should be able to login into our forums just fine. Please try again and me know if it doesn’t work.

      We understand your frustration about the regional differences but as mentioned countless times we feel our gameplay and design weren’t lost at all so we’re honoring what needed to be done for these regions.

  • @FrIeD-GoAt:
    It should let you log in and why would ND lock their log in restriction to US PSN users only? I can log into their site just fine. I even commented on their forums to before. Try logging in again and let it give time.

  • And Btw, remember when Nintendo added a restriction where you can’t buy Mature games until midnight? Nintendo sorted that out by lifting that stupid restriction. I think something needs to be done.

  • this resctrictions or cenzorship sux.

  • I can neither sign onto the naughty dog blog nor the US naughty dog forums with my UK account. Not that it’s an issue, you guys clearly don’t care about the censorship when any other company would go out of their way to try and deliver the full game to all regions. A seperate German version is what most companies do and I really don’t support this. I don’t know why your being so stubborn on the matter and with beyond two souls being censored too, something strange is going on. Need to start voting with our wallets and showing this laziness isn’t acceptable.


    Here’s the censorship thread, it’s HUGE.

    YOU naughty dog might be happy with the product you released, what about your customers?

  • what’s the link for those forums you guys can’t login?

  • I’m actually going to start a website about Sony censorship, I think it’s about time us EU players start getting treated as a priority. I was getting a PS4 at launch, but with beyond most likely having blanket censorship due to Germany, it will be nice to have a resource to see which games Sony are screwing us over with.

  • or petition, thousand of people or tens of thousand should sign it and send to responsable people who voted against our will.

  • “The regional differences were made for criteria in those regions” – Eric Monacelli

    Criteria? Such a nebulous, non-informative answer. Only someone in marketing can spew such nonsence. You (Sony) were simply lazy and censored the game for EVERYONE in all of Europe due to some nanny-laws only found in Germany. There’s your “criteria”.

    Not only do I despise censorship I really, really hate when corporate tools talk down me and underestimate the intelligence (not much required to see what’s going on here) of their customers.

    Until you remove the censorship you won’t see another Euro-cent from me.

    And please, don’t talk down to people.

  • If you want to censor something, censor the German version and release a special nanny-edition for them. Do NOT take their stupid laws out on the rest of us. I live in a country where censorship is looked at as wrong and intolerable. You do NOT destroy an original vision.

    You clearly have so much to learn about Europe and the various cultures here. The EU is not some homogenous mass and consorship is really only prevalent in Germany.

    But it’s all about saving a buck, right?

    One version for everyone! Let the lowest common denominator rule! If those are Sony’s standards then the company is utterly intellectually and culturally bankrupt.

  • Since Beyond: Two Souls is getting censored as well, I will not be buying it. Kiss my money goodbuy, Sony!

    I bought GoW:A and TLoU only to discover that I got mangled, consored versions of those games. This is not going to happen this time.

    I don’t tolerate censorship in any form. I live in a free country, not some dystopian society of people can’t decide what to watch, read and write.

    Censorship must be opposed!

  • Edit for above: *kiss my money goodbye

    Why can’t we edit typos on this blog? Since Sony is such a huge advocate for censorship I find it odd that we can’t “censor” our comments.

  • what cowbanana wrote!!! go denmark :)

  • @FrIeD-GoAt

    There’s already a website about Sony censorship, it’s at

    Oh and it looks like Eric’s just trolling us now too, one of his first replies is “thank you for the support of buying two copies”

    He really couldn’t care less.

    Also, Eric, this is directed at you: You are not in a position to dictate to us, the gamers who buy your games and keep you in a job, what affects gameplay. We’re the ones paying for the games, we’re the ones PLAYING the games. It is a subtle change but it affects the tone of the game, something which you have to agree is one of the shining lights in TLOU. You’re also totally ignoring the fact that it was advertised uncut prior to release, there was no mention of regional differences, and it took WEEKS for anyone at ND to even acknowledge it. Yet still you stand there and lecture us as to how it’s not a big deal? Well that’s a lot of effort to go to to hide something that’s ‘not a big deal’.

    And simply put, we could have just imported it. But you never gave us a chance. Now you have to deal with the backlash. And that’s on you.

  • TLOU Was only censored in MP not SP so Beyond 2 Souls wont be censored as its all SP

  • @left4bread3

    I wish that was true. Unfortunately it’s been confirmed as cut in Germany (which means the whole EU too as Sony only make one version now)

    More info here

  • @TheJungler

    That link is just an opinion of someone. The only fact which is stated is that its cut for germany.

  • do we know that for sure?

  • @Eric Monacelli I find your attitude against censoring shocking and your lack of knowledge of the European market rather ignorant. Don’t you get it YOUR customers LIKE your games and want THE FULL EXPERIANCE. Only Germany has regulations that need censorship. The rest of the EU has liberal laws that DON’T need censorship. In all these countries there have been fights in the past to fight for that freedom and I find it insulting you think so light of that.

  • This BS again… EUROPE IS NOT A COUNTRY!!!! THERE ARE NO COMMON REGULATIONS FOR EVERYONE! Only european country with strict VG laws is Germany! So stop lying! You don’t even have the common decency to apologize to your EU fans you troll them instead.

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