Behind the scenes with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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Behind the scenes with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

In 25 years, Square Enix and the Final Fantasy development team have never published a behind-the-scenes look at how the franchise is created. Until now.

We’re excited to unveil a brand new series titled “Inside the Square,” which takes an in-depth look at one of the greatest RPG franchises around.

Earlier this year, we ventured out to Tokyo with an Emmy award-winning camera crew to spend time with Yoshinori Kitase, Motomu Toriyama, and the entire Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII development team. We quickly realised that each member of this incredibly talented group has a lot to say.

Furthermore, the Final Fantasy franchise has such a rich history and so many moving parts, we couldn’t properly showcase how these games are made in one video – so you get to witness the first of a three part series.

Our goal with this series is to show everyone a different side of the development staff, and what it’s like to work at one of the most prolific video game companies in the world – Square Enix. We also wanted to give everyone out there a greater appreciation for the franchise that we had sleepless nights playing through, and now for the upcoming end of Lightning’s saga – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Lightning Returns, Gamescom, 04

With that, we hope you enjoy watching this episode of “Inside the Square” half as much as we did in creating it!

Questions? Comments? Anything in particular you’d like to see for the next episode of “Inside the Square?” Let us know, below!

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  • I feel like all this marketing is so pre-mature. The game is six months away, ive heard of a hype train but the distance from now to release is ridiculious.

    Good video though.

  • why have so many final fantasy’s had lightning featured in them?

    just curious to know what made this final fantasy universe so appealing to return to?

    played the first game but as it was so restrictive with regards to travel etc i did not play it long enough for the game to open up(which i have read is pretty far into the game) but lighting did not strike me as a better lead than what came before

  • Looking forward to playing this but much more interested in news of FFXV when TGS hits =)

  • Im excited for the game, but you need to slow down on the details, there’s too much info already and the games not out till next year! The only announcement i want now is a Collector’s edition.

  • @Jamesyp00

    They’ve already said there won’t be a collector’s edition.

  • it looks good but I mean most Final fantasy games always look top notch in terms of looks, what interested me the most is that he said you could easily delve into the story without much knowledge of the previous games (XIII and XIII-2), which has me thinking, did they really do this just because there was a massive fan base for lightning? but whatever i’m more interested to see how this turns out.

  • I love everything Final Fantasy.. But I feel s/e are worried about this game coz of new ps4 and xbox 1 coming out before game release.. But if I ever had a question for them, it’s this, do you guys ever think about making a cool version.. free to pop in and out at any time? I can’t be the only person that would like this added to a Final Fantasy game.. thx..

  • Sorry dam cell phone.. I meant co-op not cool obviously lol

  • “…which takes an in-depth look at one of the greatest RPG franchises around…”

    Erm, that’s not exactly true anymore is it? Seven to ten years ago, yes I’d agree with you. But now? The Final Fantasy 13 franchise is synonymous with mediocrity, out-of-date design, and pure style over substance; And to be blunt…boring game-play.

    I take no pleasure in saying this, having followed Final Fantasy since FF4 (couldn’t play FF2 or 3 at their initial launch as they weren’t released outside of Japan until recently), but the Final Fantasy 13 series have shown Square Enix to be completely behind the rest of the world, including Japan.

    I would love the series to evolve (and no I don’t mean to become like Skyrim or The Witcher), but in to something new and original all of its own. Not rehashing the same design for fifteen years (and counting), with each iteration becoming duller than the last.

    I bought the last two FF13 titles, but there is more chance of me buying a Capcom game than buying ‘Lightning Returns’ next year. If lightning couldn’t even strike once…trying a third time is just Square desperately trying to balance the books. Desperate being the operative word.

  • Weaving the rpg elements into what is essentially an action game. That’s what I’ve been thinking about this trilogy all along, it’s essentially an action game, and not even real time.. They need to put the rpg elements way up front again imo. Look at what made the older FF’s so good, or Ni no kuni for a modern example. Towns, people to interact with, sidemissions, anything that makes you familiar and in love with the world you’re interacting with. I feel the 13’s are too like much action games where you just grind through battles and the rpg elements almost become minor. The environments were less inspired too imo. Charavter development is still great but the 13 characters didn’t interest me that much, nothing compared to Squall or Cloud for that matter.
    Please go back to what made the old FF’s (the ps1 era FF’s in particular for me) so great and put the rpg elements ahead again, so there’s that wonderful FF atmosphere of old.

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