Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD coming soon to PSN

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After a staggering heap of popular demand, we are extremely pleased to announce that our first playable female Assassin, Aveline de Grandpré is set to arrive on PlayStation Network in beautifully re-mastered HD!

Originally released on PlayStation Vita, Assassin’s Creed Liberation has received a comprehensive overhaul in preparation for its debut on PS3. Aveline has quickly become a fan favourite within the Assassin’s Creed universe and we are excited to bring her machete-swinging, whip-snapping and pistol-wielding to a broader audience!

The groundbreaking AnvilNext engine returns to bring the steamy Louisiana bayou and mystical Mayan ruins to incredibly realistic life with its unique tree navigation system, detailed physics simulation and smooth animation.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD capitalises on the move to more powerful hardware in every possible way with improved graphics, add gameplay bonuses like new missions and re-mastered music and new sound effects!

Experience the Un-United States of America in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD!

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  • This is awesome news! I hadn’t gotten round to buying a Vita yet but always wanted to play this AC game. Looking forward to seeing how this looks on the PS3! Oh and will this allow for cross-play?

  • I can’t wait to play the AMAZING multiplayer again, it’s the greatest design marvel ever to come out of Ubisoft!

    What would I do without half-baked, half-efforts from Ubisoft?

  • It would be nice if they fixed the bugs on the vita version first. Oh well ….

  • Lol “popular demand”. No Gabe, people here on the “Playstation Blog” would love a follow up or another game to come to Vita. Not a revamped version 1 year and a half later for the console that will be my last gen console at that point.
    But thanks for trying. You need to go to Xbox sources with this news because any Xbox 360 owner will be delighted to get ANY game since GOW Judgment.

  • Hopefully you’ve overhauled the audio. It really was abysmal, sounded like it was resonating in a can.

  • Gabe, what’s the chances of using my Vita cloud stored savefile to get double trophies without having to replay the game?

  • How soon is “soon”?

  • So anything new in Liberation HD vs Vita version?

  • Why not give us some DLC for the Vita?

  • @Ullic_SAA

    Unlikely. They weren’t created in tandem with each other. Two completely different pieces of software.

  • Got to love these milking cows -.-‘


  • Will there be a retail version for Ps3 ?

  • Will we be able to have this before the release of AC4?

  • “re-mastered music and new sound effects” – EXACTLY what that game needed! Great game but was let down by the sound.

  • I feel like the vita version was a full priced beta for ps3. Do vita owners get the additional content?

  • Is there any chance that some of the improvements would find their way to Vita, too?

    AC:L is an interesting and pretty game on its own, but compared to its “big” bretheren falls a little short. Improved animations, new content, some graphical improvements would go a long way to turn it from good to brilliant.

  • So are they all going to start doing this? Kind of diminishes the point of having a Vita..

    In any case, I had mixed feelings about the game. Worst assassin by far, a spoiled lady brat. Ezio seems to have left a mark on the series, I always prefered the silent Altaïr. Gameplay wise I didn’t like the whole outfit thing either, it had its moments but I’d prefer a traditional AC. Felt much less free roam and more lineair.
    All in all it was a good game, just not a great AC game imo.

  • Well, I just got it for Vita and I hear this… :(

    At least I hope Vita owners can use the Connectivity feature or something for a special reward ;)

  • I was disappointed with this news when I heard the rumors this could happen. What I liked most about the game was that it was for the Vita only which made the Vita worth buying. Before I got my Vita I was looking this for PS3 but after playing this game I thought it was great with the Vita and didn’t need a PS3 version.

    If I had of known this would come to PS3, I wouldn’t have got the Vita version. What would even be the point of the Vita if they all come out for PS3 when I can get it for that instead for bigger screen and better sound? After all I’m pretty much already using it at home.

    I’m starting to question about buying anymore Vita games. I’m starting to think Killzone is my last. Wouldn’t be surprised now if it goes onto PS3/PS4 someday. I’m sure the rest will most likely come to PS3 too so seems just a waste of money buying a Vita game. Maybe I’ve made a mistake buying the Vita in the first place..

  • Forgot to add, the multiplayer was terrible. Please don’t make that multiplayer ever again in any future games. It was boring and dull which was very poor work. Give us something fun like the proper console games. We want to play not tap the same buttons on screen while watching some TV to pass the time.

  • Fair enough the sound EFFECTS needed a tweek here and there but PLEASE leave the soundtrack alone. Best AC Soundtrack ever and one of the best soundtracks of any game.

  • looking forward to it, but does anyone know if its crossbuy?

  • As great as it sounds, I can’t get rid of the horrible feeling that the Vita has just lost a rare exclusivity and a massive “reason to buy a vita” has just gone down the pan.

  • and also, they should have real ac multiplayer, not the liberation one. I REALLY want crossbuy so i can get it for free


    It won’t be crossbuy. The games have to be exactly the same. This is an HD Remaster, with overhauled audio and features.

  • @earlsignet

    I bought AC:L when it came out and while it was an OK game it was hardly ever a massive reason to buy a Vita. The game was too flawed and incoherrent to be any kind of system seller. And I bet that those who wanted the game already bought. I think it’s served its purpose. It’s not a game future Vita sales will be based on.

    I don’t even see its purpose on PC and consoles where there’s so many, much, much better games to play. This isn’t a “must experience” game in any kind of way whatsoever. It was OK for a portable title at the time it came out, I had some fun with it, but quite frankly it’s not good or interesting enough to warrant a release on systems overflowing with great games.

    This looks like a quick cash-grab and nothing more!

  • @cowbanana

    I appreciate what you are saying but a friend of mine recently bought a Vita for this game.

    However, that said, I think Liberation was OK but it had none of the polish or cinematics that the primary console versions have.

    To explain what I mean by horrible feeling – I’m hoping this isn’t a trend that they start. And I worried this means no PS Vita exclusive followup to Liberation. While I agree that Liberation isn’t a system seller, a polished sequel released only on the Vita could be provided it was done right.

    My comment on loss of exclusivity refers to the Liberation brand being PS Vita only and therefore it is now likely that any follow up will end up on both consoles. I’d rather see the sequel on Vita and have it sell more Vitas because we need as many high budget titles on Vita as possible.

  • I assume the “III” in the original title has been dropped because this is releasing nearer to “IV”?

  • I’ll pass. I’ve owned both Assassin’s Creed 1 and 3 (one came with my first PS3 and the other was a Plus freebie) and I’ve found them to be extremely tedious games despite the odd nice touch here and here.

    Though on the subject of a HD Vita game I wouldn’t mind the developers of Uncharted: Golden Abyss porting that over to PS3. Frustrating to own the game from my favorite game series of all tie as a PS Plus freebie but not being able to afford a Vita. Still, news of the new Vita is promising. I’m likely to buy that rather than a PS4 while waiting for the PS4 to actually get more games I’m willing to want (so far all I see for me is inFamous)

  • Mmmm played the original version and it was ok…. I’ll wait for the price to make my mind up.

  • Nice to see Liberation making the jump to PS3, I didn’t think it was a particularly good idea to buy a PS Vita for just one game. Will there be a retail version as well?

  • Really good new! I hope it’s not really expensive.

  • Wow, just wow… You don’t even fix the MANY problems with the Vita version but you find it’s just dandy to release a sparkly polished version on PS3?!? Way to kick loyal Vita owners in the teeth. You know, the ones who bought this at launch for 40 quid!?!?!
    I know this IP belongs to Ubisoft but what’s next Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush coming to PS3?!?
    Sony come out with the Vita TV [Japan Only] and now it seems bringing some of it’s exclusives to PS3. You really want there to be very little reason to own a Vita. It’s like you’re trying to kill it off completely!!!

  • Is it only digital?

  • I just bought it on Vita 2 days ago now I hear there releasing it on ps3 its slap in the face I got it as it the only way to play it now its not. I hope when I get around to play it the ps vita version was worth it

  • Such a shame they couldn’t keep this exclusive.

    Without more announcements of big games I’m not sure where the Vita is going because of the new Vita TV device and Remote play with PS4.

    A sequel on Vita would have been reassuring.

  • well it depends on the price – what is the incentive to buy it?

    On the vita the multi-player was horrible, watching paint dry was more thrilling. One of the dressing rooms was able broken and caused everything to go completely black.

    the mission with Connor, showed me how soporific a character he was and put me off ACIII.

    The game came free with my vita, but I have to agree with others. The vita has such a small amount of software that bringing a ps3 version out kind of negates the point of having a vita. Granted its probably true as well that next to no one is going to buy a vita just to play this game and anyone who did already did so. This is the kind of thing that occurs in the next generation (bringing games from older systems to newer ones otherwise in comes across as…to quote Perry Farrell “Cash in now!”

  • Will the ps3 version by free for psvita version buyer ? (Cross – buy)

  • so when every vita user complains that the vita shares all its games with ps3 and its preferable to play on the ps3, you decide to take away one of the only games that isnt on ps3?

    do you even want people to buy vita or is it just some kind of joke at sony to see how many people are stupid enough to buy it despite having no games…

  • #39 That ‘Vita has no games’ slogan is getting really old now. That’s probably why I have over 80 games on my Vita, am struggling to manage my games on my three memory cards, and spend more time on my Vita than on my PS3 nowadays.

    What you mean is ‘no exclusives’, and I really couldn’t care less about that. The vita is my playstation-in-a-pocket. And with PS4, it will become that even more!
    Sony is obviously trying to connect each playstation device to each other device, connecting them through remote-play, remote-everything, gaikai, the new VitaTV and everything.

    So, grow up, and buy the games you want on the platform you want, whether that is your Vita, VitaTV, PS3, or PS4. More buying options is always better!

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