The PlayStation Blog recap

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The PlayStation Blog recap

PlayStation.Blog Recap

Okay, we took our foot of the gas just a little following the avalanche of news coming out of Gamescom, but I hope you’ll agree there was plenty to get your teeth into on PlayStation Blog this week. We had closer looks at Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix; behind the scenes videos for Beyond: Two Souls and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII; a juicy Assassin’s Creed sale; a bumper Store update (Spelunky!); and a pair of very sexy announcements from the indie community – Road Not Taken and Cosmic Star Heroine.

Please do graze your way through the reading list below, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  • PlayStation games update – Dive into our pick of the latest games available for PS3 and PS Vita, with some unmissable goodies for PlayStation Plus members.

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12 Author Replies

  • Even more indie games announced for ps4 this week it’s getting ridiculous I already have 17 I want on ps4….. Seeing as the ouya was supposed to be the indie console the ps4 is kinda making it look worthless.

    So who’s excited for diablo 3 Tuesday ? The wait is nearly over!

  • Hey Fred. Did you manage to get that update on whether GTA V preloading will be available again before release? Even a day in advance to download will be good. I’ve preordered now so I’m just playing the waiting game.

  • I just wish Sony would stop keeping us in the dark about Ratchet Gladiator HD. people are getting very angry about it or getting sick of waiting for a PROPER UPDATE. we need a ETA not a coming soon

  • The other day a thought just popped into my head so thought I would wait until today to ask. Hope your able to answer and if not then perhaps something to think about.

    At the moment PS3 has free online and PS+ is used to upload saves, auto downloads and all that.

    From what I understand PS4 is the opposite. That it does everything PS+ does for PS3 and only needs PS+ to play online.

    For the Vita it’s pretty much the same as the PS3. Am I right so far?

    So my thoughts was:
    1) What happens to the Vita when PS4 comes out? Will it remain the same as it is now or will it require PS+ to play online just like the PS4?
    2) If it remains the same as PS3, what happens to PS4 games being played via remote play? Can we play the games online without needing PS+ or does all PS4 games need PS+ to play online even if it’s being played by the Vita?

  • Agreeing with @3.

    What’s the exact reasoning why we aren’t allowed to know the status of games like Ratchet Gladiator? Why is there a lack of transparency in whether we’re allowed to know if a game is in QA, or if it’s finished and queued for release? I think it’s worthy of discussion at some point.

    • Apologies, I appreciate it’s frustrating. I still can’t give you a firm date, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. It should be with you this month.

  • It’s September the 1st already?!?! GOD it is true that saying –
    “Time flies when your having FUN, playing on your PlayStation” :D
    + LOTS of excellent stuff this week, nice 1 SONY & this Blog;)

  • Fred, will you be able to turn off the automatic download of games the PS4 ‘thinks’ you want to buy? If you don’t know the answer, can you at least try to find out.
    If you can not turn this feature off then I WILL NOT buy a PS4.

  • And September’s here at last. God, summer’s gone fast. Super excited for next week due to Castle of Illusion and DOA5: Ultimate as well. It’s going to be a great week for me :P

    I’ve enjoyed a lot the Knack video (The conversation with creators one), and I feel like it’s a good way for the studios to explain a bit their behind doors and promote their game as well. All in all: I find it interesting and I hope those are not ditched once PS4’s here already.

    Also, let me agree with comment 3. Have you guys considered giving something else for the wait? Gladiator was supposed to be here on June at the very late and it’s already september, so…

  • I want FFXIV back on the store =-=

  • Any word on The Walking Dead PS Vita coming to Europe?

  • @dark_angel69

    From my line of thinking

    1. The PS3 and Vita online will remain free. There is no point in charging for it as the tail end of this generation. It is better starting on PS4.

    2. I don’t think the online part will work without PS+ unless it is free to play game.

  • Pre-ordered Castle of Illusions, but I have to admit I did it only to encourage them to give QuackShot same treatment. Never cared much of Mickey Mouse, but been fan of Donald Duck since kid. :)

  • tried out the new xcom game this week and just could not get into it.

    time this week has been divided btwn ducktails and saints row 4.

    bought the ac3 season pass so decided to give ac3 another shot, loaded my gamesave and i had only played it for 1hr must admit i was pretty ashamed of myself for thinking it sucked as i had hardly given it long before judging it, happy to say after playing some more that its quite fun, its not a patch on the etzio games but still fun, going to blast through the main game before playing the washington dlc (i know you can play it whenever but ill play as makers intended)

    looking forward to backing my first kickstarter with Cosmic Star Heroine and just like a bus 2 kickstarters have my eye as im also going to back mighty number 9 from the co creator of mega man if they make there stretch goals it will be heading to playstation :)

  • @fred

    1. how big is the third party spporting team?^^
    II. on how many games can they work at the same time?^^
    3. nate fox accidently revealed infamos vita, how cool is that? :D

  • Been a while since I asked so…

    …any word on Dragon Fantasy? News on either of em would be nice :)

  • @hayzink
    Thanks for sharing Mighty No 9 kickstarter link! Hopefully we get it for PS. Keep supporting devs, everyone!

  • Is that insurmountable problem finally answer to some serious questions? By silence and censorship SCEE problems won’t magicaly dissapear. And SCEE does have serious problem with customer trust. So again:

    1. Ratchet Gladiator HD?
    2. CS:GO?
    3. Dragon Fantasy Book I and II?
    4. Singstar delete option?

    I that hard for your company to understand what communication means?

  • @hayzink

    While it looks interesting, I would prefer a 3DS/Vita versions instead, Or an RPG like MMBN/SF, That would be even better

  • Hi Fred!
    I have also a question about PS+ on PS4. I’ve asked Chris this two times but never got any response. Hoping that you will answer me or forward the question to Chris if you can’t answer.

    So now you need PS+ for playing online on PS4, thats no problem for me at all. But it’s one thing that you haven’t really clarified.

    My brother and me will chare our PS4 together, we both have own PSN accounts and both of us wants to play online.
    So, will both of us need one subscription each to play on our own accounts or will one subscription make that the whole PS4, all accounts registred, being able to play online?

    Really want an answer as quickly as possible because I want to know if I should get two subscriptions or not now when we get 3 months free.

    Thanks for answering! :)

  • @Flugsvampen_97

    This is from playstationlifestyle.

    I would link it but it will be in moderation for a while so here is the quote

    “If you share your console and have multiple accounts, each one will not have to subscribe to play online, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed on Twitter. Just one account must subscribe.”

  • @dark_angel69
    Of course you need PS Plus if you want Multiplayer Action for PS4 games, even with remote play via Vita.
    You’d play a PS4 game on your PS4. You’d just control it with your Vita. Why should that be free, just because of the Vita?
    Your logic would equal in the suggestion that any fees should be dropped if you’d use another joypad.

    And it’s also a no-brainer that the PSN for the Vita (and Vita games) will remain free.

    We’ve seen that the social aspect of the PSN will be improved with the PS4. Will all parts of that change go live with the release of the PS4?
    And while I don’t expect the features on the PS3, will things change for the Vita? Will PS3 & Vita “events” as trophies etc appear on that social network or just PS4 stuff? Will we see PSN Instant Messenger for the PC or just Smartphones etc?

  • So there I was, loading up Life of Pixel on my Vita a few days ago. “A new version of this application is available,” I saw. “Oh,” I said, “I’ll patch that just now.”

    A few minutes later, the menu loaded but the music was different from before and I could no longer resume my game progress. “Oh dear,” I said, “What’s happened here? Well, heck ho, on we go.” So I proceeded to start from scratch. But something was different. Something was very different.

    The sound effects and music sounded more like the console the levels were based on. I liked Life of Pixel the way it was but this is awesome! Exactly what I was looking for all that time ago when I bought it.

    (Side note: I later looked up details and found the update was released months ago… Not sure how I missed it but, boy, my face was red!)

  • i’m just posting this comment so you can see my new gtaV avatar. it’s awesome:) but also, as much as i want to buy ps4 on a launch day i just can’t justify it. ps3 has too much good games on it’s way.

  • I have an urgent question of the utmost importance to all humankind:
    Will Dark Souls 2 be available on PSN, or as retail, hard copy only?

    • That is indeed an important question! Namco Bandai hasn’t confirmed details just yet. You’ll have to wait until a little nearer launch to find out for sure.

  • @Lucreto
    Thank you very much for the info Lucreto! It’s much appreciated! :)

  • Hello Fred, i just wanted to kindly ask if FFXIV will be available in the PS store again , and if yes whats the approximate ETA ?

    thanks in advance

  • Hey fred ..

    last week i asked about the upgrading from ps3–>ps4 games.

    U said it would be possible but didnt give details.

    This week im skipping diablo 3 just for that reason. And soon FIFA 14 will come.

    When will we get some info ? I aint gonna pay 120 euro for 1 game just to play it on ps3&ps4. Ill just wait for the ps4 then.

    Plz plzplz
    give some more info about the upgrading.

    • I’m afraid it’s not really for me to say. Each publisher makes these sorts of decisions for their own game. So Diablo 3 would be down to Activision/Blizzard, FIFA is EA, and so on.

  • Bleh :( ..

    ah well thanks for the reply fred.

    Ill just skip everything that also comes out on the ps4.

  • Skip for ps3 that is ..

    (blog could use an edit button :p )

  • @ Fred
    1. wie groß ist der Dritte spporting Team? ^ ^
    II. auf wie viele Spiele können sie gleichzeitig arbeiten? ^ ^

  • i better keep a eye on the blog this month then after that, also i got a sneaky feeling it will not be too much longer to play Ratchet Gladaitor and therefore only one thing missing, data grab 2

  • So, I’ve held this question in my mind for a LONG TIME.

    While playing a game like CoD: Ghosts via remote play, online, against other PS4 players, can you use the Vita’s mic to speak with others in-game, since you’re playing from your Vita?

    Thanks! <3

  • I’ve bought the Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass but the Benedict Arnold DLC still shows up as £1.79?? the other DLC show up as free though

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