Last chance to pre-order BEYOND: Two Souls

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Lead image Advanced Experiments

There’s little more than a week left to pre-order our Special Edition for BEYOND: Two Souls.

The steel book Special Edition will feature the ‘Advanced Experiments’ additional playable scene. In this scene you will test your rapid problem-solving skills as you guide Jodie and the mysterious entity Aiden through a series of tough training missions. Over the course of 30 minutes of additional gameplay you will determine your ability to use your brain while keeping an ice-cool head in high-pressure situations.

In addition, the Special Edition will include the soundtrack comprising the four main themes from the game, and four exclusive Making Of videos featuring writer/director David Cage and actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

And lastly, you’ll also receive a BEYOND: Two Souls PS3 dynamic theme and PSN avatar bundle.

Watch our Special Edition dedicated trailer below:

Check with your local retailers to pre-order BEYOND: Two Souls now. And make sure to download the demo on PlayStation Store from Wednesday 2nd October.

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  • Will hold of pre-ordering this :/. That you have the embargo for the reviews the same day the game releases is NOT a good sign.

    Hopefully I will be proven wrong because I really hope the full game will be good.

  • If the Soundtrack is even half as good as HR it will be awesome :) hope the dynamic theme is as good as HRs Rain theme :) tried the US demo its amazing

  • Pre-ordered this some time ago. Looking forward to this. The Steelbook looks awesome.

  • I cancelled my preorder based on SCEE’s roll out of the demo. A demo is a method of getting people interested in a game. You get it out to as many people as possible not a select few. When you control you plays the demo people automatically think it’s a poor game.

  • Day one digital version, or i’ll be probably pass on it until next year.

  • I only buy special edition of exceptional and unique games and this will definately join them

  • Is the making of spoiler free?

  • In other words it’s out in just over a week,
    but you’ll be able to get the special edition steelbook at any time after that “while stocks last” no doubt!

  • Amazon had the SE for £33 so it was a no-brainer.

  • Hi Ross.

    You still haven’t answered the questions from your last post.

    Mine was: Is Beyond censored in the EU like all the other recent SCE published games (The Last Of Us, God Of War: Ascension, Twisted Metal).

    But never mind, I found out that the German version is censored, which in turn means that the EU is censored seeing as SCEE only produce one EU version now, not individual countries.

    I look forward to reading your responses to the games press when they pick up on it.

  • @TheJungler

    I want to thank you for fighting for freedom and pursuing the truth at all costs.

    Most companies these days only care about the majority (aka sheeple) who praise them blindly, just because they are ignorant.

    Eric from ND said on the US PS blog that the majority’s reception has been very good, therefore they don’t care. Check it out.

  • Digital version? Otherwise i would buy the disc version, but the PS3 laser broken :(

  • BREAKING NEWS! Beyond: Two Souls is confirmed to be censored for Germany (and therefore the entire EU due to SCEE’s policy of providing one version for the whole region.

    Sony, this is appalling! This French made piece of art need to be enjoyed in full! You mistreat your European customers due to laziness!! I cancelled my pre order.

  • Haha OttoT you got there before me!

  • I hope its not censored >:( punish germany, not us.

  • It’s censored? Are you kidding me?
    I’m canceling pre-order then.

  • I certainly hope the game is not censored in EU. I will wait a few days. If there is no official answer, I think I should cancel my 60€ pre-order of Special Edition; and maybe buy the regular game used for 10-20€. Just a note I rarely do pre-order games or pay this much. It’s just for Quantic Dream and uncensored version.

  • I really don’t get German……why isn’t any referendum about it?

  • nakano1987: where do you pay 60€? zavvi has it for 46€.

  • Heavy Rain Wasnt Censored. Maybe TLOU Was a 1 Off?

  • @medenko1975 I know, but UK version lacks Finnish subs. Otherwise Zavvi would have been my choice.

  • really? where did you order then? :)

  • From a Finnish web shop called Discshop. The special edition seems to be sold out so people cannot pre-order it anymore. CDON still takes pre-orders for 64.95€.

  • Correction €64.95 on is for the regular edition; their special edition costs €79.95. So I usually buy games from Zavvi as local prices tend to be much higher. For Beyond: Two Souls I just wanted to get the version with Finnish subs.

  • Pre ordered since reveal :p I’m getting the director’s cut edition for pre ordering :p Hope it’s a great dynamic theme again too, the Heavy rain one (with the black alley where it’s raining) is still my favorite dynamic theme and I almost never stop using it.

  • director’s cut? you mean special edition?

  • @medenko1975 I only know two editions the normal=regular (non-steelbook) and special edition (steelbook). And I pre-ordered the special edition which is in the picture above in this blog post.

    Ok. I guess Asia got the director’s cut edition with glasses, but it’s not sold in EU/Finland as far as I know.

  • Oh, you were talking to Stonesthrow :) I thought my post was somewhat confusing.

  • So there is confirmed info that the German version of this game is censored. What about other EU versions???

  • While waiting the official news about censorship. If SCEE has now made the mistake to remove “elements” from the game,
    – first tell us what is removed. EU customers have the right to know before buying.
    – second provide a patch everywhere except Germany if content needs to be cut.

  • Don’t support censorship people! Make Sony understand that we don’t tolerate this in free European countries.

    Speak with your walltes. Let Sony feel that censorship is intolerable!

    You WILL get a cut and mangled version of Beyond: Two Souls if you buy the EU version. Sony does not give you the director’s original vision. A European game censored for the entire European market so that Sony can save a couple of bucks making a special version for Germany.

    Do NOT accept this! Say no to censorship!

  • What? Beyond is censored?
    I have this preordered for 80 Euro and would very much like to know in advance what exactly has been cut before paying this premium price!
    So please, someone from Sony respond to this!
    Otherwise I will cancel my preorder (which I would really hate because I am SO looking forward to this game!)

  • Beyond 2 Souls wont be censored as TLOU Was Censored only in MP not SP B2S is all SP. Stop making people worry.

  • @left4bread3

    You should start actually reading the links people are posting here before making statements like that which are completely untrue.

    It’s already been confirmed as having 2 scenes censored. And God Of War: Ascension’s cuts were all in the single player too.

  • @TheJungler

    All it says is that the german edition is censored, thats the only fact. He jumped to the conclusion that because TLOUs MP was censored in all of EU that B2S will be too (his opinion, not fact) did i miss anything?

  • Cancelled my pre order… I’m not supporting developers/publishers that delivery me incomplete games!

  • left4bread3
    u tink them make multy versions to Europe ?
    i do not tink so .
    to me the game comes out to late .

    gta v last game on ps3 ( sony ps4 date = to late ,lots of peopel are holding back nowh on lots of games )

    also cencore = not buy
    1 contry dificult = germany
    others need to sufer = no

  • @left4bread3 Beside the fact it’s confirmed it has been asked on almost every Beyond Two Souls post and every time they skipped this important but simple question.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been looking forward to this game for many years and would love to buy it. I’m even sure it’ll be a nice game despite the fact it’s censored. BUT I think a creative outing is a work of art and art should be perceived the way it was meant to be and that is in it’s original state. I’m sure David Cage will agree with me but Sony focuses on the German market and gives that version to the whole of Europe like they did with many titles! There is no logic in that and it’s disrespectful to the creator and the other customers in Europe. The fact that they are not open about it makes it even worse!
    If you think censorship is ok, go ahead. But I care because it’s wrong.

  • I just pre ordered this and now I learn that it’s CENSORED so what the hell has been removed? And why the hell is it full price over here? mabey I should get it second hand?

  • Do we have OFFICIAL confirmation about this?

  • @OttoT

    I didnt know about the other titles, so I know now that B2S will almost certainly be censored in all of EU. I apologise however I never said I was ok with censored games.

  • Thanks for the reminder, haven’t pre-ordered this yet so will do so first thing tomorrow, need to have a word with my local GAME about my PS4 bundle anyway.

    Also, can we please get some clarification on this whole “censorship” thing? The removal of gore from TLOU multiplayer didn’t really bother me for the brief time that I actually played it but the idea of key scenes of Beyond being changed for the EU is worrying.

    I’m not going to be drawn into complaining, but as someone who firmly believes that in some instances video games can be considered art, and censorship has no place in art. David Cage is one of the few people in this industry that creates things we can rightly call art, if we have to experience a diluted version of his vision then please enter into a discussion with us to explain that decision.

    Or alternatively do what was done for Saints Row 4’s “Rectifier” and send out codes that reinstate the original content.

  • cencored :/
    So does that mean you want me to spend my money on something, that I wont get the full experience as the creators of the game thought it should be, so I get the ugly little duckling instead, where I wake up the day after and wonder about my life choices ?
    no no no no

    In my ears that sounds like, we don’t want you’re money because we only want to sell games to countries with under developed laws of personal freedom of choises, I do not support that thinking and I am a firm beleiver that group punishments is something that is best left to thugs and criminals.

    in other words I’ll do as you wish and unbook my pre-order now :(
    I can just borrow the game from the library later on instead…

  • Correct title: “Last chance to CANCEL your pre-order”.

    I admire David Cage’s work, I’ve had this game pre-ordered, but I’m so glad I read this post as I will NOT support censorship in any way. That said, I’m cancelling my pre-order and I hope everyone in the EU would do so.

    It’s insulting that as an adult person, I’m given the right to drive a car, run a company, drink alcohol, smoke, watch porn and yet I’m not allowed to see a video game where someone may use the word “Nazi” in it… because what? I will suddenly become one?

    I wonder if this comment will make it through the censorship ;)

  • I have some new information which indicates that the US version may also have cuts in erotic scenes.

    Found it on a German online game shop. Here’s the product page:

    The red text explains it.
    My English isn’t perfect but I try to translate it as good as I can:

    “According to our information, in the European version of Beyond: Two Souls two scenes will be slightly cut. This affects all Eurpoean versions (UK, AT and so on), as always with Sony. Reportedly, the US version will be slighty cut in erotic scenes. This means, according to Sony, that there won’t be a real uncut version at all.”
    In the last sentence they just explain that they can’t offer the US version because it’s not allowed by Sony to import them.

  • @Keiyuu88

    I love you man, seriously.

    This is getting added to the post in an update, again i’m gonna give you credit for finding this – thanks!

    Weirdly I’d contemplated the possibility of this a while ago, but never gave it much credit, guess you shouldn’t overestimate the Americans either!

    They made the most ridiculous censorship in Fire Emblem for 3DS by placing a towel over the side of Tharja’s [DELETED]. She wasn’t even naked, just wearing something that didn’t cover the side of her leg, and they covered it up, so yeah I guess it figures!

  • If its the same for all then I guess we should not hurt the developers by boycotting the game. Lets give it a chance.

    You are hurting the wrong people buy cancelling pre-orders. Get a petition going. Look what happened this summer with NoDRM…

  • @29 except there was absolutely zero evidence to suggest Sony was ever considering drm. There’s no reason this game should be censored in the UK but they still expect is to pay full price, it’s absalutely pathetic and trust me I was willing to give this game a chance considering how much I hate elen page. But on the other side of the argument my feelings are “I don’t know what’s cut so how do I know what im missing out on, so do I still give this game a chance” :/

  • I wanted to order this, but i won’t…..I can put my hard earned 50€ to something else, SCREW YOU SONY.

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