Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer trailer and season pass details

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Today we’re excited to announce a new multiplayer trailer and a Season Pass for Killzone Shadow Fall. We’ll start with the new trailer, which provides an action-packed look at the multiplayer gameplay we have in store for you:

As you can tell we’re pulling out all the stops for Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer, and we already have a several forms of downloadable content planned for extensive post-launch multiplayer support. In addition to new competitive multiplayer maps – which, as we mentioned before, will be released for free – we’re also working on paid expansion packs that will further enhance your online experience.

To help you save on the first six expansion packs, we’re introducing the Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass. For just £15.99/€19.99, you will receive access to the following packs as they become available:

Online co-op expansion pack
Focusing on team play and intense combat, the online co-op expansion pack adds a new co-operative game mode in which you and up to three online friends must survive against impossible odds. Fight waves upon waves of enemies in four new arena maps, featuring a unique leveling system and new unlocks.

Three online co-op map packs
Each map pack consists of two brand-new arena maps you can play in co-op mode with your friends. Please note that these arena maps will only work with the online co-op expansion pack.

Two additional multiplayer expansion packs
We’ll reveal more about these additional multiplayer expansion packs when Killzone Shadow Fall’s launch date nears. Suffice to say they’ll offer many hours of additional multiplayer thrills!

But that’s not all – if you get your Season Pass for day one of Killzone Shadow Fall, you will also receive access to an exclusive OWL combat drone skin and a unique Multiplayer Spotlight move. Take advantage of this excellent value deal to maximize your online experience!


Keep a close eye on and PlayStation Blog, because we’ll have more Killzone Shadow Fall information soon.

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4 Author Replies

  • None Co-op MP maps are still free right? I stopped buying Map packs a few years ago because I cant stand the splitting up of players.

    • Killzone Shadow Fall will launch with 10 multiplayer maps. All the multiplayer maps that will be released as DLC will be free to everyone. The multiplayer expansion packs will be charged for however they do not divide the playerbase e.g. you will still be able to play with players who have not purchased the multiplayer expansion pack, they will have additional options.

  • looking forward to this game when it comes out!. Have to see about the season pass, once I know more.

  • No avatars or dynamic themd with the season pass? Shame. I will still pick this up. Between this and Ghosts, I will most certainly be busy

  • @vonhammer

    The text already has your answer, all MP DLC maps will be free, the co-op maps are paid content.

  • Yeah… No thanks! So much for free multiplayer maps. Not buying into this rubbish another gen :)

    • Killzone Shadow Fall will launch with 10 multiplayer maps. All the multiplayer maps that will be released as DLC will be free to everyone.

  • Good and smart move by SONY! a great value price and COOP sounds like a lot of fun!! I hope is really hard!!!
    This is how you do things!! It’s indeed the best FPS this year!

  • By the way this deals is also for the US? and how much it’s for us?

  • @Almighty Slayer The maps are free, co-op content is not

  • You guys need to show new MP Maps already!! and yes! I’m existed :)

  • Hey Poria, can the horde mode be played off-line, split screen?

  • I really hope ‘someone’ next Gen(i.e PS4 Gen) does a FPS with 4 player split-screen mode with Bots(Funny no one has done that this Gen??????) :(
    Thank GOD(hopefully) ‘TimeSplitters Rewind’ is coming to the PS4 soon with 4 player split-screen modes with Bots etc etc :P

    Anyway can’t wait to play KZ:SF :P It’s my DAY 1 Game with the PS4;)

  • @Poria Torkan



    I honestly didn’t see that line when I first looked, that’s why I asked. But good that it’s cleared up, and huge props for GG for doing what I consider the right thing.

  • Horde-mode as DLC? Come on, Guerrila surely you can do better than that. Or you better bring some unique spin/tweak on it, but your customers/fans won’t know it if you don’t tell us.

    You haven’t sold this proposition very well yet, that’s for sure.

  • Paid onlide co-op is a huge disappointment. No more Killzone on the release date for me anymore.

  • Guerilla Games are the giants of FPS, Polyphony the giants of Simulation Racer and Naughty Dog/Quantic Dream, the giants of immersive, interactive emotional storytelling innovations only possible on PlayStation. ;) Btw Guerilla I know you’ll probably not answer but when did you guys first discover the Killzone Franchise? ;) :)
    Also can’t wait for Shadow Fall, going to be the greatest FPS experiance no-one has ever experianced before. ;)

  • You all MP for FREE ,if anybody thinks this is not a good deal ,lets just dumd comes too mind .
    No company has done this as far as i know and ive been here from day 1 .They have to try and get some cash back after lanuch ,best off it will not affect MP .
    G G you lead the way hope others follow suit.
    By the way KZ the dogs nuts.:)

  • THIS IS the reason I’m getting a PS4 day 1!! was going to wait, till xmas or beyond as my two kids cost a fortune on Xmas day, but it will be going on the CC lol

    After the masterpiece that is Killzone Mercenary on my Vita, I’m salvating for some more Killzone Bring on the 29th Nov!!!

    Pity the yanks get it a full 15 days earlier than us, so my question for you GG is will you offer us E.U customers any thing as an extra bonus to make up for those cruel days we have to wait??

    seeing as you are a E.U based studio and all that jazz…..

    Oh and are we getting any DLC for KZM anytime soon??

  • i have to agree with vonhammer as not everyone can afford a lot of map pack which excludes players from some matches and splits up players in to categorys, those who can afford to buy them and those who cant
    id like to see at least most of the map packs free considering the price we pay for games, its one of the many reasons im not bothering with gta5, when it comes online there is a lot of pay to play content coming, rumors of whole new areas taken from red dead and other gta games
    its time that publishers saw that not everybody can afford them
    and if you buy a game on day or week one i think you should get it all for free, maybee make people pay if they’ve bought a second hand copy cheap months down the line but this will never happen as micro transactions are a multi million dollar industry themselves now, there are dedicated teams of programmers that instead of creating the next great game are squandering their talents creating map packs
    rant over

  • @Carl-G
    i aggree a 4 split screen would be brilliant its something a lot of modern day games are missing.
    the fun i used to have with my mates playing TIMESPLITTERS 2 or GOLENEYE are memories i cherish and bots to make up the odd spot is another lost piece of gaming

  • The coop mode, etc… will be out the first day?

  • Video @ 1;15

    Still don’t understand the policy on game spines and peoples complete ignorance of it when they comment on box art. Whats the part of the box we see the most – as in ALL the time? The spine. And why do we in Europe not have the same spines as the USA? We always get PS2 type rubbish black n white font whereas in the US they get the games ACTUAL logo/emblem/font on the spine just like the front.

    Why does it change for us SCEE?

  • You guys still have the problem where your character’s perspective is shorter than everyone else. Why can’t you guys ever fix it?!!

  • Possible for you guys to include the season pass as part of a collectors edition version of the game?

  • @Coody-Baroody easier to modify the label spine for multiple languages if its plain text.

  • If I ask nicely would you let me have this early :)

  • Co op Killzone?! You just made my day! Definitely picking up this season pass. Any chance those additional multiplayer expension packs contain new weapons? :p Always good to have more guns in a shooter. Hoping for atleast one new assault rifle for each side in the game as well. And thank you for making the extra multiplayer maps free, that way you don’t seperate paying players from others, and I’m sure they’ll be of the same high quality as always.
    Can’t wait to play this as my launchgame :p

  • @Dsquad3 Because then you would basically be doing headshots while hipfiring.. These guys are obviously masters at balancing and very attentive to details.

  • As someone that is a big fan of the series (and owns Kz1/2/3/3 multiplayer/Liberation/Mercenary…as well as all DLC packs for 2+3), I’ve already pre-oredered KzSF, and I’m disappointed that before it’s even released, GG are already asking for preorders for DLC. I’d rather see more commitment from the team towards the initial game release, and focus on DLC after ensuring an awesome start to life with the Helghast on ps4.

    I find it a bit insulting to preorder a game that’s likely to cost £50, to go with a console that’s gonna cost £350, and on the same day fork out another £20 for content that wont even be available at launch. :(

  • if i buy the shadow fall ps4 bundle from germany ( will my killzone game be in german or can i somehow set it to english?

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