FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn update

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn update

Due to unprecedented demand, Square Enix has chosen to temporarily halt sales of the digital download version of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn as they work to enhance their online server capabilities. Please note that this does not affect users that have already purchased the digital download version or those who wish to purchase the physical retail version.

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  • i have other problem , lack of comunication
    u place u game on ps3
    i stil looking on abo on psn !!!!
    i only can pay abo tru psn shop ( i have mony ready to pay 1 jear )

    tank you to to solve problem .

  • Monoliet

    1. Go to the site of FFXIV for many many Info.
    2. Use mog station to buy crysta and use that to pay. It`s easy and 5 min work.
    3. Search your info before you order something.

  • Disc player busted on my PS3, live in th UK.
    If I have downloaded the beta version onto my PS3 already, can I buy the hard copy of the game and use the code without needing a disc player?
    I have already bought the PC version but I guess I can’t just use that code.
    Does anyonr know when the digital version is out in the UK?

  • Those who already bought the digital version can’t play the game. Instead of looking at the problem we get “just wait, the servers are crowded”

    Our problem has nothing to do with that, we bought a game and our Square account does not recorgnize such thing.

    Fix this or give us our money back.

  • The problem is not the servers. its the fact that every time i go on the game i purchased on the PSN before you announced a halt to digital sales is not linking the accounts properly, there was a error linking and now there are hundreds of people stuck on the log in screen telling them to purchase the content from the PSN, which we already have! Its the fact that we have spent £28.49 upwards on this game before you abandoned the digital sales, all E.U. hard copies from stores are working, so its not a server issue. It is a issue between E.U. PSN accounts and Square Enix Registration process. The U.S. Purchasers are not having this problem, only us in the E.U.

  • What about the customers who have already bought the game yesterday and last night.

    The Login and registration process didnt work! The sync between the Square Enix and the PSN accounts is broken!

  • Please for the love of god, issue a refund for the people that bought the PS3 digital version. So that we can go ahead and buy the hard copy of the game and not wait so many days for this to be fixed.
    This will only get more and more people angry with both Sony and SE. I for one am NEVER buying a digital game again from PSN. 100% done with it.

    Second of all, stop with the servers full general quote. This is a problem with SE account not linking with PSN account and not registering the game as purchased. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS. People cannot wait with money spent weeks until you buy new servers even though that will not fix our problem !!!

  • You are saying in the Blog that it wont effect consumers who have already bought the game…

    Thats what the problem is, SE and PSN accounts are not linking properly!


  • I ment to say *REFUND??!

  • waited weeks for the digital download….saw it on the store and as I click add to cart it gets removed…this is BS

  • Posted From E.U. Forums

    Hey Guys,

    This was the response i got in another thread:

    Tha_GuvnoR_ wrote:
    I have been monitoring this since release and am well aware of ongoing issues but its not addressing the issue as to why those who purchased a digital copy (pre-order or on the day of release) are unable to even login. We can download the game fine, install fine but upon logging in we are hit with “No service account / please purchase a digital copy” even though we have proof of purchase and installed on our systems? Apparently this issue was global at first then fixed but its not the case as there are 100’s of people still complaining

    All i want is confirmation Sony / Square-Enix are VERY aware of this issue and what’s being done to address the issue, not left in the lurch to figure it out for ourselves.

    We are and it is been worked on as we speak.

    Keep an eye on this thread for updates.


  • Please note that this does not affect users that have already purchased the digital download version or those who wish to purchase the physical retail version.

    Erm, that’s exactly what it does. I purchased the game yesterday before this whole stopping of the digital download thing and i have been getting the no active account message ever since.
    It’s like i haven’t purchased the game at all but i have and have the email receipt to prove it.
    The linking of the accounts seems to be the problem, not the server issue.

  • If only someone from Square Enix aknowlaged that there is a fault with the login process and are working to fix the problem for us who have already spent our hard earned cash before you postponed the digital sales?

  • “Please note that this does not affect users that have already purchased the digital download version or those who wish to purchase the physical retail version.”

    Say that with a straight face to the hundreds of us who bought the game and can’t get past account creation because it’s not recognising us as having bought the game.

  • Hi,

    I am also experiencing the same issue as many of the people posting here:

    Purchased standard edition from playstation store yesterday evening but got an error when linking square enix account with sony entertainment. Now it just informs me that I have ‘no service account…etc’ when trying to login. I appreciate it may take a little while to fix but would like some sort of gesture (complimentary game time or items maybe?) as way of apology when it is ultimately rectified. Failing that, please refund my money ASAP so I can purchase a boxed copy instead.

    Thanks :)

  • This had driven me crazy its the first time I have ever purchased this kind of game I thought I had done something wrong now I am furious and I would like a refund like everybody else!

  • though i lost interest in the game after it was announced as monthly fees, i am glad to see this because it means that its doing a lot better than they expected and i know this game would be a make it or break it for squareenix :)

  • An hour later, and still no reply from SE! disgrace

  • You mean two days later and no reply from Square Enix.

  • Exactly, its a friggin joke from Square Enix behalf!

  • How anybody thinks it’s ok for a company to take money from a customer and then when the product doesn’t work have the nerve not to give updates about the issue is beyond a joke.
    This needs to be addressed.

  • ShadowhunterrX

    werkt niet
    waarom gaat men geld dan niet af psn
    ik kan niet betalen met visa of andere kaarten enkel met psn tegoed.

    i want to buy crysta cristals via psn !!!!!
    i want abo on psn

    ik ga mij fameus kwaat maken
    deze abo en extra moeten gewoon via psn .
    ik stop gewoon als ik mijn abo niet kan verlengen bende amateurs bij squire enix .

  • “this does not affect those who already purchased the digital version” … yeah right…

    so why cant i even register my game yet??

    i want to play the game!! this is sooo unacceptable, tell us about this issue why we cant even register yet!

    not cool… :/

    please answer

  • Update Yet?

    On customers who have already perchased the game on PSN but cant sync PSN and SE accounts?

  • Nope, and with how long it took to get any sort of response in the first place i wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Monthly subs and an iffy server?

    Well, this looks like a product well worth investing in.

  • first.
    And you got to understand this. This is beyond anything released on ps3. It is a MMORPG.

    Before complaining about monthly fees do your research. Ff11 has been there for 10y with subs.

    An mmorpg launch is never without flaw. There is a reason u get a free month and as long as you didnt registered u havent started ure run yet.

    I know its annoying BUT PSN isnt the place to be or go. Google lodestone ff14. For all feedback, news and updates and the official forums u go there.

    Wanne see if u have ure game active? Log in and go to MOG STATION. Paying happens there too NOT on psn. If it had to happen thru psn u would have paid MORE for sonys cut.

    Now please, be patient. This game IS awesome and yoshi is doing more then his best to get everything in order for everybody.


  • What’s your point? We paid good money for a product we haven’t received, or for that matter had a reason why it’s not working or when it will be fixed.
    PSN is definitely the place to go as those other websites have god awful customer support. At least on PSN there are others with the same problem and we can talk about it instead of going out our minds with not hearing anything from the developers.

    It’s ridiculous at this stage, if you want us to be patient then give us a time frame when the problem will be fixed. Not just ignore us and hope the issue stops coming up.

  • ure missing the point.

    1, SE answers asap to ure problem and imo has a good customer support.

    2, ure on a SECONDARY site. Sony is the platform. SE the suplier. Stop being stuborn and go to the webby. They have posted over 10 updates already today.

    Its my last reply here. I tried to help.

  • We have all been on the SE forums and website looking for updates and fixes.

    The problem if that our specific fault hasnt been recognised yet. No one offical from Sony or Square Enix has commented about the gamers that bought the content before the suspension of digital sales from the Playstation Store, and the issues we are having about linking the 2 accounts. The game is asking us to purchase it again (which we all have already done so) and not letting us log in.

    As Phil Elliott – Head of Community, Square Enix states above

    “”that this does not affect users that have already purchased the digital download version”

    Well obviousley it does, because the people who have already bought the content CANT GET ON IT!

  • Are you guys aware on what an MMO is and how hectic a launch can be?
    Seriously, give it a few days and they’ll have servers back up, the games sold more than they expected to handle so of course there’s going to be problems.

  • Our problem has nothing to do with the game servers. What the hell are you talking about?

  • Yes i am aware of what mmo launches are like, never in my whole time playing mmo’s have i been charged for the game and not recieve it though. That’s exactly what has happened to us that bought it off the Playstation store, we get to the log in screen, we get some message telling us we have no active account and to download the digital client from the store. Which we already have.
    Two days now after paying for a game i don’t have and not a word from Sony or Sqaure Enix. I think im entitled to be a bit annoyed.

  • Same problems here, PSN and SE keep only auto sign out… before that invalid code from SE, now error sign out from PSN… wat early access?
    i pay CE for access but all problems occurs one by one… damn disappoint on PSN and SE…

  • I’m having the same issue, I purchased the standard edition of ff digital after I went through the registration process, but when it began to link the accounts I got a error so I restarted the game launcher. When I reloaded the launcher, it no longer had the option to create an account. Just the option to choose I already have one. It then took me to the login screen, but I couldn’t input my user name it was greyed out, but I could put my password in. Once I logged in it came up with the same error as everyone else. In my psn services it shows that I have final fantasy xiv playing entitlement (provisional) starts on 28/8/2013, expires on – and remaining -. On the square enix website I’ve logged into my account and linked my account to my psn through there. But I still get the same error. Can find heaps of info about other errors, but nothing to help with this.

  • I have the same problem. Only thing is, I thought it was only me. So I deleted my account to try to purge the link between square-enix and PSN. Now I have a deleted account on square-enix thats linked to my PSN. I did this because I have two accounts on square-enix. Wanted to try and link the other account instead. But that is not possible.

    Fix this issue within two days, or give me back the money I paid for this.
    And do not transfer it back to the PSN wallet. I want the money back on my bank account.

    If not I have to contact the bank, and claim them back from there. I have bought a product that do not work.
    And no information about this has been passed out to me or any other that purchased this game on PS Store.

  • I did the same as you thinking it was just my account or something :(. Glad I’m not the only one but now I don’t know what to do about it.

  • They just went to sleep instead of fixing this issue over night. That would be unacceptable in any other company. How the hell do you release something so broken and then just let days on end pass and don’t even care?

  • I buy this game on ps3 so I can pay with my psn wallet
    € 130 stands there waiting + i would + – 3/4 years abo bought but in this situation it is done within 28 days.
    -All of these payment options, are no option for me.
    -I give no bank card numer on PC
    -playing cards are not available in our stores.

    I hope they can solve this, within 26 days otherwise never no Squire enix game for me.

    Ik koop deze game op ps3 zodanig ik met mijn psn geldbeugel kan betalen
    130 € staat daar te wachten + ik zou +- 3/4 jaar een abo hebben gekocht maar onder deze situatie is het gedaan binnen 28 dagen .
    -Al die betaal opties , zijn geen mogelijkheid voor mij .
    -ik geef geen bank kaart numer op de pc
    -speel kaarten zijn niet verkrijgbaar in onze winkels .

    Ik hoop dat ze binnen de 26 dagen dit kunnen oplossen , anders nooit geen squire enix game meer voor mij .

  • Hello my follow comrades
    As we get ready to embrace on a new journey into the known for those who have yet to abandon hope…
    You might as well come prepared ^^
    The best

    Odin… Just saying

  • monoliet,

    Lee eerst de info van een spel voor je het koopt.
    Achteraf niet klagen!

  • @41 at early launch they were working 48h straight on the 90000 problem. Dont say what u dont know.

    Look we understand ure frustration. But u have to be realistic that ghe problem u have isnt top of their list. Ill explain why.

    Even if you could fix ure problem u wouldnt be allowed in the game yet.

    First thing they will do is make new worlds and upgrade their datacenters. They already had maintenance for these upgrades yday.

    When that has happened they will open the new character creation again PLUS open the downloads again. Everthing will sort itself out then.

    Again i understand ure frustration but try to understand that they ARE doing what they can. Go read some live letters to better grasp what this means for the creator.

    Ull forgive him and square the second u set foot in Eorzea.

    Im hoping for you guys this is fixed fast.

  • @monoliet

    Ja , de gamekaarten verkopen ze echt niet in Belgie. Ze liggen gewoon bij de gamemania in de winkel , man.

  • Sure hope for some Compensation, If I had FFX I wouldn’t even mad…
    and Just contacted Square Enix this will take a while !_! But it’s worth it… Isn’t it?

  • @45 Opening the downloads again doesn’t help me in the slightest, we had already bought the game digitally before they took digital sales down.

    That’s why we are angry, we have paid for something that we have not received. The game is telling us to purchase the game again when we already have it.

    If we had some sort of comment from either the developers or Sony then that would calm me down a bit but as it stands now, i’m over two days in with this issue now and not word has been said about it.

    Not acceptable.

  • I think the majority of people who have bought the digital download are more than happy to wait but a little information would be nice im not angry would just like a hey we are aware of your situation and we will be in touch shortly , snd im on about the digital download problem not the servers!

  • I think you all need to just chill out. The game has been out for 3 days. Actually give SE a chance to sort it before you start crying like a child.

  • Have you spent money on thin air we have purchased a product that is not even recognised it is not that we cant connect to a server or waiting for a code it is not even recognised that we have bought it when we load it up ! So unless you actualy know what you are talking about keep your narrow minded opinion to yourself!

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