Killzone Mercenary: New video and week one multiplayer stats!

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A week after Killzone Mercenary’s launch, one of the great things to see is how so many different people play the game in so many different ways. Looking at the stats I can see that the M82 and the silenced STA-52SE are the weapons of choice for a lot of people, each racking up 5M+ kills already, but digging deeper it’s great to see that some of the other weapons are being wielded very effectively.

I’d expected my personal favourite – the STA-14 – to be topping the headshot charts, but it’s actually being pipped at the post by the up close and personal touch of the silenced STA-18SE. It seems there are a lot of you out there who really don’t want to show up on the radar! No doubt those people have already bought the Infiltrator Armour as well.

If you want to check out some of the stats for yourself then take at look at Blackjack’s on the official Killzone Mercenary site.

There are so many games going on at such a furious pace that I reckon half those involved haven’t taken the time out to look at the beautiful scenery. Given that the artists and graphics coders here are pretty proud of what they’ve created we thought it best to create a video to show off some of the scenery. So here it is – we’re calling it the Beauty Pass video, but it’s really just an excuse to show off some of the various locations within the game.

If you’re already playing then I hope you like watching what’s been going on in a blur as you notch up yet another kill, and if you haven’t played yet then I hope you like what you see and dip your toes in. Just be careful – people are getting pretty accurate with that STA-14!

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  • Is it true that the pre download has been pushed to the 16th? Waiting for an official statement :/ I guess ill have to cancel my pre order if its true.. Sorry for the off topic

    • I’m afraid I don’t have an update for you today. When I do have news I will pass it on.

      Let’s stay on topic please – thanks!

  • Amazing game! Just popped the 10,000 headshots trophy today and working on the 100mp matches for the platinum!
    Personally my loadout for mp is LS57 Rifle purely for damage and rate of fire, VC9 for crowd control and distance shots (don’t need much accuracy!), Supply Armor for quicker Vanguard charging and extra nades and ammo (better protection armor doesn’t really make a difference online), and of course the good old proximity mines!

    The game is excellent and I rated it a 9/10 but it does have a few issues.
    When playing mp you should be able to vote maps, pick teams when in or out of a party and why can’t we just have normal voip chat in game?
    Any word on new mp maps or modes?

  • Oh and the Mantys system for my loadout ;)

  • Superb game. Please release DLC – especially more maps for multiplayer and maybe 6v6?

  • Such an awesome game. You guys sure put Nihilistic Software to shame and this is what I’m talking about. Console quality first person shooter. Hope to see more games like this in the future. =D

  • @TheBeztOfus

    You’ve already been warned by Fred, are you trying to get youeself banned?

    Anyway, Loving KM so far Geurilla. Still going through Singleplayer challenge modes before I touch online. :)

  • Sorry to go off-topic on this, but I thought this would be of interest:


    As for Killzone: I find the work done on the title impressive, even if it isn’t my kind of game. Congrats on the game Guerrilla, and best of luck :)

  • Yep, GTA V pre-load is shifted to 16.9., btw can’t get into Killzone somehow..:-/

  • Ah, I see TheBeztOfUs got voted in for another term as “President of all Sony Fans”. Congratulations. Please continue speaking for all of us.

    Killzone: Mercenary is an absolute blast. Looks so good on the OLED screen and is the best FPS I’ve played in some time, regardless of platform.

    Just completed the campaign last night and will be getting back into some multiplayer this weekend. Great work guys. Looking forward to Shadowfall too.

  • The gta5 preload isnt shifted they werent able to figure out the problem so they just changed the date.

    Again it will not charge the pre-order or download it on monday until they fix the issue.

    Fred needs to go this blog is only for promotion no customers ever get help or info on the problems they have with purchases and downloads.

  • NIHILISTIC needs to take pointers from Cambridge, this is what an FPS is supposed to be on vita, Super glued to it, I bought it for MP and u guys did an AMAZING JOB on campaign, PLZ RELEASE DLC’S at some point!!!!

    In case I wasn’t clear enough =)

  • Stunning game.

    Decent campaign too, so much better than the campaigns in battlefield and cod (snooze fests).

    Very solid MP experience too.


    pmf (murky killzone)

  • Downloaded the double xp dlc but not sure I actually got double xp !?

  • A brilliant brilliant game! It’s the best fps mp I have played in a pong while.

    One glitch is that the melee counter keeps resetting so its impossible to get anything other then repeated bronze medals. Also the multiplayer stats screen doesn’t show any friends stats. I’m also unsure how to accept an invite without leaving the game and then having to load the game fully because mp doesn’t work after you return to the home screen.

    However, they are minor glitches – I don’t have a preferred loadout yet because I’m working through the gold medals on each weapon.

  • Yea I love the series but there really need to be some more assault rifles! The M82 has always been my favorite (especially the silenced 3 burst shot version from KZ3) and the STA-52 my second favorite (especially in KZ1 when it had a secondary shotgun), but those have been the only real assault rifles in the entire series. There’s always a decent amount of snipers, submachine guns, even shotguns.. Have been expecting atleast one new assault rifle for both sides for a while now and always end up wrong :d Also wish we could customize the weapons ourselves and decide to go with a silencer or not for every weapon. Love the 3 burst submachine gun in Mercenary too, the only close combat weapon that really works for my playstyle. Sorry to say the STA-14 is probably my least favorite in Mercenary, as I have real trouble trying to get the bullet detection down with that one and popping those headshots.
    The number of multiplayer maps needs to go up too because the smaller maps on Vita won’t interest me as long as usually. So more maps for DLC and maybe some new assault rifles and machine guns? Pretty please? ^^

  • The online tracking isn’t tracking stats as it should. It hasn’t registered most of my online games, still says I haven’t completed the campaign and my total earnings showed is way of the mark.
    How does the update to your servers work?

    And then theres an issue with connecting to online games. If I don’t close the game and start up fresh you only get connection error. Many others have had this issue.
    I also experience loss of sound in almost every round. Only way to get it back is by dying.

    Good game that I enjoy, but many small issues bring down the experience.

  • This game is an amazing technical achievement, I’m actually more impressed with this running on Vita than anything I’ve seen on the PS4 up to this point – taking expectations towards portable hardware and next-gen consoles into account.

    The game is not only a looker, it’s also very fun to play.

    I hope the suits at Sony don’t kill off Guerilla Cambridge, like they did with everyone else who made quality Vita games. R.I.P. Studio Liverpool! WipEout was too good for the world.

  • The game needs more stuff to buy like maybe mp skins and stuff. As it stands you can nearly everything after a run through the campaign and I now have over 500k and nothing to buy!
    I guess you guy are waiting to see how popular the mp is before adding more stuff?

  • Can you fix the match making? NZ users find it hard to get a full team, normally its only 2-3 people.. Its not fun. Need at least 6-8 players to enjoy MP.

  • What about the preponderance double xp not working? Signed in & played online but still never got it.

  • Matchmaking needs a revamp for NZ. It’s near impossible to find a game with more than 3 people. Majority of the game modes are always empty.

  • Also needs host migration so annoying when host quits 19mins into a 20min warzone and everyone gets kicked losing everything earned.
    Never got my preorder double xp even though the code worked, and why do USA get an extra gun for preorder bonus when the game is made here?
    The website stats are way way off. Says I’ve earned 120K when my game says over 700K. Fav weapon is wrong, as well as completion (only need 2 trophies).

  • Sorry for all the posts lol!
    When there is no active triangle prompt present it would be cool if you could fire Porcipine missiles with triangle and also Mantys engine should be able to destroy all other Ariel drones!

  • The game is absolutely amazing. And a lot of fun i mp if there are no connection issues.

  • Somethings is wrong with those stats. Just look at deadliest weapon, primary and select StA-3 LMG – accuracy is 132,702,300%. Anyway I played beta and game multiplayer is quite fun, but it can not be playet anywhere because of some Internet providers port restriction.

  • Excellent game but all enjoyment is negated by totally awful connection issues that see many users getting disconnected time and time again. GG are aware of this issue and are supposedly working on patching it but I have little hopes to be honest after they pretty much ignored similar issues with KZ3 (and the awful spawn trapping due to map design)

    At this point I’m ready to return my copy and cancel my pre-order of Shadow Fall.

  • l love the game BUT…
    The final big explosion as the ship crashes is laughably amateurish. Did someone run out of time or money?

  • absolutely no connection issues, excellent game, portable fps at its best. would like more maps, happily pay £10 for a couple

  • Just wanna thank the devs for an incredible game! It’s awesome. I hope we’re gonna see more AAA games like this one on Vita.

  • I think this game is awesome, BUT, as i’m hunting for te medals it anoys me that there are headshot medaps for the explosive weapons, I’ve tried, and i’m pretty sur that it’s impossible to get any. Also, how are you supposed to get headshots with the grenade launcher anyway? Please do fix that bug with the melee counter medal soon, too. Thanks.

  • Oops, I didn’t realise it was tripple kills til now. That’s embarassing =^.^=

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