Gran Turismo 6 release date confirmed as 6th December

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Gran Turismo 6 release date confirmed as 6th December

Hello Gran Turismo fans. Coming to you from Cologne today I am delighted to share the latest exciting news on Gran Turismo 6.

There were two major announcements last night for GT6. The first really great piece of news was confirmation that the sixth iteration of Gran Turismo will be released on 6th December 2013.

Alongside the exciting news of the release date, I am very happy to share with you updated details on the two main versions of Gran Turismo 6 coming soon to a retailer near you.

In June this year we revealed that there would be a GT6 Standard Edition which would appear alongside the GT6: Anniversary Edition.

So what’s new? Well firstly check out the final cover art as featured below, what do you think?

GT6_Standard Pack_No RatingGT6_PS3_Steelbook_2D_NO RATING

What else? Well the GT6: Anniversary Edition, as you may recall comes packed with a host of extras including special Anniversary Edition Steelbook, 20 x 15th Anniversary Edition cars with performance and livery enhancement; 1M in-game credits and custom paint chips, race suit , race helmet and PSN avatar.

All that remains the same – however what has changed is that the Apex II game guide will not now be included with the GT6: Anniversary Edition but will instead be available to all via Android and I-Tunes App Stores – good news I hope!

In addition to the change of content for the GT6: Anniversary Edition, the original pre-order content line-up has been significantly beefed up.

Firstly, anyone who pre-orders the game whether Standard or Anniversary Edition will be able to get their hands on a special five-car pack known as the ‘Precision Pack’.


In addition to the Precision Pack , depending on your retail destination you will have a choice of one of the other four car packs; Torque; Velocity; Performance; Adrenaline or 1M in-game credits to start building your own car collection.

Here’s the full rundown of the five car packs (each containing five performance and livery enhanced track beauties) and don’t forget to check out for more information on the full car list.

  • Precision Pack
  • Torque Pack
  • Velocity Pack
  • Performance Pack
  • Adrenaline Pack

The rather marvellous machines from the Precision Pack can be seen in their full glory in the new trailer above – so which car or pack do you most want to get your hands on?

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  • Hi Penrose, I can’t find the Anniversary Edition available anywhere in the UK to preorder. Is there a reason for this? Thanks

  • Really nice boxart but needs more detail on the standard version.

  • PS4 edition please! Don’t want to be forced to play the PS3 version a week after the PS4 is released!!

  • LOVE that Box Art(both COOL) :P + I will have to play both my PS3 & PS4 i guess then into 2014(not at the same time but i would love to) :D

  • Thank you for showing the box art, it makes looking for the game easy and that date perfect for me :-)

  • I don’t think I’ll be getting GT6. I was a GT fan until GT5, which left a sour taste in my mouth, especially due to poor game design. It was extremely easy to break the game within the first hour. The menus were poor and the competition pacing was ridiculous (that leveling system was not a good idea). The racing itself was great, as always, but the game surrounding it was the biggest disappointment of the PS3 generation.

    But the worst of all was that GT mode was a shadow of what it was in previous games. I remember with great fondness the challenges of starting with regular, low-power cars, making your way up by selling the cars you win just so you could afford a car upgrade, all-in-all fighting to be just a little better a step at a time. In GT5, you had multiple options to get a ridiculous amount of credits or great cars within the first hours of the game.

  • I do not think you’ve addressed this with GT6 and the pre-order bonuses reflect this. You’re willing to once again offer ridiculously powered cars and 1 million credits to be available for people once they first boot up the game. I suspect this will have an impact on the game, since otherwise pre-orders would have way too much of an advantage.

    I’ll wait for the reviews, but I can’t change the feeling that the Gran Turismo I once loved will never come back. I hope you can take this feedback and use it for improving future endeavors. I want Yamauchi-san to know he makes amazing racing, but what the players truly want are amazing racing games.

    Thanks :)

  • LOL, one week after the PS4 is released, and we’ll be turning it off and be back on the PS3 for quite a while…

  • Is this the final boxart we will see on the release day? Or are you going to ruin it like last time? You know, that violet unremovable multiplayer “sticker” on both GT5 editions.

  • Huge fan of the series but I don’t understand the release date. Who’s gonna be going back to their ps3’s one week after the ps4 has been released? Gonna wait for the ps4 version

  • @#1 and GameStop UK both have it up for pre-order, and I personally pre-ordered one from GAME. ;)

  • Loong time GT lover (15 years in fact) but you really do like to test our love, a week into owning a PS4 and I have to turn it off to play you… of course I’ll do it but timing of releases has never been GT’s strong point :p

  • Book production & shipping from factory to retail costs have reduced considerably yet at the moment pre-order price hasn’t changed. Will the price reduce because the loss of a physical Apex 2 book is not countered by digital content which is a great deal cheaper to manafacture?

  • Any news yet on whether GT6 will be released as a digital download on the Store? I’m no longer interested in buying disc versions of games.

  • Hello,

    I remember GT5 date being on my birthday … I think it was 9/11 (can’t remember the year).
    Well, I had to wait 1.5 year to get it!

    Not having high hopes in getting GT6 in December to be honest …

  • Ha! I do not know why everyone is worried. We all know Yamarama-dingdong is going to delay this another year until everything is ready for the PS4. When has any GT game been completely ready for release? either way I will still check it out.

  • I don’t like people complaining about Gt6 game itself. I really like the official game of this generation but I don’t like demo version. That is the 15th anniversary edition of gran turismo 6. I am an official fan of the gran turismo. Some of you guys say there is nothing new in the Gran turismo 6 series. You’re all wrong. They’ve announced new cars and new tracks in the recent weeks so shut the hell up, be patient and wait for for more stuff to come in the Gran turismo 6 series. You Hear me?!

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