Puppeteer launches this week – see the amazing original concept movie

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Hi everyone. At last, after more than three years of hard work, we finally get to release Puppeteer this Wednesday for PS3 (or on Friday in the UK). It’s a true labour of love and we can’t wait to see what you all think of it. Take a look at the launch trailer above to whet your appetite!

While you’re waiting to get your hands on the game, we thought that you might like to take a look at the original concept movie too. That way you can compare where we ended up (above) to where we started (below). As you can see, the original gameplay ideas of the puppet theatre and the scissors have remained as the core experiences. You might also notice how Japanese the whole thing looks. Check it out:

When I started with Puppeteer the idea was to take a lot of inspiration from Japanese culture and mash it up into a crazy game. I really like the look but I am glad that we decided as a team to move the art direction to where we are now. Mixing both western and Japanese influences and moving more towards a darker, grimmer fairy tale feel. Besides, it would have been hard to be as creative and crazy with the characters and the world if we had stuck to the original look.

I do have a soft spot for this concept video though, because I actually animated it myself with my good friend Anri. This was the last piece of animation that I did. After Puppeteer swung into production I had to concentrate heavily on the game, story and art direction. The funny thing about being an animator is that essentially you are a puppeteer!

Also I have to apologise because the voice over is my own voice…. so sorry. At least I was cheap. In fact I didn’t even pay myself, cheapskate.

Looking back over the three and a half years of production, Puppeteer has been a lot of fun to make. Half of me is glad that we have finally finished but the other half feels a little sorrow because I won’t be able to direct Kutaro on his crazy adventures anymore. The best thing is that finally you will all be able to play the game. I hope you have as much fun in the magically insane world of Puppeteer, as we did making it.

Right! I’m off to animate something else.

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