Grand Theft Auto V update

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Regrettably, some people who downloaded the digital pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V through the PlayStation Store in Europe were able to access certain GTA V assets. These assets were posted online. We have since removed the digital pre-order file from the PlayStation Store in Europe. We sincerely apologize to Rockstar and GTA fans across the world who were exposed to the spoiler content. GTA V is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year with a very passionate following, and we’re looking forward to a historic launch on 17th September.

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  • It happens!

    Surprised the download was available in the first place. I would of put it there a few days before to give people the chance to download it in time – not weeks in advance.

  • That must be a first, you SCEE guys putting content up early? Usually it’s months if not years late.

  • I wonder how many people buy this game as digital version. In my region it’s €70 in the store. That’s €10-15 more than you have to pay at any retail store and you’ll get the box and the map. They offer other Games like SR4 or TLOU for €60, but not this one. A digital version should never be more expensive than the retail version.

  • what happens to us who preloaded the game to play it when it unlocks?

    will our game be remotely wiped or can we keep it as any other preload?

  • It’s is a day after the fair.

  • Oh boo fricken hoo.

    Every mobile is now ‘leaked,’ GTAV is going to get ridiculous sales regardless, if anything it is going to be even higher hyped.

    Not sure why anyone would buy it from the store now though. You have ridiculous slow speeds and you probably wouldn’t be able to play it until the next day. So, just makes an easy decision now for people.

  • I pre-ordered V but I didn’t get the pre-load.

    My question is tho will there be another pre-load a few days before release or this is basically it and no more pre-load?

  • Yeah, thanks alot sony for basically spoiling the ending of GTA 5 before the game was even released.. idiots

  • The ending has been THE SAME IN EVERY GTA game… the guy gets double crossed by the guy who was meant to be your friend and you meet him at the very start, you have a big battle. You win and thats it, GTA has some of the most useless storylines of all time.

    It is just a very well crafted game. Leave the good story to people like Quantic Dream.

  • Normally something like this wouldn’t really bother me. It’s the fact the game is a whole month away from release. That means I have to avoid my usual forums and social networking sites in fear of it being spoiled for a month. I’m no business expert but how difficult would it be to bring the release date forward, even if only slightly. Even if it was just the digital version and the disc version to come later? Just a thought to stop people like me who have had it pre-ordered for months, from having the ending spoiled for them.

  • That’s a bit of a massive fail on your part Sony. RockStar must be absolutely fuming at you and your relationship with them must be broken.

    Surely you guys should have know that there could have been a risk, its happened in the past on both Steam and Xbox Live. Did no one check or in fact think about the all the possibilities of putting a file up online this early?

  • Please please please put it back up for download the day before release (I’ll be checking)

    I want to buy it on PSN so I can start playing the minute it releases… not like twenty hours later. Please. So angry at jailbreakers right now.

  • I think the people who have purchased it deserve more answers than this. When can it be downloaded? Will current downloads have to be deleted? You owe customers that.

  • At least you guys owned up to your mistake normaly when you mess up it never gets fixed and every time someone brings it up you copy and paste your favourite response “stay on topic”

  • Someone at SCEE will be called to Andrew House’s office

  • no .it is a good move to make pepl download the game and play it when release date i was happy to see that but the stupid did something like that so i hope this on ps4 and i can pre-order the game and download it because i want just play when it release . and i hope fix this

    but is this mean no digital copy for gta v on ps eu store ???!!

  • I pre-ordered this and regret it now.

    I pre-ordered as on the storefront it said 75% off selected games, so I thought great, I’ll pre-order and get a couple of Rockstar titles really cheap – I then find out you can only have one at a reduced rate?! How is that fair?! It wasn’t made clear when pre-ordering GTA V at all.

    Wish I’d kept my disc pre-order now.

  • @JAY81UK

    You might want to re-check the store. I pre-ordered GTA V and used my 75% off on the GTA IV Ultimate Edition. I wanted the Red Dead Redemption Ultimate Edition, but it and the L.A. Noire Ultimate Edition were “unavailable” to purchase. I checked the store on another account – one that I hadn’t pre-ordered GTA V with, and those games were all available, but at FULL price.

    The next day, out of curiosity, I checked the store again. The 75% off was still in effect! Only this time, Red Dead Redemption UE and L.A. Noire UE were both available at the discounted price. I bought both!

  • I guess I’m lucky.

  • was it jawad, ? lol

  • Oh phew, thank god its not a game I actually care about. Not getting GTA V on account of IV being the most crushingly disappointed game of the decade for me based on the last 5 that came before it. And then they wasted at least 2 years dev time on expansions to a game I hated when they should have has the sequel out after at least that time (Vice City was out 1 year after GTA III in case you forgot).
    Now they are going to be wasting aftertime on this game too because of the Online mode. Just move onto Bully 2 now please Rockstar.

  • Triple A games like this one I prefer to have the hard copy not a digital download.

  • Again, will the pre-load be back up a few days before release?

    Or has this completely mucked up the chance to pre-load the game?

  • that’s unfortunate

  • @ andrewsqual

    We all know that you are probably going to buy GTA V on the launch week if not the launch day itself. GTA V will be the best GTA game to date.

  • Credit to Sony for being honest, and getting a senior exec to publicly apologise to both Rockstar and GTA fans.

  • Why doesnt it surprise me these guys have messen things up again. Maybe Rockstar can make a difference and get these people replaced, already some things spoiled that i didnt wanted to know before release. Good job SCEE…..again.

  • So, go on, what’s the ending?

    Oooooh tell me tell me tell me….

  • Also thanks on informing your customers about the Ni No Kuni Sale. Just another “little” thing to add to the list. And try to add the pre-order for Mickey this week and try not to mess up adding the games for IGC.

  • To be honest I’m still not excited about this game, there is only one more current gen game I want to play r&c nexus I got so bored of gta4 dlc I never finished it I got both to, I only completed the main story once.
    It would been good to see r&c at gamescom the fact that Sony spent so much showing indies bored me a little but the release date made up for it.

  • ^^^^ what a load of old tosh.



    FOR US GETTING ONLY ONE GAME AT 75% ????????????????

  • at least this time i was not affected and can you not see the day this was posted, sunday and we normally do not get replys today

  • Sony Europe thinks there is a constant supply of new customers so they do not appreciate and celebrate their existing customers. Without us great people of europe who have bought all Sony products there would be no Sony. Yet we get prices that are 50% in some cases 70% higher compared to USA – even for Sony published games. And dont tell me its the publishers setting street price of games to 70 or 80€ – its Sony allowing it because its their system and they set the prices.

    Even if many of us dont scream out in rage like Targetfinderking we have our fist in the pocket silent in rage and we might not buy some other new game , we might not buy the ps4, we might not buy that new sony TV because of how sony europe threats their customers. In the end sony loses. Of course those people working at sony who do not care, they can always find a new job in the industry, you can see with some of the people who work for sony europe on their official twitter accounts 90% of tweets are personal like they think they are some kind of rockstars when really they should be doing customer support.

  • so… when can we download GTA V? at least from September 17th?
    please, give a posibility do downlad this games before September 17th…

    will be it like The Last Of Us preorder download (with downloader) or normal from setup file from Store?

  • I hope they allow to pre-load the game 1 or 2 days before it releases.

  • Im a little bit confused – the game was removed for good or just earlier download was removed for now and it will be back to download? Please anwser us.


    You’re in the States though, and it apparently works differently there. It only allowed me to purchase one Rockstar title at 75% off.

    All the others when I search the store now are showing as full price. We don’t have a ‘Rockstar’ sale section here, it just appeared.

  • Feel sorry for everyone at PS store. Them guys make the game available to preload so nobody has a huge download at launch and best intentions get ruined by spotty oinks who have to go messing with the file.

    @3 yes it’s expensive but not if, like me, you have others in the same house who want to play the game. I get to play GTA online against a friend on my 2nd ps3 because you are allowed too use digital games on 2 Systems.

  • You are right on the prices, Sony should be ashamed ripping off their EU customers like this.

  • And this is the reason why big games should be physical only. Leave digital to the indies.

  • @ #36 CanaryIsles

    A bit over the top don’t you think? if the prices were cheaper than retail I would buy it, it isn’t so I don’t.


  • @MaxDieHard: It would be leaked anyways as soon as it hit one small store. It’s been like that ever since forever.

    To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever seen this issue. Whoever did this had the intention to do it already, no matter how much later SCEE, SCEA or anyone else had put up the files.

  • @Nightmare966

    It doesn’t matter regardless. Either way, all ‘major’ games are stupidly overpriced in digital and any discounts on them are always extremely poor.

    Digital was meant to be cheaper for everyone because it takes away production costs and physical distribution. But it’s worse than retail.

    It will never see me buying games like this digital. I’m staying old-school and physical.

  • A mistake by SCEE? Well I never, that’s unexpected…

    As for AAA digital gaming, it will never take off (something I’m glad about, actually) until prices become more reasonable. As mentioned already, digital gaming was meant to benefit the consumer by lowering production costs spent on printing disc-based media and manuals, yet the prices of digital games are – without fail – more expensive than their disc-based counterparts. Ludicrous and greedy from developers who must have their heads in the clouds with some of their pricing policies.

  • Nick Caplin – Head of Communications? Maybe Head of Censorship. I didn’t write anything wrong. I was amazed such a job exist in SCEE, because what SCEE excels in is no answering to 90% customer complaints, arrogance and ignorance (with Singstar fiasco on top).

  • Never buy digital unless it’s the only option available.
    Why would someone spend money on something that is instantly worthless?
    Least the retail version always has some value, even if it does deteriorate over time.

  • pues esto sera un magnifico juego estoy ancioso por ya poder jugarlo

  • Get some perspective. Some people seem to be uninformed about what has leaked or not. Also if their were any major spoilers outside of the soundtrack you would have to go looking for them which means it’s really on you what would be spoiled. On another note if you don’t like the digital prices get a disc copy instead and you really think it’s entirely Sony’s decision over the price of content not produced by them.

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