Grand Theft Auto V PULSE headset and PULSE Manager app out today

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Today sees the release of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V , as well as the release of the exclusive Grand Theft Auto V Wireless Stereo Headset for PS3.

This headset includes all of the great features experienced on the existing PULSE wireless stereo headset  such as BassImpact technology, virtual 7.1 surround sound and a crystal clear built-in noise cancelling mic.

In addition, the headset also comes loaded with a special Grand Theft Auto V Sound Mode. This sound mode enhances immersion by letting players use both sound and vibration to sense the impact of bullets, helping to locate incoming gunfire in hectic shootouts; as well as a vibration-based heartbeat to indicate low health, and additional effects to enhance explosions, crashes and much more.

We are also pleased to announce that today the PULSE Manager app for PS3 will also be released across SCEE. Download the app for free from the PlayStation Store to get the most from your PULSE wireless stereo headset with additional pre-set sound modes optimised for games, movies and music.


Different sound modes can be transferred onto your headset to boost your BassImpact and 7.1 virtual surround sound experiences, enhancing everything you hear through your headset.
Preset sound modes include: game, music, movie, shooter, racing, fighting, techno, hip-hop, action and horror.

There are also bespoke pre-set sound modes designed to produce the perfect acoustic environment in some of your favourite games. Become even more immersed in the action and get the ultimate audio advantage in titles like The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and the already mentioned, Grand Theft Auto V.

The Grand Theft Auto V Wireless Stereo Headset is available in selected stores from today.

The PULSE Manager app can be downloaded from today for free on the PS3 and is available from the PlayStation Store. The app is compatible with the existing PULSE Wireless stereo headset and the Grand Theft Auto V edition.

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  • Is this headset compatible with the PS4 too?

  • Will this PULSE Manager app for PS3 be compatible with the Official PS3™ Wireless Stereo Headset (the first one)?

  • Yes it is compatible with PS4.

    No the Pulse manager does not work with the original Wireless headsets.

  • What stores can I buy this in?

  • where can I buy? How much does it cost?

  • Finally. Been waiting for the app for months.

  • Took SCEE less than 2 years to get Pulse app on our PSN, keep up good work.

    Maybe we’ll get youtube application before 2020, yay!!!

  • Will pulse headset work on PS4 without the Bluetooth dongle?

  • I’m living in Malaysia will it be available there?
    I want it so bad

  • This app is compatible with the WIRELESS STEREO HEADSET 7.1 SONY (The older version of the official headset)?

  • Will the the Official PS3™ Wireless Stereo Headset (the first one) be compatible with the PS4?

  • FINALLY!!! What took you so long?

  • DO NOT buy this headset, it’s a waste of money! It’s decent but it’s nowhere near as good as the Astro mixamp and some audiophile headphones, nothing else comes close if you want the best experience. If you can’t afford it, save your money until you can, just don’t waste it on sub-par headsets like these.

  • That’s great news, I’ve been asking about the APP for a few months, happy it’s finally arrived.
    A lot more games could do with having their own mode, a perfect example of this is Assasins Creed 3. The effects and general sounds are fine but the speaking parts sound slightly distorted and very tinny.
    Let’s just hope the PS Pulse will be fully compatibly with the PS4.

  • Great headset, but you guys should try to get applications to Europe a lot faster… The Americans have had this for ages now, same goes for the YouTube app (we got it around 6 months late iirc)

  • Took you long enough with the app. I got it from US PSN months ago. SCEE is so full of fail.

    The Pulse headset is great and the sound quality is very good. The build quality is a bit plasticky, but not offensively so.

    Don’t listen to supvic, he sounds like an audio-snob. Of course you can always buy better and more expensive gear, but a pair of 1000€ Beyerdynamic T1 headphones is not what everybody needs.

  • Supvic is talking nonsense. For what Sony Pulse is costing, it is a great headset. You can always buy something twice as expensive, or even more and have a better product.

    But for its price it is basically unbeatable. Especially as its fully portable, it works with PSVita too and the PS4 too.

    Finally the Pulse app on EU PSN. Already got it from USA PSN for some time.

    I ordered the headset at a Dutch online retailer for 99 Euro, but now they’re telling me its sold out. Strangely the same Sony Pulse is on their website, but now for 134,99 Euro. I’m mailing them that they gotta deliver, as a seller and a buyer we have made a deal for that price. Hope they’ll ship it soon. Can’t wait to try out the special sound modes for The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite!

    Sony should push more big games to get the special sound presets, aside from GTAV all upcoming stuff including GT6 and DriveClub!

  • I’m very interested in this headphone but was wondering if there are also non leather like cushions available because these make my ears sweaty.
    I’m also wondering if the app recognises what game you are playing and if you can select something so it’s taking use of the special settings or if you have to go into the menu every time you are going to play the game.

  • I gotta say I’m really disappointed with these things. I’ve had the original Playstation headsets since they released and they have been fantastic! These well……..

    1 These are by far THE most uncomfortable headsets I’ve EVER worn! There is no padding on the headband, there is little to no padding on the earcups, the leather on the earcups is worse than the leather you find in cheap american cars. The ear cups themselves are so small, I don’t exactly have big ears but even my ears are getting crushed in them. The cups are far too shallow too, it feels like I’m sleeping on my subwoofer! There too tight as well. All this, in 1 hour, gave me the biggest splitting headache i’ve ever had the misfortune of putting up with! Not exactly the “pleasure” you expect when dropping $180 bucks on something!

  • 2 Sound quality is pretty mediocre. The headsets are not very loud at all. There is WAY too much bass! Then turn the bass technology on, and standing still in GTAV, YES STILL, and the whole headset rumbles your head off its socket! Let alone explosions and gunfire. I can’t even open the weapon wheel, the bass is just too much it instantly gives me a splitting headache. Everything sounds really far away too, you don’t get the sense of surroundings that other headsets give you.

    3 What’s with the microphone? The original had a slide out boom mic, this is built into the ear cup? Really? Now forgive me I have not used it, so it’s a bit unfair to pass judgement, but I find it quite disgusting to see something like that on a $180 dollar headset! I find it very hard to believe it’s going to give the quality expected from a $180 headset.

  • I’m so disappointed, after using the original and loving it for so long, I really thought this would be a massive step up. But it’s not, it’s a massive step back!
    Please, Playstation, please give your fans a actual proper Sony gaming headset! PS4 only 2 months away from release, give it a headset that brings the sound quality, build quality, and comfort of your MDR-1 headphones. This has such cool software features, and the specific game profiles are super cool. But that means nothing when the headsets are so uncomfortable, flimsy, and poor sound quality!

    Suffice to say I’ll be taking these back to EB tomorrow during my lunch break.
    And will be waiting for the Audio Technica ATH-AG1. Tried them out at PAX in July sounded amazing, and were so comfortable!

  • @Muzzar

    Are you nuts? I’ve tried the old Sony headsets and the new Pulse Elite. And the latter one is improved in every area…

    They were loud when I had them on and the bass/rumble functionality you can turn down right?

    The build in mic in the ear cups worked fine for me when I tested it. Like it much more than the external mics. This headset I can wear outside when I want, the 1st headset looks retarded with the mic when you wear it outside.

    I really don’t see how this is a step back. or do you mean the specific GTAV version of the Pulse?

  • @Muzzar
    If you get those Audio Technica instead of Sony then you dont know what true sound quality is. You are aware that Sony is a sound company arent you? So you’d rather have those than the leading corporation on sound and also to back my point have you ever heard of a man called Simon Cowell? He is a music entrepuener and works for Sony, he too is a leading man in sound. You want the best sounding headphones, Sonys, you dont want terrible and horrible Audio Technicas. ;)

  • Does anyone know if the build quality on this version has improved over the non GTA V version? Having read multiple Amazon reviews of the original PULSE they all indicate that the case cracks very easily. I am interested in buying but not if they crack after a month or so. Some even said on first use!!!

  • Great headset but i am sad that the app had to take sooooo long to get to eu psn

  • @25

    Sad, why? You could just easily get it/dl it from USA PSN… Not that hard to make/use an American PSN account now is it.

    Not saying that Sony should have dropped that app earlier, but still.


    The first headset had some quality problems indeed, from all the user reviews and official reviews I read this Pulse (Elite) headset is very high quality.

  • So disappointed with these, infinitely worse than px5s. Save up if you can’t afford because there’s a reason Turtle Beach lead the gaming headset market. True surround is so much better than Stereo claiming to be 7.1!

  • @23, you are incredibly deluded, it’s cringe worthy..

  • @27 you’ve got no idea what sound quality means, Turtle Beach is NOT the leader in the headset market, Astro is, by a LONG shot.

  • @27 & 29

    Why do I get a feeling you both never tried the new Sony Pulse, but are just fanboys of some certain other headset you bought that you need to spam?

    Again, this is a headset that cost one around 100 to 125 Euro and all reviews are saying it has excellent sound etc. Just stop the spamming of double the price headphones. Its stupid.

  • I cannot find this app on the AU store. Am I not looking hard enough? Help!

  • Where can I get these in the UK?

  • @muzzar69 Yours are faulty.

    Mine are plenty comfortable with ample padding on the band and the cups.

    Mine sound amazing and go very loud (I never use them at full volume and I like my sound LOUD).

    Can’t comment on the mic – haven’t used it.

    I’d suggest getting another pair and trying them out as I love mine – I’ve had several friends try them and they literally bought a pair the same day.

    As a side note, mine are not the GTAV branded ones but should be otherwise the same.

  • I was nearly sucked into buying these just for the nice green V and the brand. I have the orig 7.1 Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset and they could heve much better sound (esp bass wise). It’s just obviously reading Muzzars helpful warning posts carefully he has thought about what he is saying, he has the earlier Pulse headphones and he is not happy. Do I really want to waste a whole $NZ238 on these (at EB here. the “exclusive” a monopoly: no wonder such a rip off). The orig ps3 Pulse are $NZ177 at Mightyape. Its it worth paying a whole extra sixty dollats just for a bit of green and a V? What else do these do that the orig Pulse do not, otherwise I shall buy those?

  • Searched the store and I can not find this app. In which section it is or it is just not available in Israel. Is it so…? I mean it is not a bloody and violent game, it is an app for expansive headset and why I, as a customer, can not utilize it?

  • Sorry, I found the app, there is no shortcut in any section, you have to search for Pulse manager then you will find it

  • Cool little app, i must of caught a break last week as i picked this Pulse-Headset up from Argos for £63, not sure if thats cheap/or was last week, but looking at above prices i guess i got them at right time, only issue (so far) is they take long time to charge up battery, especially if you let em get very low, looking at nearly 4 hours wait, i heard someone saying there were other game presets, in US app, was looking to play Uncharted3 with them but no sign of that preset, do they just remove/replace them after so long ?.
    Haven’t used them on my vita yet, but can imagine they’ll improve the experience a great deal.

  • My order for 99 Euro has been granted. The Sony Pulse (normal edition which looks better than the GTAV branded one IMO) is arriving overhere tomorrow!

    Gonna have a good time with it on my PS3 and PSVita and later this year PS4 and the special presets for games from the Pulse app!

  • rage!!!!

    my dualshock broke on me last night, no problem i think and plug in a 3rd party pad i have, try to drive in gta and its impossible due to the deadzones in my rubbish pad (you sway over the road due to constantly having to flick the stick to try stay centered)

    i have the most anticipated game of the year and i cant use it, how ironic lol

  • @hayzink

    I’m sorry to hear that mate, thats pretty much the worst thing one can happen! Run to the nearest shop for a replacement DS3, go go go ;-)

  • @TheMART

    no pennies but i have plans afoot.

    to be fair i have plenty of stuff to play on vita and ps3 games where tight controls are not an issue so ill crack on with them while my friends list mocks me with everyone playing gta

  • For all those that come in here with different/more expensive brands headsets, this PushSquare review of Sony Pulse sums it up perfectly:

    “Although the price tag (which, according to an online search, can be as high as £129.99) might seem excessive – especially when compared to some of the low-end cans you acquire these days – it’s actually a very decent price for a headset of this quality.

    We’ve used a wide range of headphones in our quest to locate the ultimate personal audio experience for our gaming sessions, and the Pulse Headset beats all challengers hands-down. The quality is fantastic, the mic works very well (and is mercifully hidden) and the way in which the unit integrates with the PS3 itself – including on-screen messages – is how this kind of thing really should be done.

    If you’re one of those PS3 owners who wants to get the full audio experience but can’t wake the dead with an expensive, wall-shaking surround sound system, then this is your best option.”

    And this is when reviewed on a pricelevel of 130 pounds. I’ve seen them on Amazon UK for as low as 90 pounds. I bought it and receive it tomorrow for 99 Euro. So there you go

  • @hayzink

    Damn mate. How about selling some used games back to the store to make pennies and get that new DS3?

    Lol man, you got GTAV in your hands and your friendlist is playing it/they are mocking you haha. Borrow a DS3 from a friend, do something!

  • @TheMART

    i could play it fine with that pad until i started to drive, unless the shooting becomes harder later in the game i think i could do all those type of missions but the driving is impossible :(

    think im out of luck for a few days as i sold of my games to re finance a new vita (well worth it got a great deal) i must be getting old anyway as the first section of the game kinda annoyed me they say the f word prob about 100 times in that mission and im kinda past swearing all the time (trust me being from glasgow swearing just seems to be part of our standard vocabulary) im still going to play and enjoy the game its just it seemed a bit overkill at the start.

  • Ah damn dude. Although getting a new Vita isn’t bad either! What happened to our old one?

    I hear ya on the overuse of the f word, or swearing in general. I ain’t a shabby type or against it at all too, but some games seem to lean to heavily on it.

    Actually last GTA I enjoyed was GTA3, GTA4 to me felt boring. DIdn’t even take the effort to buy GTAV, but thats just me. Enjoying other games on PSVita and soonish The Puppeteer on PS3 too much. Can’t wait for Tearaway either. All those shooters and other games that need violence to succeed, I prefer to play the most creative games. But well that is a personal thing these days I guess.

    Anyways, I hope you will be able to enjoy your GTAV soon. Maybe a friend will drop by to have you lend his DS3… Its that I am living too far off on mainland EU, otherwise I’d brought you one of mine hah

  • TheMART, the definition of a fan boy is someone who can’t accept a viewpoint other than their own, you fit that description. I’ve tried both Sony 5.1 and 7.1 headsets which I thought were great, but once I tried the Astro mixamp with my own headset, it made me realise how bad the Sony headsets really are. I’m just saying save your money until you CAN afford it, it’s not hard unless you have no discipline.

  • supvic
    u can not exept sony 5.1 -7.1 to lower price be good like more expensife other one .

    I learnd you need to be looking more what u have instead of looking whath you not have ;)

    U have quality en quality agry but expensife one also can go broken ath same lifespan ore faster .

    u buy 1 pair shoes ath 100€ tem are great buth them are broke after 4 month
    i buy miself 5 x 20 € shoes them are not great buth good but i do 2 jears whith mi shoes . ath the end i have good shoes + good good valu to mi wallet .

  • @46 sup

    You got reading problems. For what this headset costs, I got it for 99 Euro, there is NO competition. It has good/great sound as the reviews say. They aren’t bad. There is always better. How about you don’t drive your Peugeot, Opel, Audi… But you save your money until you can buy a Ferrari?

    I feel fine spending 100 Euro on a good headset. I don’t feel fine spending 200 or more. I could buy a 200 or 300 Euro costing headset today. I wouldn’t like to spend half the price of a new PS4 on just a headset. I also enjoy the specific software features (on screen showing of batterylevel, mic on/off, volume etc) which NO other headset gives me. Also, I own the Sharkoon Xtatic 5.1 headset, which runs through a dolby digital 5.1 device, but its all wired, needs power bricks. I want to go fully wireless.

    You can ALWAYS find something better. Why don’t you save some more money to buy an ever better headset that is double the price of your Astro? The definition of a fanboy is someone with another product, that can’t see the features why some people love this product and just go on and on how much better their product is sounding.

  • @themart


    all i had to do was adjust the sensitivity(by alot) and i can now use my spare pad no problems so it sat there unplayed for 5 days for nothing :(

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