PS Move support confirmed for Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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PS Move support confirmed for Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PS4

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a PS4 game where you play an octopus masquerading as a human, trying to get through your daily life. Unfortunately, since you have no bones, doing even the simplest task without revealing yourself to your normal human wife and kids can become quite the challenge.

Part of the joy of Octodad is making him fumble and flop around, and we’d like to announce that we are bringing that joy into the real world with PlayStation Move support! You, too, can flail your arms like an octopus! (Don’t worry; you can still use a DualShock 4 if you’re feeling timid.)

We’ve been itching to do motion controls for a while now. Since Octodad is a game about wiggling your tentacles in 3D space, involving the player’s body has always seemed like a perfect fit. Controlling Octodad’s limbs 1-to-1 feels natural, and luckily doesn’t dampen his wacky movements.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PS4

Our current setup requires only one Move controller. You alternate which leg you’re moving using the front Move button for the right leg, or the back trigger for left, and then wave the controller in the direction you want to stumble. When you’re commanding Octodad’s arm, you simply move the controller where you want it to go, and press the Move button to latch your suckers on to nearby objects. Even if you’re not into swinging your arms like a cephalopod, we’ve found it’s still fun to sit down on the couch and play with more subtlety.

When we first started thinking about PS4 development, we were worried we’d be stretching ourselves too thin adding another platform. But porting to PS4 was surprisingly quick, and since we’ve got it running in ship shape, we’ve been able to experiment with unique features like PlayStation Move. We like to wet our beaks on crazy new experiences, and nothing floats our boat like a fresh control scheme. We’ve had a blast playing with the Move, and we hope you will, too!

Octodad: Dadliest Catch on PS4

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  • I’m looking forward to this high-probability mayhem.

    Good to see the Move hasn’t been forgotten.

    Will this be playable on the Vita through PS4’s Remote Play?

  • This will be awesome, I’m really hoping that the Killzone bundle that’s rumoured is available at launch so I can get the extra controller and camera at a decent price. Can’t wait to get my tentacles on this either way though.

  • Nice! But I do have two Move controllers, will there be a mode where I can use them both?

  • Will you be able to use the PS4 controller with it’s build in light the same way as the Move controller?

  • @4 I’m hoping the same thing as I have no interest in move but would consider some of the titles if they worked with the PS4 pad.

  • @OttoT

    I doubt it, because it won’t have the extensive motion features that Move has, plus the DS4 will only work in a limited view, the light has to be pointing at all times for tracking like that.

    I don’t think they would have spend all those year perfecting the 1:1 motion for Move, only to have it become obsolete in a couple of years.

    PS3 was just the start for it, but with PS4’s PS Dual Eye, this is it’s moment to really shine, the same with Vita’s integration.

    These devices were built with PS4 in mind.

  • @Kevin Geisler – kgeisler87

    Please make it a dual wielding Move experience. One to control left and with a pull of the trigger you switch between leg and arm tenticle. Then the same for the right side.
    Hope that make sense?! :-)

  • @TINTINTB303

    We’re definitely considering doing dual Move if we can make it work. We’d also like to support a Nav controller configuration that controls walking using analog stick + triggers, while the Move is used for arm movement. This would be for those who want a blend between motion controls and gamepad.

    – Kevin

  • Remote Play is still possible since DualShock 4 is our default configuration.

    We’re thinking about using the lightbar, but since the DualShock doesn’t have the same form as holding a Move controller, the dynamics are quite different. We’re going to see if we can use the lightbar motion to accent normal gamepad gameplay, but we haven’t gotten that far yet.

    We’re still iterating on the Move controls and hope we’re actually able to support a wide array of options. We’ve built Octodad in a way that makes it easy to add different input configuration, so it’s mostly about picking ones that we feel confident in.

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