PlayStation Plus in September: Assassin’s Creed III, Jak & Daxter Trilogy, more

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Hi everyone! We’ve got a fantastic month lined up on PlayStation Plus for September and if you visit the PS Store and purchase a one year membership anytime between 21st August and 20th September we will give you an additional 90 days at no extra cost, meaning you get 15 months of PS Plus for the price of 12 (€49.99/£39.99)!*

New PlayStation 3 games:


I’m sure many of you caught the announcement during the Gamescom press conference but if not, I am exceptionally happy to announce that this September PS Plus members will have access to Ubisoft‘s incredible Assassin’s Creed III from 28th August.

Assassin’s Creed III invites you to experience the untold story of the American Revolution through the eyes of a new Assassin, Connor, son of a Native American mother and British father. You will meet legendary heroes of American history, and together you will conspire to annihilate those who threaten Liberty itself.


Next up, we welcome all action heroes Jak and Daxter to the service. In typical PS Plus fashion, we’re not just give you one title – we’re giving you the trilogy! That’s right, next month you will get our dynamic duo’s first three adventures Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3. Make sure you check them out – I’m sure you will not be disappointed!


Your final PS3 offering for this month is Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark, a fast-paced stealth platformer with over 80 levels, featuring brutal hazards, ruthless enemies, fiendish puzzles and red pixels galore.

Armed with only your wits and a pair of top-of-the-line stealthing goggles, it’s your job to sneak your way through a deadly facility that’s determined to extinguish your fragile little life.

New PS Vita games:


First up for PS Vita is Urban Trial Freestyle. Grab your motorbike and make your way through levels of varying obstacles as you try to stunt your way through the game! Graphically this game looks superb on the PS Vita screen and ultimately it’s just great fun!

Last but certainly not least – there have been a lot of calls for this one, so I am pleased to say Konami’s New Little King’s Story will be joining PS Plus this month. Assume the role of 14-year-old King Corobo tasked with reclaiming his kingdom from an invader known only as ‘The Nightmare’. The evil presence is running havoc and the populace lives in fear as it preys on them. Thus, as young King Corobo, the user must unite their subjects in order to fight back and reclaim the kingdom.

Don’t forget that from today, for one week only, PS Plus members also have exclusive access to the Killzone Mercenary beta and Puppeteer demo. Don’t miss out!

In summary

Leaving PS Plus this month:

  • 28th August: Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • 28th August: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection
  • 28th August: Demon’s Souls
  • 28th August: LEGO Lord of the Rings
  • 28th August: When Vikings Attack

Entering PS Plus this month:

  • 28th August: Assassin’s Creed 3
  • 28th August: The Jak and Daxter Trilogy
  • 28th August: Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark
  • 28th August: Urban Trial Freestyle
  • 28th August: New Little King’s Story

If you are not currently a Plus member, visit our PlayStation Plus site to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about a one year subscription to the Instant Game Collection all for a one-off payment of just £39.99 / €49.99. Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store. *Please note offer applies for purchases via the PlayStation Store only. Existing users are able to stack their membership.

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25 Author Replies

  • Please answer … Looking to buy this today
    The Last of Us – with Tokyo Jungle for free
    Additional 10% saving for PS Plus members
    Additional 10% isn’t showing up, any chance of getting this fixed

  • Not much for me this me except Assassin’s Creed III and Clone in the Dark, Is Clone in the Dark also for Vita?

  • Do Stealth Inc and the Jack & Daxter Triology have cross buy?

  • So its not staying 3 full ps3 games each month with ps4 coming?

    And yeah great news with AC3 of course ;-)

    Would be nice to list what system a game is for in the blog post?

  • Definitely grabbing Jak & Daxter, I love me some Naughty Dog.

  • Really important question: is Stealth Inc. cross buy?

  • So disapointing that you put Urban Trial Freestyle in the Summer Sale and then add this to PS Plus!

    Same story with Sleeping Dogs a few months ago. Please don’t do this again!

    • We are always going to have situations where content is in a sale and then in Plus as we do sales all the time so it’s unavoidable but we do our best to try and make sure that is not the case

  • Awesome stuff as usual when it comes to plus :D

    Picked up Urban Trials already but don’t have any of the others. Am I right in assuming that Jak Trilogy is cross-buy and we will actually get the Vita versions too? Happened with Vikings this month so here’s hoping ;)

  • Gonna grab everything… Need to know if Jak trilogy and Stealth are cross-buy… (hope so!)

  • Awesome content this month. :D Honestly, this month and last has been so great thanks to the variety we’ve got – keep it up!

    Especially looking forward to Jak/Daxter and NLKS – had been thinking about buying the latter!

  • Looks a good month, especially New Little Kings Story. I suggest that everyone picks it up and gives it a go. It has to be one of the most fun RTS-esque games I’ve ever played. Will also be grabbing the Jak trilogy because why not. :D

  • Will there be a sale on the ACIII content?

  • “15 months of PS Plus for the price of 12” … “Existing users are able to stack their membership.”

    Now THAT is what I like to see! :D

    Good update!

  • Hope we get cross-buy for the Jak trilogy.

  • Looks good to me! Thanks Chris :):)

  • YES! Jak and Daxter HD Trilogy! Thanks for bringing this to PlayStation Plus Chris, never had the chance to play these 3 games back on PlayStation 2 — and next week too!

    Also, I’ll gladly try out New Little King’s Story. And digital ACIII is a good reason to finish up the Tyranny DLC.

    So that makes a great month for me :D

    Now, I’d like to ask… Since the Themes are on halt due the artist leaving SCEE, why not make a deal with companies to make themes available at the Store grab-able for Plus members? Example: This month we had ACIII as Game of the Month, ACIII has a dynamic theme on the Store, so it could be part of the Plus update as well* (and if a game doesn’t have a theme on the Store, you’ve got a wide selection from first party games themes).

    *I realize that it is too late for this month, it’s just an example.

    Just suggesting :P

  • Already ahve the Jak Trilogy, but an awesome selection of titles nonetheless guys!
    Will Stealth Inc and Jak & Daxter Trilogy also be available on Vita since they’re both cross-buy titles ? Thanks either way.

  • Great month, already played and platinum’d AC3 but to be fair I’m not bothered that I paid for it, it was so worth it. However I’ve never played Jak + Daxter and always wanted to try, so thanks.

    Can’t wait until the Vita price drops kick in and I can get my full use from PS+, as if the PS3 content wasn’t enough already!

  • I already own the retail version of the Jak trilogy for PS3, so fingers crossed for it being cross-buy!

  • Already borrowed AC3 from my friend. Not the best AC game but still enjoyable. Going to add it to my download list.

    Jak Trilogy is a good choice! Never played it at all so it would be good for me to finally get started on it.

    Annoyed about Stealth Bastard! I bought it last week or so, great indie game for you to downoad it! ;)

  • Oh i wasn’t expecting AC3 this month, i thought they said October in the conference! Excellent!

    I’ve never played Jak and Dexter either but looks good!

    Little King story will be fun to play too!

    Well Done Chris!

  • Great update! THX!!!! Killzone Mercenary is FANTASTIC! Pre-ordered.

  • I bought stealth on release date. Why would you release a game less than a month ago and then include it in the IGC? I want my money back :(

  • This is why i love PS+
    Thank you guys soo much!

  • Excellent update, Thanks :)

  • Nothing much for me this month as I have the digital Jak & Daxter trilogy and New Little King Story. Will possibly give Assassin’s Creed III a go but Connor has such a soporific monotone voice that in the short bit of Assassin’s Creed Liberation he appeared nearly put me to sleep.

    Is there any chance of a discount on EDF 2017 or Atelier Totori or even Dokturo? Will any of these be future plus vita titles?

    Also as buying the digital version of Jak & Daxter Trilogy gave customers the vita versions for free does that mean all the people who will be downloading the trilogy as a freebie also be entitled to download the vita versions? If not then you might want to change things in the vita store and if they are well then vita owners will plus seriously make out like bandits in Sept

  • Great update!!! Although I already have the platinum on AC3 so don’t need that one but Jak and daxter.. now that’s a game I can finally play. Never got round to playing it before but always wanted to try it out. So thanks for getting us the trilogy!

    I posted this into the sales post but there is no replies in it so will post here again. Really need to know if I’m safe to buy or not cos I want to get two Vita games and if there is a chance of it being on ps+ then I will wait longer.

    But my comment says “Is it safe to get Resistance Burning Skies? Any plans on coming to PS+? Or are you at least trying to get it for it? Even for the long term IGC in November?”

    Also for a second game, would like to know the same about LittleBigPlanet. Just after trying out the trial and love it! Seems to play so much better than the PS3 version so might get that too if it wont be on PS+

    • Resistance Burning Skies is not available in quite a few regions for various reasons so it is very unlikely it will go into the IGC

  • Poor Vita line up…

  • Very poor month in my opinion, AC3 is awesome but I all ready own it ,Jak an Dexter im sure are good games but not for me and the rest are really poor…i suppose Urban Trials looks at least a bit decent…

  • Please better Stuff next Month.. Give us some JRPGs finally or atleast one J-Game! Persona 4 Portable or Atelier Totori?

  • Afaik Jak and Dexter has cross-buy for the PS3 version and Stealth Inc generally. Thus an excellent month for the Vita. :)
    AC3 and NLKS are great anyway. UTF is not my kind of game, but that’s okay.

    Good month, thanks Chris!

  • As someone who has never played an Assassins creed game, Should I start with 3? Or wait a bit and play 2 first? I hear better things about 2 but might that have been a first love thing?

  • Amazing Update , Thanks a lot Chris !

  • can we get one piece pirate warriors on ps+ please.

  • Another awesome update! Thank you! :D

  • Urban Trial Freestyle? I bought it on sale less than month ago. It’s not fair…

  • @31 – Really?

    LKS is not my cup of tea but surely more up your alley…and despite the noise on here J-games are in a massive MINORITY in terms of wish lists.

    Good lineup this month, heard nothing but good things about Stealth B*stard since it came out and I have both Trials games for XBLA.

  • Hi Chris any chance of getting Tales of Grace F or One Piece Pirate Warriors on psn plus and will The Jak and Daxter Trilogy and Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark be cross-buy on ps vita, i will love to play that on the vita


  • If Jak Trilogy, Stealth inc and Urban Trials are all cross-buy, then its a great update.

    But it’s still damn good with Assassin’s Creed3 (I thought IGC was for older games, how are you guys pulling these deals Arkham City,Most Wanted and Deus Ex off so soon after launch?)

    What are the chances of the following making an appearance on IGC?

    LittleBigPlanet Vita?
    Hotline Miami?
    Far Cry 3?
    PixelJunk Monsters Vita?
    Plants vs Zombies Vita?
    Need for Speed:Most Wanted Vita?
    Assassins Creed: Liberation Vita?

  • Hope the ps3 ver of Urban Trial is added too .

  • Hi Chris

    In the DriveClub post the other day it was announced that purchasing the full game either retail or digital will give 50% off a year of PS+. Does this offer also apply if we upgrade DriveClub PS+ Edition to the full game?

  • New Little King’s Story!

    I am… sort of… happy! :) yay.

    I wanted to play this, but I didn’t want to pay too much for it due to the technical issues (frame rate). It’s still not fixed despite what some people seem to think.

    But I’ll take it “free” on IGC!

    Stealth Inc. is a pretty good game. But I bought it when it came out. No regrets there. Very challenging and entertaining game, imo.

  • Please, don’t add LBP Vita or Little Deviants to IGC this year…

  • hope stealth incl. is with vita, but great great update

  • Nice update :) Looking forward to Jak trilogy, been a few years since I played the first game & Stealth Inc should be a blast! Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!!

  • Was hoping for DmC as long rumoured. I already have Jak & Daxter Trilogy (though for some reason I only really enjoyed playing the first one) and I don’t like Assassin’s Creed at all… I atill like Plus though. Still enjoying Most Wanted despite the constant freezing problems and other bugs :P

  • Logged on just to compliment yall on yet another great update, thank! :D

  • Awesome month. Thanks Chris.

  • Please note offer applies for purchases via the PlayStation Store only. Existing users are able to stack their membership.

    Does that mean if I buy a year now, my account will stack 15 months on the membership?

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