Mark Cerny and Yusuke Watanabe talk Knack on PS4 – video

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Mark Cerny and Yusuke Watanabe talk Knack on PS4 – video

Hello, PlayStation Blog readers. Having just announced the 29th November release date for PlayStation 4, you can imagine that it’s a very exciting time at PlayStation. Right now we’re busy putting the final touches on Knack, including the drop-in/drop-out two-player local co-op mode announced last week at Gamescom.

The game is both fun and challenging to play, and is a blast to play with a second player controlling a robot version of Knack. Check out the brand new story trailer here if you haven’t already.

Mark Cerny, lead system architect for the PlayStation 4, is also the creative director for Knack. And bringing Mark’s vision to life are the talented artists and developers at Japan Studio, our big internal studio in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Here is a new Conversations With Creators video, where both Mark Cerny and game producer Yusuke Watanabe talk about creating this next-gen character action game for PlayStation 4.

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  • Will there be a video soon about the ps4 download features? I would like to know if you can turn off the ‘feature’ which automatically downloads games for you which the ps4 ‘thinks’ you would like to purchase. I will not be buying a ps4 if you cannot turn this ‘feature’ off.

  • Mark Cerny speaks excellent japanese, trying to learn the language myself. I will buy Knack maybe next year.

    I wonder if Mark has seen The Last Guardian in action at japan studio. Love to see that game one day,hopefully 2014 maybe.

  • I hope the following reaches Mark and Yusuke and it just not get lost in the cyberword…
    THANK YOU guys and SONY for creating KNACK, for not forgetting why MANY still game today, for also thinking about the kids regarding the gameplay and modes, also for giving them a smart and fun experience like those we grew up with, games with a story and fun and great gameplay which today keep us gaming.
    I’m almost 40, have a great IT job, wonderful woman, kids and social life, I still play VG because there are still games that stimulates my intellect, humor and fantasy.
    KNACK is the first game I will play the 29th of Nov as for me it represents all what PS4 is about=going back to gaming roots, the reborn of gaming, I have the PS2 feeling again, didn’t get it with the PS3(still got one at launch) but with the PS4 it’s different…NICE WORK SONY!:)
    Based on the little I have seen of KNACK, without a doubt I can say that KNACK will be the surprise among all launch games, no one will be able to resist it. I know that after finishing I will feel good and I will have a big smile on my face while thanking to myself for still give me time to play VG when times allows it.

  • That part where Watanabe printed out a Dualshock 3 1.5 times bigger just to feel what it’s like for a child was….it blew my mind. These guys really give everything, all of their efforts and ideas to this project.

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