PlayStation Plus in October: Far Cry 3, Street Fighter X Tekken lead the way

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Hi everyone! We’ve got another fantastic month lined up for our PlayStation Plus members this October. Don’t forget, if you visit the PS Store and purchase a one year membership before 20th September we will give you an additional 90 days at no extra cost* – that’s 15 months for the price of 12 (€49.99/£39.99)!

New PlayStation 3 games:

This October PlayStation Plus will be bringing another huge title to our members – Ubisoft’s FPS masterpiece Far Cry 3.

In this open world adventure you take on the role of Jason Brody, a young man stranded on the lawless tropical paradise of Rook Island, a place ruled by piracy and misery. After escaping the clutches of the mentally unstable, slave trading, pirate leader Vaas, Jason must transform himself from coward to killer in an attempt to save his family and friends.

Next up, from the very talented team at Black Forest Games we have eccentric platformer Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, the successor to the 1987 Commodore 64 title The Great Giana Sisters.

You’ll play as plucky Giana, who enters the dark, dangerous Dream World to rescue her sister who’s been abducted by a giant dragon. Harness the power of Giana’s dreams to jump between her “Cute” and “Punk” personas, in an effort to be reunited with her sibling.

Giana Sisters

Your final PS3 offering for this month is Capcom’s action RPG Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen! For those that missed Dragon’s Dogma the first time around, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen provides the opportunity to start your journey from the very beginning before tackling the all-new content.

New quests await the Arisen on the cursed island known as the Bitterblack Isle. You will face fearsome new enemies and discover valuable treasures in this adventure of epic proportions!

Dragon's Dogma

New PS Vita games:

First up for PS Vita is the crossover dust-up Street Fighter X Tekken, which leverages elements from both series to deliver a beautiful brawler for our favorite handheld device.

And last but certainly not least, Touch My Katamari completes our October update. Roll up some fun with this portable entry in the beloved Katamari franchise.


As usual, our PS Plus members will also be privy to some great additional discounts over the next few weeks so make sure you keep an eye on PlayStation Blog for regular updates, including some huge savings on Worms and Alien Breed titles, kicking off with 50% off Worms Revolution from 25th September until 8th October.

In summary
Leaving PS Plus:
25th September: Assassin’s Creed 3
25th September: Saints Row the Third
25th September: Payday: The Heist
25th September: Urban Trials
25th September: New Little Kings Story

Entering PS Plus:
25th September: Far Cry 3
25th September: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
25th September: Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen
25th September: Street Fighter X Tekken
25th September: Touch My Katamari

If you are not currently a Plus member, visit our PlayStation Plus site  to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about a one year subscription to the Instant Game Collection all for a one-off payment of just £39.99/€49.99.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

*Please note offer applies for purchases via the PlayStation Store only. Existing users are able to stack their membership and a one year membership equates to 365 days.

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