Killzone: Mercenary hits stores this week!

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The beta trial is officially over, and we’ve prodded, poked and tweaked the code in response to your comments. Now it’s time to release the full game! This afternoon (Friday in the UK) Killzone: Mercenary will hit shops across Europe, Middle East and Australia, as well as our own PlayStation Store.


Here at Guerrilla Cambridge we’ve keenly monitored the forums and blogs to gather feedback from the hundreds of thousands of people who downloaded the public beta trial of Killzone: Mercenary – and we’ve been blown away by the amazing responses. Thank you so much to everyone who took part for getting involved and helping to make this game the best it can be.



When we first started developing Killzone: Mercenary for PlayStation Vita, the key thing that inspired us was the fact that the Vita is a handheld console with twin sticks, offering an ideal platform for the definitive handheld first-person shooter. We’ll leave it to you decide if we reached that lofty goal, but we’re certainly proud of what we’ve produced.

Killzone: Mercenary has a unique take on the Killzone FPS experience. In this game you’ll be treading the path between two factions and forging a career for yourself. Your every action is rewarded, so the better you play, the higher your pay-out in Vektan Dollars will be. Successful kills and completed contracts will bring you closer to buying that next item for your arsenal. Best of all, your purchases can be used across any map, mode or challenge in the game.


Speaking of maps, modes and challenges, here are some stats from the game for those of you into cold hard figures – Killzone: Mercenary boasts nine campaign missions (with three challenge contracts per mission), six multiplayer maps, three multiplayer modes, 12 primary weapons, 12 secondary weapons, five grenade types, six armour types, eight VAN-Guard tactical systems, and an infinite number of ways to play the game.


So whether you’re a Killzone vet looking for your latest hit, or a Killzone newbie who wants to find out what all the fuss is about, we hope you’ll enjoy life as a mercenary in the Killzone universe. Get started on your first contract by hitting the PlayStation Store or your local retailer this week, and remember: War Is Your Business.


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  • Cant wait to play this!!! I’m very excited!!! My poor little Vita is going to suffer cos it wont be getting much rest when this game arrives. Time for you guys to start working on the next Killzone for the Vita me thinks. ;)

  • The beta was awesome. The feel of the game was spot-on, and the multiplayer hectic. A worthy portable edition of the Killzone universe! This comes from a player with a platinum in all the previous games. Definately getting this one as soon as it hits the store!

  • Getting this game day one on Friday. Seriously cannot wait to play this great game.

    Also word of warning. there is a day one patch which packs 1.2GB btw.

  • Is it still hard on the battery? Cause i could only play 4-5 games online then had to recharge.

  • I have the game (PSN pre-order) and I just started playing.
    I have to say that I have no idea how you people managed to make this game look so perfect on the vita screen. It definitely rivals PS3 games in terms of technical accomplishment. It’s just so amazing. It’s witchcraft!

    That said, I feel bad for you when it comes to certain reviews of the game. Some reviewers just don’t get it. You have the best looking and performing game on any portable platform, yet they complain about how the game doesn’t re-invent the FPS genre. As if all the high profile shooters out there do with every yearly iteration.
    The fans know and we support you 100%. We want more games of this quality on the platform. Job very well done.

  • I have been playing all day. Picked it up as soon as shops opened. Gotta say…AWESOME. It looks great and I didn’t have to adjust a single control it handles beautifully. I was a bit unsure because FPS have become a bit boring in my view. But I took a punt and it rocks. I do actually suck at most multiplayer games and expect my ass to be handed to me online but it will still be fun.

  • Pre-ordered my retail version today.

    Can you shed some light on this 1.2GB update? Can it be saved to Vita Game Cards for those that have them? I don’t particularly want to have a massive chuck of my memory card for the first patch of a new game. If anything, it should have been put into the main code.

  • I just want to say i’ve been reading the reviews at work today, and my GF has already texted me that the game is waiting for me when i get home, and i’m absolutely stoked for this.

    Cracking job you guys!

  • My experience of KZM Beta was of a polished, well-designed and stylish game. However, I would temper that praise with ‘when I could get a connection.’

    A 1.2Gb patch may be unpalatable on day one, but I’d prefer that to an online game that either refuses to connect or freezes mid game. I trust Guerrilla can confirm that the network connectivity issues that plagued the Beta release have now been fixed.

    Fingers crossed for a great game.

  • You guys have done an excellent job at recreating that authentic Killzone look and feel for the Vita. I just had a big smile on my face for the first hour or so, knowing this is history in the making as the first great portable shooter.


    This game is smashing review scores! Can’t wait until the morning (looks like Edge magazine is still it’s old grumpy self!)

  • the best game 4 vita 4 me ! Gaming since 1989

  • out in Sweden already! Amazing gameplay and graphics. The best portable fps ever made by mankind. Im stunned!!!

  • can’t wait! just hope i don’t suicide with sky fury again. XD

  • It is nothing short of spectacular. Last time I had such “whoa!” moment was when I first played Doom on GBA in 2001.

  • there are allot of online players and most of them I have talked with say that this is pretty much the best FPS they played in some time.
    Some claim that this is the best killzone game to date.
    I agree, it’s fantastic and this will keep vita owners calm until next year. It has many hour of re-playability and the multi player is as addictive as crack. My jaw dropped in the first mission!

  • Anyone else having connection issues?

  • why did you guys started rejected login on the beta i love this game very much you guys did a great job but unlike most people i cant get the full game caue my parents dont have the cash to buy only way of playing the game is the beta which i still have and you guys let the beta stop working im very sad and i want it to continue work so i can enjoy my one map and one mode.please i beg of you

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