The Last of Us: New Multiplayer Mode Detailed

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The Last of Us: New Multiplayer Mode Detailed

The Last of Us multiplayer gets some serious updates today with the deployment of patch 1.03. The patch rolls out across all regions over the next 24 hours, issuing several multiplayer fixes. In addition, a brand new game mode is being added to the suite, called Interrogation.

Interrogation is an objective game mode where both factions attempt to interrogate the opposing forces during the match, in an effort to unlock the enemy lockbox.

For more details on Interrogation mode, and the additional fixes deployed in patch 1.03, read on.

Changelist for Patch 1.03

Single-Player Fixes

  • Fixes for “It’s me” and “By any means” cinematics in the Cutscene Viewer.

Multiplayer Addition

  • New game mode — Interrogation

Interrogation is a 4v4, two-part objective game mode where rival factions vie to find and open the other faction’s lockbox, stealing the supplies inside. Each team must first achieve five interrogations of players on the other team.

Players can get interrogations by shivving an enemy, or getting an enemy into the down state, then pressing triangle while next to them. Once your team collects five interrogations the location of the enemy’s lockbox will be revealed. Your team must attempt to open the lockbox before the other team can collect five interrogations and open your lockbox first. Whichever team opens the opposing team’s lockbox first wins.

Multiplayer Fixes

  • Revive range has increased slightly (about 1 meter). It’s more difficult to crawl out of range when a teammate is reviving you now.
  • Players can prevent opponents from finishing Executions/Interrogations so that the opponent does not receive Parts for the special Execution/Interrogation. The downed player will still lose their life, but this makes preventing Executions/Interrogations more helpful to your team, as you prevent the other team from gaining Parts.
  • Matchmaking update: players should find opponents around their level of experience more often, and teams should be balanced more evenly.
  • Item cache locations adjusted for balance on University, High School, Lakeside, and Downtown.
  • Starting cameras adjusted so they show your player with greater frequency.
  • Item cache disbursement tweaked so additional items are given out more fairly.
  • Winning a Survivors match by a count of 4 rounds to 0 now means your team will get more bonus parts for winning the match by that margin. This applies for games with scores of 4-1, 4-2, etc. as well. Rewards are tiered by how dominant your team is. This system is in place for Interrogation mode as well.

That’s all for patch 1.03 — expect a lot more to come over the next few months in future patches. Keep reporting any issues on our technical forums, and let us know what you think!

Be sure to check the forums this weekend and post your thoughts on patch 1.03. Talk with us and we’ll reward good thoughts. Participate in the thread and you’ll earn a cool, digital The Last of Us prize. See you online!

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  • That’s some really nice news.

  • Thank you Naughty Dog for creating one of the best multiplayers ever imo.

  • wonder if there’ll be a new trophy or 2 for Interrogation mode

  • Excellent cant wait to get out of work and make a few interrogations. Such a god level game it’s wonderous. Keep on playing the story over and over just to feel the power and what they put into this game it truly is a work of art. I’ve been with ND since crash bandicoot. They are the gaming legends. I’m so excited for the story dlc sooo excited

  • So this just happens to come after Killzone Mercenary has an interrogation feature during online matches to find out enemy positions?

  • You linked to the US Tech Help forums :P There’s an EU one you know!

  • Free mode,cant wait! My only problem with the multiplayer is that its cut on europe..Wish they had an uncut patch for people except germany… :(

  • How about releasing gore DLC for the EU? (Make it paid DLC as age verification if needed) Give me the UNCUT game!

  • All I want to say is… Thank you! Good that you care.

  • Awesome! I still need to complete the rest of the Fireflies journey, so this’ll be great :)

  • I couldn’t care less! The atrocious censorship of the SCEE regional multiplayer is sickening and pathetic. Way to slaughter your own product. How about letting us play the game as the developers intended?

    Censorship of the arts is intolerable!

  • Any news on the DLC, single player or multiplayer?

  • No chance in hell I’ll ever buy EU version of this. I don’t accept censorship. I play half of my games for the sole reason of enjoying gore.
    I am now extremely wary of SCEE games. Killzone Mercenary seems safe though, heads explode in beta.
    Twisted Metal censored, then GoW Ascension censored, then this. There was a time I bought Sony exclusives day 1 and felt safe. Not anymore.

  • By censoring SCEE gives power to the countries that need to be moved forward, not backward. punishing an ENTIRE region is not an answer for a territories that have issues. This is also a symptom of how broken a structure SCEE is. Too wide, too mismanaged.

    Yet we are the most successful territory to Sony and Playstation. We deserve better. Naughty Dog deserved better.

  • Is this it? What about season pass stuff? Do not tell me you release it in a few months as you said it would be announced this month! Hmph?

  • I didn’t know Last of Us multiplayer was censored. That means I will not be buying any DLC for my Joel Edition.

    I also wasn’t aware GOW:A was censored. I was planning to buy that, but I’m not going to, anymore.

    SCEE, you need to be more forthcoming about censorship so we know which games to avoid. Better yet, don’t censore, and release the censored versions only in countries which require it (looking at you, Germany). Rest of us don’t need to suffer from it.

    Unfortunately this means I will have to spend time. I have KZ4 and Watch Dogs on pre-order, but will need to cancel them until it is confirmed that it is uncensored. That means I will buy it weeks after launch, and Sony, the publisher and the developer will lose money as I’ll be buying it at a discount.

  • Haven’t played TLoU since I finished Hunter’s journey. This update is good reason to get back and try finishing MP as Firefly… Hated those “you might lose 100% of population”-events, they made the experience nerve wrecking. Maybe I have rested enough now! :D

  • I think everyones blowing this censorship thing waaay out of proportion. I mean its not like it completely changes the game, so its not quite as gory there is still some blood, enough to illustrate whats happening. And its only on MP the SP campaign is still the same as everywhere else.

  • Its great that we are getting a free multiplayer mode. I thought we would just get the two new modes with the season pass and that would be it.

  • @18 it’s about the principle. Just because Germany has strict (and misguided) laws against game violence shouldn’t impact _my_ gameplay in another country. I don’t want my enemies bleeding yellow blood or turned into robots. Other games have DE-only versions, so should TLOU.

    It’s also a slippery slope. If now we are censoring TLOU MP, next they’ll do the same to upcoming Wolfenstein with all its swastikas and gore. And what about MP-only games, like BF4 (I guess it will have SP but no one plays it).

    The best way to prevent this from happening is to refuse to buy censored games, and let SCEE and the publisher know that we don’t want watered-down versions of games.

  • /td-p/41369929 – here is where u need to go. (THIS IS THE US FOURM THAT WAS surposted to be on top. lol)

  • I’m curious what will be the DLCs … I bought the Season Pass at the same time i bought the game.. and right now, i only see it as $20 thrown away since there’s no news about any DLC, which is disappointing..

  • Yeah, for the love of g-o-d, why do we europeans get a censored TLOU!? No other publisher do stuff like this!

    The Last of Us is uncut in the U.S, while over here in europe the multiplayer is heavily cut. After i saw the differences i feel like a fool for buying the Season Pass! I’ve been tricked into buying a censored product, with an extremely weak explanation from Naughty Dog that it’s nothing they can do, because it’s “european laws”. Ok.. Can you, Eric, seriously look into this?? It’s extremely annoying that SCEE somehow treats the whole of europe like it’s Germany (censor-wise).

    A petition has been started, and it’s beginning to take hold.. I’m also going to demand a refund on the season pass.

    As much as i love the multiplayer, i just can’t stop having that nagging feeling about missing out on tons of gore! Gore which makes a big difference during the multiplayer. I’m really, really annoyed..
    Please, please look into this. We demand this to be patched! Stop releasing a general “european version” that is based on German laws (which are extremely lame when it comes to games). Do something!

  • This sounds excellent. Unfortunately, I’ve recently abandoned TLOU when my entire group of survivors got wiped out from a Hunter Attack due to me being unable to complete the mission as a result of being disconnected from the server. Three times in a row, meaning I had no chance to complete the mission. Not really had any motivation to pick it up since. Any news on a fix?

  • Best way is to contact Naughty Dog directly and tell them what you think about the censorship, and that you won’t be buying any more of their (censored) games or DLC. Pretty much the only language they speak is money, and if they start losing money because of German laws (which do NOT apply to rest of Europe), they will change their approach.

  • I’m not buying Naughty Dog games ever again, if the censorship persists. I demand a fixed version of the product I bought. We don’t tolerate censorship here. Censorship is fascist!

  • I sent them an email saying that, address at

  • wow loveing the fixes we still await more levels tho

  • To all the folk moaning about censorship, please shut up…

  • This update is freaking awesome! Interregation mode is intense:D hopefully next one we see an infection mode?:o where we fight clickers and infected. We need that!

  • I love this game! The multiplayer is one of the best out there! In my opinion it rivals and exceeds Halo multiplayer. My only suggestion for the next patch is to give us the ability to customize our character’s appearance and clothing. That would make this so much better! :) Otherwise great job Naughty Dog!

  • This sounds excellent. Unfortunately, I’ve recently abandoned TLOU when my entire group of survivors got wiped out from a Hunter Attack due to me being unable to complete the mission as a result of being disconnected from the server. Three times in a row,

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