Day 1 at gamescom: Murasaki Baby, Rime, Helldivers, Resogun – video

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Day 1 at gamescom: Murasaki Baby, Rime, Helldivers, Resogun – video

The doors of the cavernous Koelnmesse are open and gamescom 2013 proper is underway! Of course, we got started a little early on Tuesday with our annual press conference. At a rough count, we revealed around 20 unannounced games for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 during the show, including seven titles (six of which are all-new IP) from our Worldwide Studios group: Murasaki Baby, Rime, BigFest, Helldivers, Shadow of the Beast, Resogun and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture .

Duly, these brand new games were our first port of call when we hit the showfloor on Wednesday morning. Not all were shown in playable form, but the three that were are in absolutely fantastic shape. Resogun is a frantic, furious and mesmerizingly pretty twist on Housemarque’s beloved Super Stardust formula. No other developer blows stuff up with such consummate style and bombast as the Finnish studio and its further refining its face-melting art here. I cannot wait.

Also playable was Murasaki Baby for PS Vita, a bewitchingly dark and macabre adventure from new studio Ovosonico, set up by Massimo Guarini, director of 2011 cult favourite Shadows of the Damned. LIMBO, Escape Plan and early Tim Burton are all obvious touch points, but there is something wonderfully new about how you interact with the game world, leading the mysterious heroine literally by the hand through a strange, disturbing land.

Finally, Helldivers. Wow, this one is not for the feint-hearted. Gleefully dubbed a “suicide sim” by director Johan Pilestedt, Arrowhead’s new squad shooter is utterly sadistic – if you found Hotline Miami and Dark Souls a little too forgiving, then this one’s for you. Crucially though, it’s also immensely enjoyable and very, very deep. We’ll have more on this one in the next few months.

In the meantime, check out the above video which we filmed on the show floor, featuring the creators of Rime, Resogun, Murasaki Baby and Helldivers giving you a little more detail on what to expect from their new games. And check back tomorrow – we’ll have another video for you from Cologne!

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6 Author Replies

  • Resogun looks amazing! Cannot wait for it

  • PS+ update news, please!

  • How about Rime? Any chance for Vita release in future?

  • LOVED the look of ‘Rime’ :P + ‘Murasaki Baby’ looked odd & cool :P (wish it was PS4/3 to) + ‘Resogun’ looked retro’ish & cool(+if Free with PS+ when the PS4 comes out, i think they said then MEGA-COOL) :P Some cool indie games were shown but i think SONY are going on to much about it now :D Yes we know PS4 will be the place for excellent indie games now so can we been shown more BIG ‘AAA’ games now? I think everyone at that show was waiting for a big ND or SM or MM or PD game but it never came. I know they will come soon though. Apart from that it was all good;)
    + Well done for getting ‘MineCraft’ That shut up a few of the ‘other side’ :D
    + That ‘FEZ’ game looked CUTE;) (not shown here)

  • All looking good there.


    pmf (loving the artyness)

  • @5

    Speak for yourself. I care about articles like this quite a bit :)

  • You are right @ 6 that minecraft really is some killer news , as long as vita does not have any good game franchises like fire emblem on 3ds, i think minecraft is very very welcome and will move some units too. I mean its old but still every month in top sales charts.

  • Personally, Rime is the biggest suprise of Gamescom. Vita release state seems to be unclear. Tell us, please. Does Rime comes to Vita?

  • Murasaki Baby, love the art style…so tell me when? when? WHEN?!! will we finally get news about a release date.

    Rime looks nice, but I had to find a trailer elsewhere to see as the streaming on the blog was appalling. In the future you might want to add that there will be a live stream at youtube which was far more stable.

    Also like the looks of Shadow of the Beast, Starbound, and Everybody’s Gone to Rapture.

    • Easy up, we only just announced it! We’ll keep you 100% up to date as development continues, promise.

      Really sorry to hear you struggled with the livestream. All I can say is that I’ll be going through the numbers later this week, and we will learn from any of our failings!

  • Today is not over.

  • @Fred
    Cheers for replying, I agree, let’s stick to topic.

  • On Murasaki Baby, I liked the fact that your lifes are displayed as balloons. Quite a nice/clever way to make your Hud be part of the game itself.

    So, were you able to get your hands in any of these, or are they in a too early stage and were not able to bring a demo along?

    • Murasaki Baby, Resogun and Helldivers were all playable – check out brief impressions above. All three looking great, for my money!

  • @MASPALOMAZ: I do seriously recommend purchasing the Plus year. Pretty sure that at least our Store has it up and working ;)

  • @Nightmare966 there was a ton of people reporting yesterday they didnt get the 3 extra months, are you sure its fixed?

  • @MASPALOMAZ: Pretty sure a lot of spanish folks said the 3 months were added to them just yesterday from 19:00 onwards.

  • Does this blog look like it’s about sales or PS Plus ? No, I didn’t think so, can some of you guys just stop with all the off-topic stuff already, it’s annoying, and I’m sure the staff and the guys behind these games being shown don’t appreciate it.

    Now, after that rant, let’s actually talk briefly about these amazing looking games shall we ?

    Murasaki Baby – Nice, loving the Tim Burton / hand drawn look of the game, very interesting, will look gorgeous on the Vita no doubt, more Vita games is always welcome! lol

    Helldivers – This game looks like it’ll be a blast, and very hard if it’s very unforgiving as stated, can’t wait to round up a few friends for this, co-op for the win!

    Res0gun – Sick! Absolutely loved Super Stardust Delta on the Vita, was brilliant, and one of the best releases for the system to date, mega fun and challenging. Also, the fact we’ll be getting the game via PS Plus is a top move, thanks guys!

    Rime – Beautiful, really am loving the art style, and I hope the music throughout the game gives the same feels I got from the trailer, will be getting for sure.

  • im pretty excited for all the indis that have been shown as the usually live up to expectations of something new and different :)

    hope your enjoying the show, are there any updates to how dont starves development is going on ps4? that game has been updated like mad on pc and id love to know how much of the updates are being added to the ps4 version.

  • @Fred: True that, I just missed that part on interacting with the world >_<

    So, something that wasn't left out clear in the conference video, when you slide the hand through the screen and the main character starts running, does she keep running by itself? It's something that at first glance looks like a stupid question, but it does really change the way you play the game.

  • I think Everybodys gone to the Rapture looks interesting.

    I’m also very excited the new Broken Sword game is coming to Vita!!

  • DriveClub and Resogun for free with PS+ for PS4 awesome!

    Day 1 PS4 for me.

    Tip: make Puppeteer get a port to PSVita too. Played the demo, loved it, should be on PSVita!

  • The Rime thingy looks really astonishing, I cant wait for PS4 to be released :D But I cant be sure when I ll get my hands on it because my country wasnt announced in the list :( I dont think you guys have some info about “not so important” countries or about possibility that the list may expand.

  • @TheART – The Puppeteer looks manic as it is, not sure I’d be able to keep up with the stuff that’s happening on screen on the Vita haha

  • Fred please look…Please answer … Looking to buy this today
    The Last of Us – with Tokyo Jungle for free
    Additional 10% saving for PS Plus members
    Additional 10% isn’t showing up, any chance of getting this fixed

  • Great Gamescom coverage so far Fred & Roberto. Many good articles and plenty of action on Twitter.
    Minor criticism might be that you can barely react to input and questions, be it here or on Twitter. No personal complain, I’m satisfied with the communication I got. And I absolutely understand how busy you are. :)

    I could imagine a system to create questions, that we want to ask about specific hardware features or games. Those could be up/downvoted by the community, so that you’d receive a quick summary of those topics that matter the most to us. Resulting in a coverage that nails what customers are looking for.

    • Hey Golwar. Yes, it has been hard to answer questions this week. I’ll do a Recap post over the weekend – that will be a good place to clear anything up and take questions.

  • as for Broken Sword, I honestly think I prefer the French name more Les Chevaliers de Baphomet: La Malediction du Serpent.

    especially as Baphomet is far more appropriate when discussing occult themes and well seemingly associated with the Templars of which the games were based

  • @Fred Dutton,

    Yeah, I know but i’m not losing hope ^_- Thanks for answer.

  • Really looking forward to Helldivers, looks great and love the premise!

  • Please Rime on Vita!!!

  • is minecraft voor de PS4 VITA and PS3 ???? coming

  • Rime was the surprise of the show for me. Beautiful graphics and an atmosphere that reminds me of Shadow of the colossus and Journey.
    I’m still wondering though, is this a full game or a downloadable indie type of game?

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