Here’s what happens when #DRIVECLUB does taxis…

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Hey there everyone. We had a little fun with the DRIVECLUB team at gamescom in Cologne last week that we wanted to share with you. On the day of our press conference last Tuesday we got the keys to a Mercedes SLS, added a touch of DRIVECLUB flair, and put it to work as a taxi service for a few lucky guests – including our press conference panel host Dan Maher and the winners of our recent Gamescom competition.

Check out the video above to see what happened!

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  • I’d much rather have a new WipEout game. This game just looks so generic and uninspired.

  • @cowbanana What’s Wipeout got to do with this? Totally different kind of racing game aimed at a different target audience… And come on Wipeout itself looks pretty generic these days after so many versions that barely look any different from the previous.

  • @Carnivius_Prime

    i think its just that wipeout IS playstation as much as others have tried to emulate it nothing comes close to the work studio Liverpool put into that title it was truly there baby and it showed when they promoted it etc.

    i think this game looks great but it falls into the type of racer as forza, gran turismo etc, where as there is no wipeout type racers out there.

    back to drive club, due to the fact you have recreated a full town in scotland i was sold on it anyway lol.

  • wipeout rules. my 2pence worth

  • I don’t care about the onslaught of gameplay videos. All I want to know about this game is the exact difference in content between the PS+ Edition and retail.

  • why people are talking about wipeoutt is beyond, me but if thats the way it’s going: i hated wipeout and most people i know felt the same. it would underperform sales wise…

    and yes: what is the differance between driveclub retail edition and PS+EDITION ?!?!?!?

  • Apologies for my brashness. I appreciate you showing more of the game to us, but what i’m trying to say is, a lot of us are asking for the outline of what we actually get in the PS+ Edition and retail.

    It makes a big difference to me if the reduced content id significant to the retail version, I want to know how much more I’ll be getting by paying, because I value a physical copy over digital any day.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • @dimikiller

    I know your opinion is your own, and while WipEout and Driveclub are two completely different racing genres, to most original PlayStation gamers, it is a definitive icon to the console.

    It has raised the bar in graphics on every syatem to date. Not having a PS4 version would not be the PlayStation way. It’s too iconic to not do.

  • @MaxDiehard

    from the post they made stating we would get a selection of cars i get the impression we will get less than half thats in the game (if the plus version was getting most of the cars they would say that)

    i also guess based on what was posted we will miss out on tracks.

    im guessing you wont have enough of the content to platinum the game so i think people who like it will likely upgrade or buy retail.

    based on the plus offer that comes with it and the cost of upgrade it will prob be best to just get retail.

  • I think there can never be enough racing games. And there is place for WipEouts and certainly for Drive Club too. Or The Crew. :)

  • Would’ve prefered Motorstorm, especially after the brilliant Apocalypse. Plenty of these kind of racers already..

  • Could have saved those money used for the stupid Mercedes and invested on a new WipEout for God’s sake what kind of launch is this no WipEout.


    You surely understand that they didn’t buy that Mercedes? But feel free to develop a game for a one week’s lease.

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